10 Best GBA Emulator for Windows and macOS

The Game Boy Advance was a gamechanger when it first arrived on the market. It became a fan favorite among gamers who wanted a console they could carry. Today, the Game Boy Advance is a relic and if you want to play the many games that studios developed for the console, you need an emulator. 

Best GBA Emulator for Windows and macOS

List of Best GBA Emulator For PC and Mac OS

1.VisualBoy Advance
3.No$ GBA
4.Boycott Advance
8.My Boy
9.John GBA

Many developers recognize that a lot of people want to play games that are only accessible on the Game Boy Advance, which is why they have flooded the market with GBA Emulators that are designed to create an environment on PC and Mac that allows avid gamers to play Game Boy Advance video games without a Game Boy Advance console.

In fact, there are so many GBA emulators for PC on the market that some people do not know how to separate the good emulators from the bad ones. If you have found yourself in a similar dilemma, you can use the list below to identify some suitable GBA emulators. These are some of the best options for PC and Mac:

1. VisualBoy Advance

VisualBoy Advance

This is one of the best and oldest GBA emulators. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the emulator is completely free. It isn’t restricted to GBA games. You can also use it to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, which is impressive. 

Not only can you save your progress but you can export it to other emulators. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the emulator also supports joysticks. VisualBoy Advance has everything you could possibly want in a Game Boy Emulator. 


2. RetroArch


RetroArch is a surprisingly versatile emulator. First of all, it supports a multitude of Game Boy Advance games. Secondly, it can emulate other platforms besides the Game Boy Advance. Switching between systems is very easy. 

VisualBoy has a similar function. It also supports games from other Game Boy consoles, besides the Game Boy advance. Therefore, if you don’t want to use VisualBoy but you want an emulator with similar functions, you can just use RetroArch. RetroArch has a friendly user interface, animated menus, and attractive backgrounds. 

It will detect and perform the necessary configurations to support any joypads you attach. You can also change the controls to suit your preferences. 


3. No$ GBA


This is another versatile emulator. Most Game Boy Advance games will run on this program. But that isn’t the only function it brings to the table. No$GBA will also emulate Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite environments. 

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Like the Game Boy Advance, it will run most DS and DS lite games. You can attach a controller to your device. If you want to use your keyboard, this emulator will allow you to configure the controls to fit your style of gaming. 


4. Boycott Advance

Boycott Advance

Some people overlook the Boycott Advance even though it is such a powerful Game Boy Advance emulator. The optimized CPU performance allows the application to guarantee high-quality gameplay. 

It will support any joysticks and gamepads you want to attach. Admittedly, it isn’t perfect. It has a long list of games that it can support. However, you may encounter some issues with newer games. Though, that one weakness cannot extinguish the emulator’s numerous strengths. 


5. OpenEmu


This emulator has a massive list of supported games. Once you install your ROMs, the application will arrange them in alphabetical order. Described as a multi-platform emulator, OpenEmu comes with a button mapping feature, support for multiple controllers, and a screen recording ability. 


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How To Run ROMs on GBA Emulator?

A ROM is a file you use to run a Game Boy Advance game on an emulator. The process of running ROMs on your computer involves the following:

Step 1. You have to start by getting a GBA Emulator for PC. You can get most emulators for free from the internet. But make sure you download the application from a source you can trust. Otherwise, you may expose your computer to malware. 

Before you download the emulator in question, do your research to ensure that it can run the games you want to play. Some emulators can only run a small selection of games. Make sure the game you want to play is among them.

Step 2. If the emulator came as a zip file, use Winrar to extract it. Even though it has a paid version, like most emulators, you can also use Winrar for free. Most emulators are not that large, so the extraction process won’t take long. 

Step 3. Once your emulator is installed, you can download the ROMs you need. Like the emulator, make sure you trust the source before you download the ROM. Otherwise, you may unknowingly download malware. 

Step 4. Once you have the ROM, launch the emulator. Most of them have the same functions. Look for ‘File’. It will open a menu. Look through the menu until you locate the ‘Open’ option. Clicking ‘Open’ will allow you to identify the folder where the ROM is stored. Find the ROM and select it. This will load the ROM, allowing you to play your favorite games. 

Is GBA Emulator Online Available?

Some GBA emulators for PC must be downloaded and installed. Others work online. You can use an emulator like Afterplay.io to upload and run a ROM in a browser. Playemulator.com offers a similar function.

You can play Game Boy Advance games by simply visiting playemulator.com and selecting a game from their database. You don’t have to go through the trouble of locating an emulator, installing it, downloading ROM files, and then loading them.

If simply playing online isn’t enough and you want to share the gaming experience with your friends, some emulators provide a limited online multiplayer gaming experience. One example is MultiGBA S. 

Once you log into your account, you can play with other people on the same LAN network. Admittedly, the online multiplayer feature doesn’t always work. Even the developers have admitted that they cannot guarantee a positive experience. 

My Boy is another emulator that offers an online gaming experience. But the players have to be on the same WiFi network. 

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