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Are you looking for the best Earthbound emulator? There are a few emulators available that operate with Earthbound and functionally enable you to play it on your PC for free.

Earthbound emulator

All of you reading this are likely to be familiar with the Earthbound game series, originally released in North America all the way back in 1995 for the SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System! The role-playing game series has taken the world by storm ever since, and many sequels have been released for more modern consoles. 

However, many retrogamers aspire to play the original Earthbound game, but how do we this, unless you happen to have an old SNES lying around in your basement somewhere, we’ll have to resort to the complicated world of emulators!

What is Earthbound Emulator?

For those of you unfamiliar with emulators, an emulator is a piece of software that aims to exactly replicate another piece of software or even hardware in this case! This allows us to run software from completely different platforms and hardware systems on our own PCs! 

To illustrate, an emulator could be used to run the iOS operating system on a Windows PC! Similarly, an emulator will allow us to run the original release of Earthbound on our very own PC without the need for a SNES, but the world of emulators can be difficult to traverse, as there are many options, some better than others, and emulators can often be difficult to use, so how do we go about this? 

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Best Emulator for Earthbound

First, we’ll have to find the right emulator for the job, in order to play the original Earthbound games we’ll be looking for SNES emulators! 

1. Higan

If you’re using a Windows PC, Higan is a solid emulator for you, they offer an extremely accurate emulation of SNES games and its simplistic, yet easy-to-use user interface makes sure that all the CPU power can be directed right into the accurate emulation! If you’re using a Mac or Linux computer, using Higan will be slightly more difficult, but not impossible. Higan ports for Mac and Linux can be found with a quick google search, but the quality of the port won’t be guaranteed to be the same as the original! Higan can be installed as follows:

How to Play Earthbound on PC

How to Play Earthbound on PC

  • Download an extraction tool like 7-zip to your pc
  • Go to the Higan home page and download the latest version
  • Extract the zip folder using 7-zip
  • Run Higan.exe
  • Enjoy!


2: SNES9x Emulator

For those of you that have to put up with some lower-spec hardware, running Higan can have a pretty significant impact on your PC’s performance, for these situations SNES9x would be the better option! SNES9x is a solid SNES emulator that’ll allow you to play all of your favorite retro games, without sacrificing anything on the performance side of things! SNES9x installation works the same as Higan, just download, extract, and play!

Earthbound Emulato
  • First, you need to download the emulator zip file
  • Extract it using WinRar
  • Run “Snes9x-64” to start the emulator
  • Now you need to locate the Earthbound ROM file to launch the game


All in all, using an emulator to play Earthbound is perfectly possible, and it’s the best, and only, way to play the original games from the magnificent RPG series on the modern hardware we know and love! All of the emulators mentioned in this article will do the job like a charm, and as far as emulators go, they’re easy to set up and beginner-friendly to work with! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Download one of these emulators now and start enjoying your favorite retro games in no time! Thank you for reading, and have fun playing!

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