8 Best PS1 Emulator for PC and Android Free Download

Are you one of the people that belong to the Sony PlayStation 1 generation? If yes then you might have been longing to play its games once again and revive the whole experience.

PS1 emulator

This article will help you in learning about emulators and how you can use emulators or PS1 emulators on your personal computer and relive those moments of fun and joy. In addition to this, we also list down some top 8 emulators for playing PS1 games on a PC.

Ever since the beginning of using personal computers for playing video games and the invention of the gaming consoles themselves, it has always been a hot argument about whether it is better to play video games on your personal computer or a gaming console.

Even till today, this search term remains a trending topic in the online world at various discussion forums and social media groups and post comments.

And based on their gaming experience and knowledge, each side of the table presents quite compelling and critical reasoning to support and validate their stance on the topic.

But a simple and most reliable answer that any sensible and avid video gamer will understand and provide is that personal computers since the very beginning up till now have survived and retained their fame and confidence which video gamers have put on it.

This is because no matter how advanced and powerful any gaming console may be, ever since the release of the first gaming console, they have only been there for a limited time.

On the other hand, personal computers have provided the necessary platform to play and relive those video gaming experiences even after many years when the original game and game console developers stopped providing technical support for their products.

Therefore in this article, we tend to briefly understand what actually a PlayStation 1 emulator is and how it works.

Other than this, we have also compiled a list of the best 8 emulators for playing Sony PlayStation 1 games on your personal computer.

What is a PS1 emulator?

A PS1 emulator is a piece of software specifically coded to run Sony PlayStation 1 video games on your personal computer and provide both software and hardware support for making it possible.

Since every device such as your personal computer, tablet PC, smartphone and gaming console are totally different devices based on their software platforms and hardware components.

This means that they have their own set of software as well built exclusively to run on them only and on no other device or platform.

For this reason, software called emulators comes into action.

By using emulators, this issue can easily be resolved to a great extent, and running software on a different platform and device is totally possible.

No.Best PS1 EmulatorPlatform
1.RetroArchWindows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi
8.ClassicBoy Gold (64-bit)Android

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How to use emulator?

The basic and primary purpose of running an emulator is to recreate or duplicate as a virtual environment on one system called the host, by adjusting, tuning, and modifying its software and hardware integration, in order to support and run the software which was primarily developed to be run on another platform called as the guest in this case.

Running an emulator on a host PC is simple and easy with these following steps – 

  1. Select the right emulator based on the game and the console you would want to recreate on your personal computer. Each emulator’s website or download link will usually have a list of all the games that it supports.
  2. Download the emulator file folders, extract the files using WINRAR or WINZIP-like software and install it on your PC.
  3. Get the ROM files for the game. A key point to remember here is that online downloading ROM of games that you do not own is illegal. So make sure to buy a game first.
  4. Now run the emulator, load the game ROM and it’s done. So play and enjoy the good old memories.

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Top 8 PS1 Emulators for Android and PC

Below is a list of some best 8 emulators for running Sony PlayStation 1 video games on your personal computer.

Carefully read about each and then decide which emulator will work for you best.

1. RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch emulator is one of the most complete and top-performing emulators as it comes with a bundle of solutions and not just an emulator for playing PS1 video games.


It was initially launched in the year 2010 and after almost a decade in the year 2020 its stable version was released.

This makes it one of the most reliable emulators as well.

Aside from all of this, it is free, open source and offers cross platform integration for front-end emulation for gaming consoles, media players, game engines and a few other software types.


  • It runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • RetroArch emulator is fast, portable, lightweight and requires nothing at all to very little adjustments to run and execute its operations.
  • Its game saving, refresh rate, game loading and screen resolution are some of the best among other top rated PS1 emulators.


  • Although it is quite self-reliant, it still requires PlayStation BIOS files for emulation.


2. Matsu Emulator

Our second selection for the list of top PlayStation One emulators is Matsu Emulator.

The Matsu Emulator is considered as one of the best and safest emulators for those users seeking to play PS1 video games on their personal computer.


Perhaps the reason for this is because it was intentionally designed and developed to support the purpose of emulating PS1 video games onto a computer.


  • It supports using gamepad as well as comes with an on-screen virtual keypad.
  • It renders high quality sound.
  • It supports fast forward as well as rewinding features.
  • Matsu emulator can save gameplay data for up to 16 slots.


  • Its free version displays a lot of advertisements, thus causing distraction and ruining your video gaming experience. The only way out here is to get its paid version which compared with the reliability and effectiveness of this emulator would be a good bargain.


3. EmuBox Emulator

Although the EmuBox emulator isn’t that old, it still has surpassed many of the older emulators and gained quick popularity among the video gamers looking forward to recreate the Sony PlayStation One environment on their personal computers.



  • It is completely free and includes no advertisements at all.
  • It supports using cheat codes.
  • It offers reliable game saving and loading.
  • EmuBox emulator also has the capability of saving gameplay to up to 20 slots for each game ROM.
  • It has the option to take screenshots and fast forward the gameplay.
  • It supports using external gamepads and controllers for playing the video games.


  • EmuBox emulator is not as easy to configure like other emulators nor does it offer many configuration options.


4. Mednafen Emulator

Mednafen emulator is also comparatively quite new. Formerly it was known as Nintencer but was later renamed as Mednafen emulator.


It has been developed by the Mednafen Team which released its preview or unstable version in the October of 2020 and just a month later in the November of 2020; its stable version was released.


  • It supports multi-platform emulation and thus it can run video games from various gaming consoles in addition to PlayStation One.
  • Its compatibility with almost all of the gaming consoles it supports including PlayStation One is highly accurate.
  • It can be set up really fast and easily provided you have a compatible PlayStation BIOS and ROM.
  • Using game cheats is supported in the Mednafen emulator.


  • It requires resolution width size corrections in some cores.


5. Bleem Emulator

Although the Bleem emulator is just like any other ordinary emulator, what makes it different from the rest is that it was one of the few commercial emulators developed and marketed.


It was released by the Bleem Company in 1999 for IBM compatible personal computers and Dreamcast which was called as Bleemcast.

Its final release was launched in the year 2001.

Because it was marketed aggressively as a commercial emulator at its time, it also became part of several lawsuits with regard to multiple controversies.


  • It was the first emulator developed and released for the purpose of supporting gameplay of PlayStation One games on personal computers using Windows.
  • Despite having major bug and compatibility issues at the time, it still supported both lower-end and high-end computers, using their available resources in the most efficient manner.


  • It was exclusively made and only supported users of Dreamcast (Bleemcast) and Windows.
  • Since the company that created and released Bleem closed down in the year 2001, no updates have thus been released after it.


6. ePSXe Emulator

Spreading over a period of almost two decades, ePSXe is one of the most reliable and highly famous PlayStation One emulators used widely by personal computer users for its compatibility with multiple game ROMs.


It was initially released in the year 2000 and works on almost all the majorly used platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.


  • It provides an almost similar and real experience of playing video games on a personal computer as if you were playing on the PlayStation One itself.
  • Its controller options are highly customizable.
  • It supports save and load features to play, pause and resume your gameplay from the point you last left.
  • It has a split-screen mode and dual player support. In addition to this, it also supports connecting external gamepads for better playing your favorite video games.


  • It is not free for all the platforms that it supports.
  • Although it is highly compatible and runs smoothly, users might come across some unaddressed bugs. Probably the main reason for this is because its developers do not release many improvement updates on a regular basis.
  • Some users may find trouble and take time to get along with the user controls of playing video games using the ePSXe emulator.


7. FPSe Emulator

FPSe emulator is also a well-known, well-established, and widely used emulator for playing PlayStation One video games on a personal computer.


The FPSe emulator just like a few other emulators is known for providing the almost similar and real type of video gaming experience as normally would be derived by playing on the PlayStation One itself.


  • FPSe emulator is a good option to experience the same old thrill and fun of playing video games on your PlayStation One.
  • It provides high resolution by enabling the use of different plug-ins.
  • It also boasts multiplayer gaming and widescreen mode for more fun and excitement.
  • It features a simple user interface for easy learning and usability.


  • Although its menu is simple to use, some users might face complications and certain issues.


8. ClassicBoy Gold (64-bit) Game Emulator

ClassicBoy Gold game emulator is also one of the most comprehensive and well-written emulators to play your favorite classic PlayStation One video games on your personal computer.

ClassicBoy Gold

It is often regarded as the all-in-one games emulator that is capable of simulating most classic games to work on the personal computers running the latest operating systems.


  • Aside from using gamepads and keyboard mouse controls, it also enables using gestures through sensors and touchscreen controls for a more epic and diversified gameplay experience.
  • It features auto-save modes for games.
  • Its user interface is simple but still quite effective.
  • Its working architecture enables it to use the native engine for rendering, thus enabling it to generate high quality performance as well as smooth flow of video and audio effects.


  • The installation process is quite lengthy as it requires first to download and install an Android emulator for PC and then install the ClassicBoy emulator on your PC to successfully run your PlayStation One classics.
  • It is available in two versions, namely – LITE version and the FULL version. As evident from this and as a general business practice, to use full options of the ClassicBoy emulator, users might have to buy the full version of it.


Final thoughts

Whether you belong to the Sony PlayStation 1 generation or not and are just an average video gamer having some craze and fondness for playing old and classic video games, then this article is definitely going to help you.

Just simply select the right PS1 emulator by first viewing the list of games that it supports to find your favorite games from childhood and then download and install it to begin your adventure.

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