25 Best iOS Emulator Windows 7, 10, 11 (Tested)

If you want to run iPhone apps on Windows, you need to know about the top 25 iOS Emulators for PC Windows to download right now. Some of the emulators are also compatible with 32 and 64bit operating systems.

iOS Emulator for PC
iOS Emulator for PC

An emulator is a piece of software that will let one system of the computer behave like any other system of the computer. If you want to run your iPhone apps on windows, then these emulators will be behaving like the iOS system that can easily be installed on the platform Windows and all the apps are stored on the emulator platform. It is just because of the best emulators that using iPhone apps on windows has become easier and simple. Here we are explaining the top 25 best and amazing ios emulators for PC to download right now.

Before we get started you need to know about Emulators, especially these emulators come for them who develop iOS applications so that they could run their apps on these emulators and test them how do apps work.

What is iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system that allows you to run iOS apps, games on their OS, this operating system was developed by Apple. You will never see this operating system anywhere else except Apple’s phone.

It exclusively comes for hardware and it’s a much more powerful OS compared to Android.

Release: Initial It was released date: 29 June 2007.

Platforms: It runs with several devices like ARMv8-A (iOS 7 and later); ARMv7-A (iPhone OS 3–iOS 10); ARMv6 (iPhone OS 1–iOS 4.2.1)Developer: Apple Inc.

License: Proprietary software besides concerning open-source elements.

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List of Best iOS Emulator for PC Windows

No.iOS Emulator
1.MobiOne Studios
6.AIR iPhone
7.iPhone simulator
9.Electric Mobile Studio
12.Remoted iOS Simulator
13.Nintendo 3DS Emulator
14.iPad Simulator 
15IDOS Emulator

5 Best iOS emulator online working no need to download

1. Best MobiOne Studios

By using this emulator, you will be able to perform different applications or even various games straight on your computer system. It is much simpler to use because of the user-friendly interface.  You can run it on any device without any limitations in the hardware system. This emulator is best for developers for are looking for developer platform applications for their smartphones. 

ios emulator for pc
iOS Emulator for PC


2. Smartface

Smartface is yet another amazing emulator on our list. This emulator is just meant for professional use only.  This emulator has been much often used by developers for developing apps for iOS. The cost of this emulator is around $99.  But you can also get the free version as well.

ios emulator for pc
iOS Emulator


3. App.io

App.io ios emulator is another one of the tops most leading emulators to be used for Windows.  The amazing fact about this emulator is that it is free to use.  It has a user-friendly interface. You need to sync with the app bundle, and you are all easy to go with it. 

ios emulator for mac
App.io iOS Emulator for PC


4. iPadian

This emulator has always remained one of the favorite choices of professionals as well as hobbyists. It is much simpler to understand and has been all settled with the advanced level of features in it. You can easily install it without any hassle of downloading.   Its UI is user-friendly and easy to work with. 

ios emulator for pc
iPadian iOS Emulator


5. Appetize.io

Appetize.io is one of the extraordinary forms ofiOS emulators which you can easily run on your apps on the PC system.  You can use it free of cost in the first 100 hours of the downloading system. After that on a per-hour basis, it will charge you with a cost of $0.05. 

ios emulator for windows
Appetize Emulator iOS


6. AIR iPhone

This emulator is impressive with its features and is much easy to use.  It is easy to install and simple in terms of its features. You need to install it, and you are good to go to use it right away. So without wasting any time, download it now!

ios emulator for windows
ios emulator for windows

7. iPhone Simulator

This emulator is much preferable to be used for the gaming experience because of the advanced features in it. For beginners, you can use it on your iPhone with so much ease and less comfort.  The main purpose of this emulator is all about the gaming experience. It is added with some excellent pieces of graphics. It is much easy and simple to use. 


8. XamarinTestFlight

On the next spot of our list, we have the name of XamarinTestFlight! This emulator is favorably made in view of the testing of different sorts of apps that are meant for iOS. But there are some limitations to using it. This will be running just for the apps that have been developed for iOS 8.0.  It might be a little complicated for beginners to run it easily. It is more suitable for professional use. 

ios emulator for windows
ios emulator for windows


9. Electric Mobile Studio

On the next of our list, we have this amazing Electric Mobile Studio! This is the professional form of an emulator for you that is much often used by professionals. It offers a free trial system for beginners. For professional developers, this is the ultimate option. 


10. Ripple

Ripple has always remained one of the top favorite emulators for ios. This is an amazing emulator which you can easily use to test within any old or some new applications. The most attractive part of this emulator has been its chrome extension access that makes the whole process less complicated for beginners. 


11. iMAME

iMAMEis mainly meant to let the users have tremendous gaming fun on the computer system. The best thing about this emulator is that this whole software is much light on its features. It can run suitably on all types of games of your personal choices. 

ios emulator for windows 10
ios emulator for windows 10

12. Remoted iOS Simulator

RemotediOS Simulator is the next on our list of an emulator for ios!  By using this emulator, you won’t be facing any issues when it comes to testing out within iOS applications straight on your system of PC. It is much simpler to use and has user-friendly interface features. 


13. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

If you are looking for an emulator to play cool games, then this is the best emulator for you.  It works much smoothly and efficiently. You can make the best use of it for running all sorts of 3D games without any hassle.  It has complete 3D game-based support.

ios emulator for windows 10
free ios emulator

14. iPad Simulator 

This is another one of the topmost main free ios emulators to be used for Windows.  The fantastic fact about this emulator is that it is free to use. It has a user-pleasant interface. You want to sync with the app bundle, and you are all handy to go with it.

15. IDOS Emulator

This emulator has continually remained one of the favorite selections of professionals as well as hobbyists. It is plenty simple to understand and has been all settled with the superior features in it. You can effortlessly set up it without any problem of downloading.   Its UI is user-pleasant. ios emulator for windows.

16. TestFlight

best ios emulator

best ios emulator

Test Flight is yet another top-notch emulator on our list. This emulator is meant for expert use only.  This emulator has been a great deal frequently used by developers for growing the apps for iOS. You can get its free version as well.

17. YouWave

This is one of the great varieties of iOS emulators that you can without problems run on your apps on the PC system.  You can use it free of cost in the first hundred hours of the downloading system. After that on the per-hour basis, it will cost you a price of $0.05.


18. Build Your Own

This emulator is dazzling with its function and is a great deal convenient to use.  It is convenient to install and easy in terms of its features. You simply want to deploy it, and you are suitable to go to use it right away. Download it now!


emulator for pc

This is the next option of an emulator for ios! By using this emulator, you won’t be dealing with any problems when it comes to taking a look at out within iOS purposes straight on your system of PC. It is a great deal easy to use and has straightforward interface features.


Best Android Emulator For PC

If you are looking forward to downloading the best Android Emulator, we have picked up some of the amazing emulators check out below.

20. Bluestacks

If you are searching for an emulator to play cool games, then this is a great emulator for you. It works tons easily and efficiently. You can make great use of it for strolling all varieties off 3D video games with no hassle. It has the entire 3D support for gaming.

emulator for pc


21. Nox App Player

When we talk about Android Emulator Nox App Player comes 2nd which is one of the popular Emulator and lets you play any kind of Android games, apps.

This is the free Android Operating System Emulator that offers you to use your Android Suff on it, no need to pay just download and install it on your PC. If you are having trouble with BlueStacks, you must try Nox Emulators, it works better.


22. Andy

Andy is another Android Emulator, Use your phone as a remote control when playing your favorite games even run all your communication apps from your desktop the app, (Viber, WhatsApp, etc).

emulator for pc

It comes for Windows and Mac both, so which one would you like to go with, it works great on macOS.


23 Droid4X

Droid4X is a stable and robust android emulator and can run on basic system requirements which performs it onward of its competitors. Droid4X likewise lets you record the emulator screen which will help you to record the android screen while using it.


How To Install iOS Emulator on Windows 10?

Just you need to follow some steps and you will be installed your favorite on iOS Emulator. Which one you like to download and check the below steps.

  1. Download an iOS Emulator for PC, I download iPadian.
  2. Go to the download folder and open the installer file. (iPadian.exe).
  3. Preparing to install, you get a dashboard from where you have to download and install the iOS emulator.
  4. Click the Next, it will download within a few minutes.
  5. iPadian ready for installation, just click the install button and select destination location for installing the emulator.
  6. Click Next and install the iOS emulator for Windows. it will complete within few minutes.
  7. Completing the iPadian Wizard setup, now you can launch the iOS emulator.

I hope you have installed Emulator successfully if there is any problem let us know.

Mine Words: Pick up your favorite one and run it on Windows, there are lots of iOS Emulator and we almost have coved in this article if we missed out on anyone, let us know.

Now you will be able to download and install iOS Apps on your Windows PC, use apps, games, App Store, and get an iOS experience. The majority of people are looking for iPhone Emulator for their own work like iOS apps testing and development. I wise these emulators will help you to figure your work and if you have errors to install it, feel free to let us know we will assist you.

Is there an iOS emulator?

There are a good number of iOS emulators available to download for Windows or Mac but these emulators are not like any other emulator BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

What is the best emulator for iOS?

1. Best MobiOne Studios
2. Top Smartface
3. iPhone Simulator
4. iPadian
5. App.io

Can iOS Emulator run PUBG?

No: iOS emulator can not run such a PUBG game because mostly emulator comes for iPhone apps testing and that doesn’t support games.

It can be a good source to run iPhone apps on a computer or laptop without paying any single penny. We have covered many iOS emulators which you can try to test your apps if you are a developer or might want to play games.

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