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PlayStation gaming on PC is not possible with an emulator; it is simply software that allows you to run PS ROMs on your machine, and SSSPSX Emulator has the ability to support high-end games. This is the best way to play console games on your system. How to configure SSSPSX emulator to start simulating.

ssspsx emulator

When it comes to listing the best gaming consoles of all time, there should be slightly no doubt in saying that the Sony Corporation’s PlayStation series has always been not just the best but also among the top-performing devices that gaming geeks could have ever imagined to ask for.

And its popularity isn’t just limited to any latest version of it or any specific type of video games exclusively available on it, but it is actually something far-fetched and much beyond it.

In fact, this is clearly evident from the love that gaming enthusiasts have for its games.

Even after no official technical support from the Sony Corporation for its outdated and earlier models of the PlayStation gaming console is available, there are people who still love to play its games through whatever means that they can possibly get their hands on.

Maybe, this is the reason why there has always been a good number of emulators built by individuals as well as developer teams for running its games on personal computers, especially those belonging to its old models.

One such emulator for playing the PlayStation One games on a PC is known as SSSPSX.

But before we begin our discussion on the SSSPSX emulator, why not first briefly discuss what actually an emulator is and why use it.

What is a PlayStation emulator?

Without making it long and in the simplest form of words to cover it all, an emulator is software that enables one platform to work as another platform for the reason of running its software.

This means that while a system remains what it is, it just acts as a virtual machine to direct its software and hardware specifications to serve as an imitation of another machine.

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What is SSSPSX?

SSSPSX is an emulator for playing PlayStation One games on a personal computer.

It is mostly referred to as a Japanese emulator and was initially developed by a guy working on the PCSX2 project.

Many users refer to the technicalities in configuring it due to its Japanese origin.

The main objective behind beginning its development was to make a faster and more compatible emulator for playing the PlayStation One games.

While some part of this initial objective does reflect in the currently available version of the SSSPSX, it still is quite behind from being regarded as an ideal emulator.

This is primarily because SSSPSX also remains incomplete and there isn’t a stable version release of it available due to the fact that its developer left working on it.

However, many PlayStation One fans do prefer using it so it is all not bad but it would still lack at certain points.

How does the SSSPSX emulator work?

Just like any other emulator for the PlayStation, SSSPSX is dependent on you having the BIOS dumped from your own PlayStation One.

The PlayStation One BIOS forms an integral part to run any emulator on a personal computer.

  • Size: 49KB
  • Category: PlayStation Emulator
  • Format: RAR file
  • Operating System: Windows
  • License: Freeware

How to install the SSSPSX emulator?

Basically, SSSPSX does not come as a setup file. Rather it comes as standalone software in a .ZIP file. So to have it on your system, do the following steps – 

  • Search for its latest version on the internet.
  • Download the. ZIP folder and extract it on your personal computer.
  • Now place it at some right location on your system.
  • The extracted folder will have the standalone file as well as folders for the BIOS, Memcards, Plugins, and States.
  • Except for the Plugins folder, all folders will be empty.
  • Place the required files of these folders in them. The BIOS file you dumped will go in the BIOS folder and game ROMS will go in the memcards folder.
  • Next, open the emulator standalone file.
  • The window that appears will ask you to configure the Graphics, Sound, First Controller, Second Controller, CD-ROM, and BIOS.
  • Once you configure all these, press the ‘Ok’ button at the bottom of this window.
  • Congratulations, your emulator is now ready to run your favorite PlayStation One classic games.

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