Download Call of duty mobile for PC | COD PC Game

download call of duty mobile for pc
download call of duty mobile for pc

Call Of Duty Mobile for PC: COD is a pretty popular game video game because it comes for free, you can direct download it and play if you desire to download COD PC Version then, you ‘ll have to pay money for the game, COD Black Ops game comes for Android, ios, PC, MAC, and Playstation, Xbox. In the existing time battle royal games performing on, everyone requires to play this type of game on their device.

We are getting better from one another games like PUBG And Fortnite, Garena free fire and more, this kind of game comes with amazing feature and fabulous gaming experience, which we are not able to forget.
COD Mobile Game has been developed by Activation and Tencent company, it will be free of cost, you have to spend time instead of money.
You will be able to download COD Mobile from directly Google PlayStore and Apple Store.
Customize your Uniq Loadout: As soon as you Play Call Of Duty Mobile, you will earn and unlock various iconic character and weapons, outfit and pieces of geat from the Call Of Duty, the universe that can be used to customize your loadouts.

Watch Tutorial Video How to Download Call of Duty for PC

Do you want to play COD Mobile on PC?

If you are daying to download Call Of Duty Mobile for PC then, you will be able to, We will find out how can you download the game on PC and to installation, We will need Android Emulator which can handle COD Mobile and where you can play the game easily, you have to download OBB File and APK of COD Mobile after you will be able to play.

In this article, we are providing the best installation guide

You need to download

What is Nox Player?

Nox is an Android Emulator and it comes for Windows PC and Mac, Nox player help to play Android games on Desktop PC, you can run apps and play Android Games on PC. The perfect Android Emulator to play the mobile game PC.

Nox Player engine brings you a gameplay experience that will surpass your mobile phone’s. With leading technology based on Android 4.4.2 & 5.1.1, compatible with X86/AMD, it’s stable, fast and reliable.

Features of Nox Player

  • Easy to use
  • Support All Android Games and apps
  • Nox comes for Android And Mac both platform
  • It supports 32bit
  • You can create keyboard control manually
  • Best Graphics experience
  • Set Game frame rate

What is a VPN?

VPN means (Virtual Private Network) This is an encrypted connection which called VPN. We can hide our original IP address with the help of any VPN, I want to say in simple word, VPN is an encrypted connection which is provided by the company, we can easily get it, the encrypted connection helps to improve our privacy and make fake IP to show. There are several kinds of VPN available in the market, we can buy it and use Virtual Private Network service.

Without using a VPN, we cannot play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC

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Download And Install Call Of Duty Mobile for PC

Here are simple steps to install COD on PC, you have to download some files

Step 1. Download Nox App Player

Just you need to download Android Emulator on your computer, we have direct download link so that you could download easily, click here

Step 2. Download APK and OBB File

After that, you need to download Call Of Duty mobile APK and OBB data file, click the download button and you will be redirected to another page so you have to download both files from out there. Click Download

  • com.activision.callofduty.shooter.199.apk

Step 3. Install Nox Player on your PC

You need to install Android Emulator on your computer, go to the download folder open the Nox installer setup and install it.

call of duty download for nox

Step 4. Open NOX Player and Drag APK

After installing Android Emulator, you have to install Call Of Duty Mobile APK into Android Emulator, drag and drop APK onto Nox Player it will automatically install, you can also install it through import.

Step 5. Open File Manager

After installing the app, you need to open the file manager and go to the {Stoage/emulated/legacy/Android} after that create OBB folder

Call of duty mobile for pc

Step 6. Create COD Folder

After creating Obb folder, you have to create {com.activision.callofduty.shooter} click 3 dot option and create the folder, we have to put the OBB file onto that folder.

download cod mobile for pc

Step 7. Give Root Permission

Now you need to give root permission, when will you drag the OBB file onto the Android Emulator folder, you will get to see this type of messages and it will ask for permission, so go to the setting and give permission.

Cod mobile for PC

Step 8. Go to the System setting

You have to go into system settings and go General settings and you get to see Startup Item so, give permission to root and click save settings, it will allow to drag and drop OBB File.

Note: You will have to restart Nox Player after changing settings

Step 9. Drag and Drop OBB File onto the folder

Now you have to go back and Drag and Drop COD OBB file onto that folder which we have created in the 6th step after that you get this type of message so click Open NoxPlayer Folder and OBB file will upload onto that folder

COD mobile download for pc

Step 10. Move OBB file to the game folder

After that, when will you drag the file onto that folder, it will upload somewhere else, so you have to move this game OBB file onto that folder, click on 3 dot option and move this file.

Call of duty mobile pc download

Step 11. Paste OBB file onto OBB Game folder

You have to go back OBB folder and open {com.activision.callofduty.shooter} folder and paste the Main OBB file here.

call of duty mobile pc download full version

After doing, those are steps, when you open the game for playing, it will not start, COD will show you error messages, So what we need to do?

Download VPN

Step 12. Open Google PlayStore on Nox Player

Now we need to download a VPN because you cannot play COD game on your PC without using any VPN, there are several VPN on Google PlayStore, you have to download one VPN app, We recommend to download VPNs

  • Opera VPN
  • Hotspot Sheild VPN
  • Kiwi VPN

You can download one of them. Install App on your Google PlayStore and open the app, now you need to connect VPN, go to the server list and select India, after that, you will be connected.

These Instructions will help you to play Call of Duty Mobile for PC. Now you are ready to play COD Mobile on PC of NOX Player, you just need to open the COD icon and enjoy your Game.

Performance Settings

If you are not able to play the game due to your PC does not meet system requirements, then we have a solution to this problem, just you need to open Nox Player and go to the System Settings after that, open Advanced Settings and you will get to see Performance settings, which will help you to play COD, simply you have to set low Memory, low resolution, select speed mod and you can do more.

call od duty mobile for pc low end settings

Now you are fully ready to play Call of Duty mobile on PC, If you getting any kind of error to play the game then restart the emulator and open game again.

Set the keyboard control. As one of the most useful advantages of playing a mobile game on PC, keyboard control always brings you the game experience exactly the same with play a PC game.

play Call of duty mobile on pc

I hope you liked, this installation guide and If you have any kind of problem to related Call Of Duty Mobile PC then, comment below we will help you.

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