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Hello there, Great to see you here,

Why I made Technogone.com

I have done my graduation. After this, I was not able to think about myself what should I do? but I love to write articles and I wanted to share my experiences which I have done on the Internet, so I thought lats’ make a Website/blog which will help people who want to learn games and apps, tutorials.

So I made this website for sharing knowledge and whenever I write an article get peace. Where I post games tutorial, how to install Apps and software so that you will be able to use them.

We always post fresh and user-friendly content and bring something new every day, quality is more important than quantity, we share technical problem solutions with tutorials and easy guides.

If you have any problems with this topic, you can share your thoughts comments below.

Topic We Post

Here are some topics, which we try to cover for Technogone.com

  • Android Tips and Tricks
  • Android Games
  • PC Games
  • App Review
  • Windows And MAC
  • Linux
  • Social Media
  • How TO
  • Video Tutorial

About Me

This is  Mukul and I love writing articles

For Business Enquiries: promotion@technogone.com

Other Mail: Techkeymukul@gmail.com