MSI App Player Download Latest Version (32-64Bit)

Download and Install MSI App Player (MSI Emulator) Full Version for Windows PCs. It works with both architecture 32Bit & 64Bit.

How do you play Android games? Your mind will immediately jump to Android devices like the latest Samsung phone. But what about a computer? Can you play Android games on a PC? Yes, you can.

Most people know that BlueStacks is the biggest emulator in the world. It allows users to run Android apps on a PC. But what about MSI App Player? What makes the program so unique, and can you afford to use it in the place of BlueStacks?

What is MSI App Player?

People compare every new emulator to BlueStacks. It can’t be helped. BlueStacks is the biggest name in the industry. Therefore, everyone wants to know whether new additions to this arena can compete with the emulator.


However, in this case, MSI App Player and BlueStacks are not rivals. In fact, the programmers behind MSI collaborated with the BlueStacks team to create MSI App Player. 

This explains the interest the emulator has generated. People trust BlueStacks. Therefore, they expect great things from MSI. The program allows users to download and play Android games on a PC.

MSI guarantees staggering accuracy and the highest performance. This is true for 2D and 3D titles. The program will collaborate with modern PC hardware to deliver the best Android gaming experience a computer could ever offer. 

MSI is safe because it operates within a sandbox. The emulation environment doesn’t interact with the rest of the operating system. 

MSI Emulator
PlatformWindows 7/8/10/11 (32-64Bit)
Developed ByMSI
FPS240 Maximum

? Safe & Secure

Is MSI player good for low-end PC?

The majority of Android emulators required a GPU to run work efficiently. However, MSI Player can be run on low-end PCs without a graphics card. You may easily install it on your machine.

No.Android Emulator
1.BlueStacks 5
2.Nox Player

The emulator will replace the touch controls you typically encounter on an Android device with a keyboard and mouse. You can make adjustments to the controls to fit your gaming style. 

If you have some experience with BlueStacks, it won’t take you long to master MSI. The two emulators have a lot in common. In fact, you will find many of BlueStacks’ features in the MSI App Player.

This explains MSI’s streamlined user interface. You don’t need technical experience to use the application. Any novice can install and launch the program. More importantly, you can access the Google Play Store to download games directly to your PC. 

You don’t have to search for compatible games to download online. The Google Play Store has everything you need.

It is worth noting that MSI’s offerings are not restricted to high-end computers. A high-end machine will make effective use of the program. But that is only true for demanding games.

You don’t need significant CPU and GPU hardware to play standard 2D titles. They will run efficiently on an old PC. Some people don’t see the point of playing Android games on a PC. 

However, gamers know that a keyboard and mouse provide superior precision to the touch controls of an Android device. You will also appreciate the larger screen a PC brings to the table

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Features of MSI Emulator

1).  The emulator promises a whopping 240FPS. However, this frame rate is not available for every title. It is only applicable to games that can support 240FPS. You can adjust the frame rate to improve the gaming experience. 

This means going to ‘Settings’ and ‘Engine.’ The process is surprisingly easy.

2). You can activate hotkey lighting by turning on MSI Center, downloading Gaming Mode, going to the Gaming Mode section, clicking ‘Setting,’ and ticking ‘System Performance. 

3). You can run multiple games at the same time. This feature is powerful because you rarely see it among Android emulators. You can even open multiple instances of the same game. That function is not available on an Android device.

You cannot open an unlimited number of instances. Your computer’s specs will restrict you. This is why MSI encourages consumers to use the most powerful PC they can find. 

The higher the specs, the more instances you can open. The computer model may also limit the number of instances. You can open multiple instances by selecting ‘multi-Instance’ in the toolbar. 

4). MSI App Player offers a better internet connection than your phone’s Wi-Fi. You can expect up to 1000Mpbs of gigabit ethernet. 

MSI Emulator System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or greater (Operating System)
  • RAM: Minimum 2GB (RAM)
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Storage: 5GB (Storage)

How To Install MSI App Player?

Step 1: Get Emulator

Get the emulator. As with any other program, you should find a source you trust. The last thing you want is to crash your system by downloading malware disguised as MSI App Player. 

Make sure the source has a reputation for providing safe and reliable emulator downloads. Don’t take any chances with shady sites.

Step 2: Run the Installer file

MSI Emulator

Find the downloaded file and launch the installer. 

Step 3: Start Installing

MSI Emulator

You can customize the settings to ensure that the program installs at a specific time. Otherwise, you can just press the ‘Install Now’ button.

The steps you must follow may vary depending on the source of the download. Some websites offer cracked versions of MSI App Player. In that case, you must start by extracting the RAR file. 

The installation process remains the same. Run the setup and follow the instructions. Once the installation finishes, you have one more step to execute.

Find the ‘Crack’ folder and copy the contents. Paste them into the folder with the installed emulator. In some cases, the folder is called ‘Patch.’ Either way, the emulator won’t work unless you perform this final step.

This assumes that you downloaded the cracked version. If you have the complete MSI App Player and you got it using formal means, use the key to activate the emulator. 

Once you successfully install MSI, you can start loading the games. The emulator allows you to download titles from the Google Play Store. But if you have the games on your computer, you can load them by dragging the APK files to the application.


This is the easiest way to install the games. But you can also select ‘Install APK.’ You can find this option at the bottom (right corner). 

Can I Uninstall MSI App Player?

If you don’t want to use MSI App Player anymore then you can uninstall it in a few seconds. Go to “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features” then right-click on the MSI icon after that click on “Uninstall” It takes a few moments to delete.


MSI App Player won’t necessarily revolutionize Android gaming. But it is a decent alternative to BlueStacks. You get a lot of the same features people associate with BlueStacks. However, MSI does not use as many resources. You can use it on older machines. 

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