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Have you heard of DreamGBC? Do you hate the fact that they stopped developing the emulator in 2005? Well, DreamGBA won’t help you because it was also discontinued. Though, if all you want is an emulator that can perform the same functions as DreamGBC, DreamGBA will satisfy your needs.

What is DreamGBA?

DreamGBC was a small program that was easy to configure. It was also fairly compatible. If you liked DreamGBC, the same people responsible for that emulator created DreamGBA. This should give you an idea of what to expect.

However, development on both applications stopped a long time ago, which is problematic because you cannot rely on the developers to fix any of the glitches and bugs that have manifested over the years.


Keep this in mind before you choose to prioritize DreamGBA over other modern applications. Some people appreciate the program because it is small, lightweight, and easy to install.

It consumes few resources, which is why it can run on older, weaker, lower-end machines. But that lightweight build can be attributed to the fact that DreamGBA is a basic application that cannot offer any sophisticated features and functions.

Additionally, the list of GBA games it plays is quite small. If that isn’t enough to put you off, you should know that DreamGBA cannot run without the original GBA BIOS. 

If you have identified a resource that has a DreamGBA download, and you’ve seen the GBA BIOS on that same website, you should know that a lot of those files are dummies. They don’t work.

If you want to find the original GBA BIOS, it will take you a while to locate it because you cannot distribute these files legally. That being said, if you search the internet diligently, you will find the BIOS. 

How To Install DreamGBA?

Step 1. Download DreamGBA. Find a version that fits your operating system

Step 2. Find the Zip folder on your computer and extract it

Step 3. Double-click the executable file (DreamGBA.exe) to launch the emulator.

Download DreamGBA 2.5

  • Size: 126KB
  • Platform: Windows
  • Date: Dec, 12, 2001
  • License: Freeware

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How To Use DreamGBA?

1). Launch the emulator by running the executable file

2). Find ‘File’ in the menu. Go to ‘Load ROM Files’.

3). Select the ROM files you want to run. If you don’t have ROMs, you can download them from any GBA ROM website you trust. 

4). Don’t forget to download the GBA BIOS. Your emulator won’t work without it.

5). If the emulator has refused to work because of a ‘DLL Not Found’ error, go to the Microsoft website and download the relevant Visual Basic 6 Runtime Modules. 


DreamGBA shouldn’t be your first choice where GBA emulators for Windows are concerned. But if you already have it, the program will work. It is small and lightweight. As such, it isn’t difficult to transport, install or use. Any decent laptop you have on hand will run the emulator.

It can only play a limited number of games. But it can run the few games on its list efficiently. The gameplay is smooth. Additionally, it supports cheats. 

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