RetroArch Latest Version Download (PS3)

If you want to play Nintendo 64 games, you have the option of downloading an N64 emulator. But what if your interest in the N64 fades? What if you realize that you want to play Super Nintendo video games instead? One option is to download the Super Nintendo emulator. A better option is to download RetroArch, a program that puts a variety of consoles at your fingertips. Download RetroArch for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux (PS3 Version).

What is RetroArch?

Many people describe RetroArch as an emulator. But that isn’t an accurate descriptor. RetroArch is a platform that allows you to download and operate other emulators. 

It supports a long list of consoles, including the first PlayStation, Genesis Plus GX, GameBoy Color, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and the Virtual Boy, to mention but a few. 


First released in 2010, RetroArch was developed by the Libretro Team. The open-source program was commended for its fast and lightweight build. 

RetroArch Features

  • It runs on Windows, macOS, consoles like the PS3, Wii U, and Nintendo DS, Android, iOS, ODROID, and more
  • Dynamic Rate Control
  • It can scan directories for ROMs
  • It can construct playlists automatically
  • You can track your achievements
  • Lossless video recording
  • Automatically configures connected gamepads

How To Install RetroArch?

Step 1. Get a secure download from the Libretro website. The download should match your system. For instance, if you have a PC, you should look for a Windows download.

Step 2. Extract the zip file.

Step 3. Look for retroarch.exe and run it to launch the emulator.

RetroArch Emulator Direct Links (Windows)

Installer (64bit)Windows 10 / 8 / 7Freeware164.2MB
Installer (32bit)Windows 10 / 8 / 7Freeware162MB
Download ZIP (64bit)Windows 10 / 8 / 7Freeware163MB
Download ZIP (32bit)Windows 10 / 8 / 7Freeware161MB
Installer (32bit)Windows Vista/ XPFreeware164.2MB
Installer (64bit)Windows Vista/ XPFreeware162MB
Download ZIP (32bit)Windows Vista/ XPFreeware115MB
Download ZIP (64bit)Windows Vista/ XPFreeware115MB

RetroArch for iOS

Download (iOS 11 and later) [64bit]iPhone/iPadFree376MB
Download (iOS 9 and later) [32bit]iPhone/iPadFree310MB

RetroArch for macOS

Download(ARM/x64) – High Sierra  (and later) with Metal2Free161MB
Download (Intel)Intel VersionFree149MB

RetroArch for Android

Google Play (64bit)AndroidFree686MB
Download (64bit)AndroidFree149MB
Download (32bit)AndroidFree139MB

RetroArch for other platform

Download (.VPK)PlayStation Vita / TVFreeware312MB
Download (.7z)PlayStation 2Freeware33MB
Download (.7z)SwitchFreeware248MB
Download (.7z)Wii UFreeware2.9MB
Download (.7z)WiiFreeware49MB
Download (3dsx)3DS / 2DS FamilyFreeware69MB
Download (.7z)RetroFWFreeware30MB
DownloadXbox Series / OneFreeware482
Download LakkaRaspberry PiFreeware367MB
Download (Haiku Depot)HaikuFreeware1.5MB
Download (Snapcraft)
Download (Flatpak)
Download (AppImage)

How To Use RetroArch?

Step 1. On its own, RetroArch can’t do anything for you. It can’t play your games. If you want to play a specific game, you have to start by downloading an emulator core.

Step 2. You don’t have to browse the internet to find emulator cores. Stay inside RetroArch. Look for ‘Core Updater’. Selecting this option will provide access to a long list of cores. Choose the core you want to download. If you don’t know which core you need, you are free to experiment with as many emulators as you want. 

Step 3. Once you’ve identified and downloaded the emulator you need, you can start loading your ROMs. This is a simple matter of selecting ‘Add Content’ and going to ‘Scan Directory’. This will enable you to select ROMs from your computer. 

Step 4. Once you load a ROM, the icon for that game will appear on your home screen along with the controllers you have configured. 

Don’t be afraid to play with the settings. You can adjust the video and audio configurations to suit your preferences. You don’t have to. RetroArch can use the default settings to run your games. But you can change the settings if you want.


RetroArch has been touted by many gamers as the best emulator around, and for good reason. Rather than emulating a particular console, it allows you to install any classic console you want. You don’t have to look for those console cores on the internet. 

The platform has a list of cores for you to choose from. It makes the process of loading an emulator and adding a ROM file as simple as possible. 

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