Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Final Fantasy XIV has a dedicated fanbase, all thanks to its beautiful gameplay, and it has grown to the title of the most popular MMORPG over the years. Some players who have been enjoying the game for quite some time now want to switch to a new job, while new players also want to adventure through the dark world. Leveling up their character to level ninety, which is the level cap in FFXIV, can be quite hard if you don’t go with a plan. Hitting the level cap is important because some endgame content is locked and can only be accessed by level ninety characters. Here is the ultimate Final Fantasy XIV leveling guide to help you reach level ninety in the shortest time possible. 

Leveling Tips

When you start the third expansion of the FFXIV, you will have to make a difficult decision about sticking  with main scenario quests or opting for a new approach. Main scenario quests will help you level up your character quickly, but you won’t enjoy the process. To access main scenario quests Shadow bringers, you need to first upgrade your character to a minimum of level seventy. 

For those who want to stick with tank characters or damage dealers, they can also level up at a great pace. Start with completing job quests to receive experience point boosts. Grind for experience points with FATEs because they also provide you Aether currents that you need, so two benefits with one activity. Stick to main scenario quests most of the time when upgrading your character from level seventy to level eighty, the reason being shadow bringers features the best experience points in the entire game. Learn everything about leveling because you may have to complete some side quests to meet requirements and upgrade the character to the next level. These are some tips that you can keep in mind while the rest of leveling guide is given below. 

Level 1 To 50 — A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Officially Coming To PS4 In April

This is the base game where you start your adventure by choosing the desired job and class according to your needs. To level up faster, you need to get more experience points by killing enemies on the map and by completing the main storyline as well as side quests. This is also how the game will progress naturally, and it is indeed beneficial. To some players, resting may sound a bit absurd, but it is equally important because you will have a good amount of experience points by resting after a day of hard grinding. You also need FFXIV Gil and actually a lot of it to buy better equipment.  

Go to towns and cities and find safe areas to rest there in Final Fantasy XIV. “Brand-new Ring” comes in handy in leveling up your character, and you can get your hands on it by completing the “Hall of the Novice” quest. It boosts up the experience points by up to thirty percent until you reach level thirty-one, so it is a must-have to quickly pass the level thirty mark. From level one to level fifty, the journey is very easy if you complete dungeons from time to time, both in solo and in multiplayer mode. 

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Level 50 To 60 — Heavensward

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Now that you have upgraded your character to level fifty, it is time to step into Heavensward and start earning experience points here to upgrade to level sixty. Engage in player-vs-player fights as well as complete a special event called the daily leveling roulette. As the name suggests, roulette is a great way to level up the character because it gives you some extra experience points. MSQ roulette is yet another option for a good amount of experience points. Don’t forget to deal with the main storyline quests of Heavensward because they provide a large number of points, and everything will be wasted if you don’t complete them first.  

Level 60 To 70 — Stormblood

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Trailer - YouTube

Clan hunts and beast tribe quests are very beneficial in terms of experience points and will help you reach the desired character level in final fantasy xiv. At this point in the game, you will have so many ways to earn experience points that you will have quite a hard time deciding what you should prioritize. Patches are released from time to time, and they change the game for good so try to stay updated about the patch. Some patches will also increase the number of experience points you will earn for completing specific activities, so focus on them. Heaven-on-high is a famous dungeon, and you should complete it to earn experience points for this level set. The best thing is that it changes with each run which means you won’t get bored by dealing with the same dungeon again and again. 

Level 70 To 80 — Shadow bringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review - IGN

Shadow bringers are the next expansion that you will be dealing with between character level seventy to level eighty. Reach X 5.4 and Y 6.6 to meet Grege The Tap Keeper near the gold saucer as soon as you hit level 71. You can buy food from him, which features an experience points bonus. Consume the food before killing any high-level enemy or completing a storyline quest to boost up experience points. It boosts up experience points from all other sources as well,  such as raids and trails as well. 

Level 80 To 90 — Endwalker

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When you reach level righty in final fantasy xiv, it will be enough if you stick to the main storyline quests because they are rich in experience points. Endwalker also features a large number of other endgame activities to help you enjoy the game while progressing to level ninety. Deal with expansion raid in Endwalker to make sure that you are getting a good amount of experience points. Buy FFXIV Gil at discounted rates as well as also features a bonus according to your order. 

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