Best 20 PC Games for Windows 11 Offline [Free Download]

PC Games for Windows

Windows 11 is fast approaching, and according to Microsoft, it has been optimized to give gamers the best possible experience. Because the foundation of Windows 11 is so similar to Windows 10, any video game you can play on Windows 10 will also work on Windows 11.

That is great news for people who have no interest in discarding their PC games collection in favor of a whole new lineup of Windows 11 Games. Some of the best PC games offline that you can install and play on Windows 11 include:

List of Best free PC games for Windows 11 (Play Offline)

1. Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes

Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes

Free Download

This title gives gamers over three hundred players to choose from in their quest to build a team that can win the war for the throne. The game, which you can download for free, is strategy-based. Though, it features impressive 3D battles. )

2. FIFA 09

Even though it is an older game, FIFA 09 brings a lot to the table, providing a decent gaming experience that is enhanced by realistic collisions, subtle animations, and an improved jostle system. The sound from the crowd is loud and immersive. It takes the individual players a while to stand up after they take a hit. This adds to the realism of the game. 

3. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Even though it is primarily known for its online gaming experience, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the best PC games offline, popular among players that enjoyed CS 1.6 and Source. Global Offensive offers the same fast-paced gameplay as its predecessors. The developers made some changes, especially where some of the weapons are concerned. But those changes are minor.

4. Asphalt 9 Legends

This racing game allows players to test the power of prestigious car brands like Ferrari and Porsche on some of the most ridiculous gravity-defying tracks gamers have ever seen. While it has an online multiplayer mode, you can play offline as well. 

5. Sniper Fury

This is an exhilarating shooting game that allows the world’s deadliest sniper to test his skills in hundreds of missions. The game comes with 3D graphics that enhance the slow-motion headshots. Not only do the settings vary drastically but you have to deal with sandstorms, blizzards, and the like.

OSXbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
Memory750 MB

6. Slay The Spire

This is a unique deck-building game in which players have to use one of four distinct classes to overcome various obstacles on their way to the top of a spire they must destroy. It takes a while to get the hang of this game. But it will reward your patience and persistence. 

7. Fallout Shelter

Unlike the other Fallout Games, Fallout Shelter is a strategy game. The goal isn’t to fight or kill but to protect people by building an efficient and effective underground vault. The game gives you a community to care for. You have to do everything from feeding them to finding them jobs. Despite what people assume, you can play Fallout Shelter offline. 

8. Remnant; From The Ashes

While it isn’t necessarily one of the best Windows 11 games, Remnant has a lot of fans because it creates a unique experience by borrowing from so many popular video games. Remnant is an RPG title with third-person shooter elements. You can design characters, explore new locations and upgrade weapons as you kill monsters. 

9. Outer Wilds

This is a space exploration adventure that allows gamers to traverse the galaxy. It appeals to players that enjoy atmospheric games filled with awe-inspiring moments. You can advance through the game as quickly or slowly as you want. 

10. Call of duty: Infinite Warfare

This installment in the Call of Duty franchise is free. It places gamers in the shoes of a gruff British soldier. Even though it relies heavily on multiplayer elements, you can play it offline.

11. Greed Fall

This game takes place on a magical island in the 17th Century. Players must follow De Sardet, a normal human looking for a cure to a disease ravaging his family whilst also fighting both the inhabitants of the island and potential invaders. The gameplay is amazing, and so are the visuals. 

12. Cook, Serve, Delicious 3

This restaurant management game from Vertigo Gaming puts the skills of players to the test by asking them to cook and then serve food to customers, some of whom are not particularly patient. The game gets harder with each level. It takes determination and perfect timing to secure a decent score. 

13. Roblox

This is a free game aimed at children. It puts players in a virtual setting where they have to design and dress their avatar to the best of their ability. 

14. Blair Witch

This horror game is based on a movie series of the same name. Armed with innocuous items like cameras and flashlights, players must navigate a dark, dense forest haunted by a curse. The game has been praised for its terrifying music and realistic visuals.

15. Hades

This is a tough but beatable top-down action game that encourages players to persistently grind to attain the incredible rewards waiting at the end. People that have played the game appreciate the progression system.

16. 3D Chess

This game pits players against a decent AI that is designed to mimic human ingenuity. You can play against a machine or other people. You can also watch the AI play against itself. 

17. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

This survival game takes players to the past. Developed by Panache Digital Games, it allows players to guide a clan of primates as they explore and forage for good. Your characters have to eat and sleep well to maintain their health. They can also break bones if they fall from a great height. 

18. Civilization VI

This is a turn-based game in which players have to manage a civilization, guiding it through various time periods until you reach the modern era. Gamers have the option of winning by spreading their religion to the entire globe. 

19. Ludo King

This is a popular game among smartphone users. You can also play it on your PC. The game is attractive because it is very simple. Children can master it with ease. 

20. Resident Evil 7

This popular survival horror game revitalized the Residential Evil franchise. Unlike its predecessors, Resident Evil 7 abandons the action-adventure elements in favor of a more intimate gaming experience. Players must control Ethan Winters, a civilian as he explores a home filled with a multitude of fiendish enemies. 

10 Best PC Games for Windows 7/8/10 and 11

1.Vice City
2.Call Of Duty Mobile
3.PUBG Mobile
4.Homescapes for PC
5.Free Fire
6.Subway Surfer PC
8.Super Mario for PC

These are the best game to play on Windows 11. We have tested all the game and working fine with newly released Windows. We also compared performance between Windows 10 and Windows 11 and the result were shocked. Win 11 getting really good performance while playing games in high settings. The Operating system has improved for gamers.

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