GTA 5 Full Game Download for Android [Smooth Gameplay]

How to Play GTA 5 on Android Phone

GTA 5 is the most demanded game for mobile phone gamers. And supersize you can run GTA 5 on your smartphone we have found many ways to run the game on mobile devices.

As you know, the game hasn’t been launched on the mobile phone platform, and millions of GTA fans are waiting to play games on their smartphone, so you don’t have to wait. In this post, we’re going to show you exactly a guide to controlling the GTA V game on your smartphone and give you tips to enjoy it more.

Cloud gaming is one of the easiest ways to run games on Android devices like GTA V, God of Light: Remastered, SimsTM 4, and several more. You don’t require a computer machine to cast a gaming screen to your tablet. It’s running wirelessly across the world. You don’t need to be a technical specialist to do so.

Vortex is a cloud gaming service that helps you to play high-end games on your Android phone without downloading it to your device, only you need a mobile data pack or Wi-Fi Internet access. The service is affordable to run high graphics games and you can run it anywhere, it supports nearly all of the current Android 4.4 or higher, GTA V runs seamlessly on Vortex server without any latency problems.

There are only cons that you have to subscribe to membership and have a steam account first.

Play GTA V on mobile using Vortex (Android)

What you need to run GTA V on your phone?

  1. Decent smartphone.
  2. Minimum 3MBPS internet connection.
  3. Vortex premium membership.

Here is the complete guide that you allow to play GTA V on phone.

Step 1. Download the Vortex application from Google PlayStore. Click here.

Step 2. After Installing, you need to login or you can create a new account.

Step 3. Select game that you want to play on your device such as GTA V it’s requires having your own license.

Step 4. Subscribe plans for playing games. There are 3 types of plan available Basic, Pro, Ultra for each month.

Step 5. Now you can enjoy the games on your smartphone.

By following the guide, you will be able to complete GTA V all missions experiencing good graphics, full HD quality.

How to Play GTA V using Steam

Steam Link is one of the best ways to enjoy games such a GTA V or many more popular titles. It enables desktop gaming to the smartphone, no need to be an expert set up it. You must have connected the internet with computers and mobile with the same network after that follow the below steps.

Step 1. You need to download Steam Link from PlayStore or click below on the download button for PC or Android.

Step 2. You have to pair your phone with the Steam app that you installed on a Computer or Laptop, after that you will be able to enjoy Steam entire games on your smartphone.

The steam link will be a safe option to run GTA V. You can use touch controls to shift players and drive the vehicle, use weapons, paragliding, and several other things. For better performance connect your computer or laptop using Ethernet to your 5Ghz WIFI router and keep your system within a reasonable level.

Why you can’t play GTA 5 on Android?

There are many powerful smartphones has launched with amazing resource has 8GB ram with 8 core processor but they still don’t handle games like GTA V. You can’t compare mobile phone Ram and processor to a PC.

The reasons why?

  1. High-end graphics that pone cannot handle to process.
  2. GTA V required 2GB dedicated GPU.
  3. Large file, 75GB.
  4. It needs 8GB of PC Ram.
  5. The game package cannot support Android OS.

Due to these reasons, we cannot run GTA 5 on our mobile phone. The best way to enjoy games like GTA you must-have console or go for cloud gaming to run the PC games on your smartphone.

Vortex Cloud Gaming Plans

BASIC – $9.99 – includes 78 games, offers 50 hours/month
PRO – $19.99 – includes 178 games [many with licenses], offers 80 hours/month
ULTRA – $29.99 – includes 178 games [many with licenses], offers 140 hours/month

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Hope you find it helpful today if you have any questions about How to Play GTA 5 on Android Phone [Smooth Gameplay] then, feel free to ask in the comment section. This is the only way to experience GTA 5 on your mobile phone don’t watch fake videos which calms you to run the game on your device such as videos waste precious time.

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