The Main Secrets and Methods of Obtaining Levels in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14

The main secrets and methods of obtaining levels in Final Fantasy 14

FF 14 is one of the most famous MMO RPG projects, which competes with World of Warcraft, which served as the prototype for the release of the project from the developers Squire Enix.

The MMO RPG format was a logical step from the studio, which had been producing single-player Final Fantasy games for consoles for over 20 years, in which players played through the storyline and learned the story of Cloud and Tifa.

Starting in 2015, Squire Enix decided to expand their gaming audience and began adapting their projects for PC and expanded into the MMO RPG format, which was inspired by WoW.

Now, all players who want to combine ffxiv boost and the familiar universe with constant leveling, hero development, mastering professions, grinding and completing raids alone, or in the company of friends, or random players.

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Final Fantasy 14

Leveling Principles

In order to consistently gain experience and resources in Final Fantasy, you need to follow the standard principles of MMO RPGs, which are based on quests as part of the plot, grinding, raids, FATE and various territorial tasks and assignments.

Final Fantasy 14


These are various tasks and assignments that will always bring a boost to Final Fantasy 14 and, at the same time, study the history of the entire universe from the developers of Squire Enix, gain experience and gil, as well as systematically develop your character, learn skills and get acquainted with the entire game as its developers conceived.

The most important tasks are story ones; they are long, interesting and profitable in terms of experience and gold. According to the developers, it will take players at least 100 hours of real time to complete the main storyline alone.

This quest format is the most profitable for boosting in FF 14, because it provides a stable opportunity to gain experience for all players, regardless of class and race.

For players who have chosen the support class and want to quickly gain experience, they need to either level up as part of a fireteam or complete quests that will give them the opportunity to gain leveling in Final Fantasy 14 by doing a certain number of actions and destroying a certain number of monsters.

In addition to story quests, there are also secondary ones – assignments that can be found anywhere in the world. Final Fantasy. To find them, you just need to carefully look around and pay attention to the marks above the heads of the NPCs – they will notify you that you can receive various tasks from such non-player characters.

It is important to consider that if the story quests are a chain of guaranteed rewards, or the road to them along with studying the main storyline, while the secondary quests are in no way related to the storyline and are more related to the regions, and you can easily get good FF 14 leveling through them and gil, but on condition that you carefully monitor them and initially read all the conditions of the quests, otherwise you simply risk wasting a lot of time on empty running around and low-value rewards.

To significantly increase the level of leveling and rewards through secondary quests, you need to choose those tasks that do not have a final number of items that you need to bring for their completion. This means that you will receive the reward that you are able to earn and for those players who love grinding – this can be an ideal gameplay option, because they will hunt until the inventory is filled, the number of players in the selected location is ensured, or just until you get tired of it, so that you can then return to a peaceful city, pass all the tasks and receive a combined reward and an increase in boosting in Final Fantasy from all quests and grinding in general.


This is a gameplay format in which players rely in their leveling in FF 14 on leveling up and attacking monsters in locations that suit your level – 3–5 levels above you and stay there until you match the levels and start them get ahead.

Grinding is suitable for all characters without exception, but supports must be leveled up as part of groups, otherwise their weak damage, which is compensated by auxiliary skills, will not allow you to quickly and effectively level up alone.

But when collecting a large number of characters in groups, their overall potential will become much higher due to the number of monsters they will destroy per game hour, and even if the reward is divided among all players, it will still be more profitable than grinding independently in any of the game roles.

However, the main offensive heroes may well focus on solo leveling if they can deal quick and effective damage to a single target or group of monsters without seriously spending resources and having to replenish them too often, which would take a lot of time.

In group grinding, everything is simpler – the tank collects monsters, the main attacking characters quickly destroy them, and healers and buffers prevent the group from dying or losing their combat potential. All together, they will receive a fairly large amount of experience, and finding such a group will not be a problem for many – Final Fantasy 14 has one of the most pleasant gaming communities among all MMO RPGs.

Raids and dungeons

One of the most important and interesting types of content in MMO RPGs is raids. The theme of an assault within a group of dangerous time zones, led by a boss, attracts many players, moreover, some of them place the main emphasis on this content.

Raids are complex and simple at the same time and allow players to get maximum experience in Final Fantasy 14, because they are a strong version of a regular monster and the higher the level of the boss, the stronger its combat potential and the higher the reward and experience for its destruction.

The difficulty is that this is a monster with a large supply of health and armor and enhanced attacks in the form of unique skills, and in order to defeat it you need to assemble the right and balanced group, dodge deadly attacks and constantly deal damage and not make mistakes in order to win and get valuable elements of equipment and weapons, as well as leveling in FF 14.

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