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Final Fantasy XIV, or FFXIV for short, is a massively popular multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with millions of players around the world. One of the unique features of the game is the ability to get married in-game, which can provide players with a fun and immersive way to celebrate their love with friends and fellow gamers.

Getting married in FFXIV can be a complex and challenging process, but it can also be a rewarding and memorable experience that you’ll cherish for years to come. In this guide, we’ll explore the various aspects of getting married in FFXIV, including the requirements, the planning process, and tips for making your wedding day a success. So, whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to the game, this guide is here to help you make the most of your in-game nuptials.

The Eternity Ring

The Eternity Ring is the game’s most significant marriage incentive. After the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding is performed, the ring becomes a wearable item that can be used to teleport to the exact position of the player’s spouse, provided that neither player is currently in an instanced area. When players go on a quest together, they can use the ring to save money on teleportation costs by taking turns.

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The ring’s newfound versatility is largely due to its ability to teleport without cost. Gamers have been known to utilise the ring to teleport their friends to the peak of Kugane Tower, a prominent parkour obstacle in the area. Some have used the ring to teleport other players to spots around the world that are soft-locked by flying requirements, allowing them to skip the grind of flying there themselves. Couples looking to play a practical joke on each other or pals with unfinished business might both benefit from the Eternity Ring.

Pillons, or multi-seat mounts, are some of the most expensive mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. The majority of the player base is dissatisfied since the creators have hidden pillons beneath $30 price tags and dozens of hours of Brutal raiding. In-game, the Ceremony Chocobo, a two-seater pillon, is available exclusively to those who spend $10 or $20 on the wedding’s “gold” or “platinum” package, respectively. All told, the wedding bundle costs less than any pillon in the Mogstation.

Carrying new players, friends, and fellow Free Company members through content is a lot easier with the help of a pillon. The capacity to swiftly and securely transport a group member by air to a different place saves a lot of time and effort and is therefore invaluable. Pillons come in handy when players are soft-locked on Main Story Quests and need a fast lift to a friend in a region that can only be reached by flying, such as the new areas added by expansion content.


Those who are serious about collecting virtual glitz will enjoy the bridal wear. Guests who choose the no-cost wedding option can only use the color-locked decorations. Dyeable variants of the dress and/or tuxedo are only available to individuals who purchase the gold or platinum ceremonies.

In addition, after completing the tribute part of the quest, the player’s aesthetician will gain a new hairdo from the Modern Aesthetics set. The chic bun is an unlockable hairstyle for female characters, whereas the comb-over is available for male characters. After completing this task, you will gain access to a unique emote called “embrace.” This emotion is essential for role-players because of the personal nature of the interaction it depicts.


Individuals who aren’t interested in getting married or who are already married can consider going to the weddings of their fellow players. Upon presenting a completed wedding invitation to an NPC outside the altar, guests of a gold or platinum ceremony will receive the Demon Box and Bridesmoogle minions.

Anybody without a wedding in their immediate social circle should visit the Sanctum of the Twelve in the East Shroud and wait outside the altar. There, the wedding party will typically gather in advance and send out invites to passersby in an effort to fill up the chapel.

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There are a lot of positive aspects to getting married in Final Fantasy XIV, especially with the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. Its adaptability means it can serve as a sweet moment for a couple or a hilarious joke among pals. Everyone who completes the free version or pays for higher tier benefits in some way, regardless of their motivations for getting married.

How to apply for marriage?

You need to buy a ceremony package from the official Final Fantasy 14 Mog Station store with FFXIV Gil to get started. Sign in to your service account, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Optional Items” box. Click the “Eternal Bond” tab on the left side of the online store. You will have the standard, gold, and platinum packages to choose from.

Each package comes with a different set of rewards, and you and your partner must each choose one. This will give you a promise bracelet that matches the package you chose. It will be sent to you by the in-game Moogle post. If you and your partner both have different wristlets, the service for both of you will depend on which one is worth less.

As you move through the Ties that Bind quest, you’ll be able to change how your wedding venue looks. Depending on which package you and your partner chose, you will have different options. Talk to Raitmeaux in the Ivory Chapel, which is where all weddings take place, to get started.

There are three main styles to choose from: the Lover’s Kiss, the Spinner’s Hand, and the Solemn Oath. These three styles are available no matter which package you buy. All this does is change the last scene that plays. If not, you can change the lighting, the colour of the carpet and flowers, the person carrying the bouquet, and the music that plays. But the ways you can change these things will depend on which package you buy.


Free Standard Plan

Includes eternity rings, ceremony clothes for the Clothes of Innocence, a special emote, a special piece of furniture, and special hairstyles. You can teleport to your partner with this Band of Eternity item.

Gold Plan: $10/month

Everything that comes with the basic plan. There are options for dyeable “Clothes of Passion” for the ceremony, a ceremony Chocobo mount, carpeting, and flower colours. There are more options for the ceremony’s entrance and exit. Guests will get a minion from a Demon Box and a minion from a Bridesmoogle.

Platinum Plan – $20

Everything that the standard and gold plans have to offer. Devotion and passion ceremony clothes that can be dyed. There are more choices for carpet and flower colours. Guests will get a minion from a Demon Box and a minion from a Bridesmoogle.


That’s it for the marriage guide. If you want to learn some cool settings & tricks that make your experience better or How to unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV, then you can pay a visit to SSEGold news section. There you’ll find plenty of in-depth FFXIV guides. We’ll meet you in another such guide. Goodbye!

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