5 Instagram Statistics Every Social Media Manager Should Focus On

The constantly evolving marketplace of social media truly encompasses the meaning of inclusivity as it garners over half of the world population. In addition, a massive population of 4.66 Billion uses the internet for their everyday uses while 5.22 billion users are uniquely mobile. These statistics provide precious and intricate insight into the demographics of the users.

These insights and statistics help the brands reach the target audience and improve marketing and social media strategies. The marketing strategies can be cleverly designed and targeted based on the trends and statistics which help you pave the path of your brand’s success.

Here are the top 5 powerful and helpful statistics of Instagram that every social media manager should focus on:

Statistics Every Social Media Manager Should Focus On

1. 50% of the users become interested in the brand after they encounter an Ad for it

After the user has seen an Ad campaign by the brand, they feel more connected and believe that the brand is invested in providing a quality experience to the users.

The user on social media is always on the trek for inspiration and shopping sprees. They scroll through the various options to choose from and value the customer support and experience the most.

The paid Ad campaigns help brands and businesses to connect with the customers on a deeper level. In addition, it helps in improving the brand credibility and authenticity. 

The only way to master the paid Ads is to know your audience. Clearly defining your target audience and interest in your products or services could drastically change your approach towards Paid Promotions and campaigns.

2. 88% of the users on Instagram are outside the U.S

88% is a mind-blowing statistic when it comes to finding the right audience to target. When your 88% audience is outside the U.S, then you have to make sure that your posts, stories, and various campaigns are globally designed and inclusive of all. 

The posts and campaigns should be globally appealing and not just be micro-targeted and using easy-to-use AI design will help you create visually stunning and universally appealing content.

Understanding that, 81% of the users on the platform use Instagram as an inspiration finder, and an appropriate product catalog should ring the bells of including and promoting the products creatively on the posts and stories now and then.

3. 90% of users follow a business

With the demographics revealing that 90% of users on the platform at least follow one business is a full proof testimonial, the platform is the next silicon valley for thriving businesses and brands to connect with the audience and convert them into loyal customers. Furthermore, with more followers on the counting bar, the customers feel safer and believe that they won’t be disappointed by the brand; hence, that mere number on the follower’s tab is the most important. 

There are numerous ways to gain that head start for your brand to build a loyal customer base, such as buying Instagram followers that will meaningfully engage with your content such as commenting, liking and sharing. You can view the best sites to buy Instagram followers here (please insert the link to the article about buying Instagram followers here) 

4. 70% of users discover a product on buy on Instagram

With the soaring high number of daily active Instagram story users going up from 150 million to 500 million, it is no doubt that the users find their next dress, shoes, or even jewelry to buy on Instagram. It could be from the Ad they saw or their favorite influencer recommending certain pieces of clothing. 

This platform of visual retreat offers the consumer a visual sneak into the appearance of the product. The high-quality pictures and posts engage the consumers to buy the merchandise eventually.

There are various ways to promote specific products available on the platform to assist the brands in reaching and targeting their audiences.

5. Instagram engagement increases with every hashtag

Another powerful strategy that the brands can use is to use hashtags and cleverly embed them in captions. For example, Instagram allows the users to use a generous 30 hashtags per post in the captions while posting.

The people following the hashtags mentioned in your captions see your post even without following you, which increases your visibility. The hashtags are also very powerful in converting the views into followers. The strategy of using hashtags is that it does not consider the follower’s count or engagement ratio, but it merely shows the newest and latest posts to the followers of the hashtags.

So, you can gain exposure to the audience interested in your services and products without even competing for the explore page space.

Weaving it together:

All the above statistics provide a compelling insight into the platform’s demographics and help the brands leverage the same to improve their social media strategies to gain exposure and target the right audience.

It is vital and critical for the brands to be up about on the social media channels.

By engaging meaningfully with the audience and creating valuable ties with the customers, a brand can thrive in the perfect habitat of social media. Nevertheless, one should always be mindful of the content they post, keeping inclusive and humble, and respectful as 90% of the users decide based on customer service and support whether to make the purchase or not.

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