7 Free Instagram Reel Downloaders with Audio (both MP4 & MP3)

Instagram’s Reels, the viral short video platform, is the best source for creative content that catches the eye and engages the senses. 

 Instagram Reel Downloaders

These videos encompass humor, education, storytelling, tech guides, movie clips, and other diverse content.

Most people would love to save these reel contents to their devices.

Even though Instagram has a download feature inbuilt, people still do not prefer to use that official feature. It is because of watermarks, low quality, and no audio. 

Fortunately, third-party tools allow you to download Instagram Reel/videos without watermarks and with audio. 

Here, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 best Instagram video downloaders that enable you to save your favorite clips in high quality. 

What are the benefits of downloading Reels?

Downloading Instagram reels offers several advantages that include:

  • You can access all your favorite reels offline with no Internet.
  • All the downloaded reels can be easily shared through Whatsapp, Twitter, iMessenger, etc.
  • Once you have a copy of the reels in your local storage, it can serve as a backup.
  • If you want to recreate, extract audio from a reel, or edit your reels, you must have a video file. 
  • Instagram itself removes some types of content due to violating its rules. In that case, it’s a better option to have an original copy on your device. 

Best Tools for Downloading Instagram Reels

Discover these seven specialized Instagram downloaders designed specifically for downloading reel content.

1. Snapinsta

 Instagram Reel Downloaders

SnapInsta is the perfect destination for your quest to find a free Instagram downloader that fully supports reels. Moreover, it does has a bulk reel downloader that has no limitations. 

Despite being a free downloader, it doesn’t require any logins, credit purchases, or subscriptions.

As of today, Snapinsta remains entirely ad-free, ensuring a seamless experience without any interruptions from notifications, pop-ups, malware, and more.

Website:- Snapinsta’s Reel Downloader

2. IG Downloader

 Instagram Reel Downloaders

IG Downloader has been around for 10+ years, so expect unlimited downloads of reels from this free Instagram downloader. 

It enables its users to save Instagram stuff like videos, images, stories, also reels. Like Snapinsta, IGDownloader also provides reels without a username watermark. 

The best feature of IGDownloader is that it can extract the reels from private accounts too. 

In order to utilize the IGDownloader tool, you need to input the exact URL of your desired reel into the tool. It will then fetch both MP4 and MP3 files associated with that specific reel. You just need to simply click the download button and save them to your local drive. 

3. SaveInsta

 Instagram Reel Downloaders

Want some “Best and Quick Instagram downloader?” who doesn’t love faster downloaders?! Then SaveInsta is probably the best reel downloader for you. 

Saveinsta is an innovative online web tool designed to save numerous videos from Instagram effortlessly. Its unique script generates multiple links for a single reel, enhancing the efficiency of the downloading process.

The user interface is basic but it has everything you need, absolutely: download reels, photos, IGTV, stories, and PFPs. 

4. ETM Video Downloader

 Instagram Reel Downloaders

If you’re looking for a Playstore application that supports downloading Instagram reels, then ETM is the best option for you. 

Our top 3 picks are from third-party web tools which aren’t listed on Playstore. But, the ETV video downloader is available or installed through the official Play Store. 

The advanced downloading features allow users to save reels, save stories, auto downloads, or manage downloads.  

Enhance engagement with your followers by directly reposting reels while adding relevant hashtags and captions.

5. Video Downloader for Instagram 

 Instagram Reel Downloaders

The Video Downloader for Instagram is an Instagram reel downloader tool found on the Playstore platform. 

It’s a free app that lets users download stories, highlights, and videos from their favorite accounts. 

One amazing feature of this video downloader is that it allows you to directly repost any content from Instagram along with your own captions and hashtags. 

Additionally, the app has a story viewer that lets you browse through other accounts’ stories without notifying them. 

You can also customize the settings to manage downloads by changing file sizes or renaming files according to your preference. 

Overall, it’s one of the most feature-rich video downloaders for Instagram reels available.

6. Veed IO

Veed is a versatile website with a wide range of online tools, featuring an Instagram reel downloader among its many offerings. 

Veed was designed with a simple UI, easy-to-use, and unique downloading methods. 

Furthermore, you can extract audio from your reels, apply filters, edit your content, and explore more features.

I added these tools here because of their extra free features like video editing and templates – this will definitely be helpful for content creators. 

7. Inflact

Inflact is a trusted platform relied upon by creative businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers for their Instagram campaigns. It offers amazing features, including Instagram reel downloaders, post scheduling, insights analysis, and more.

The reel downloader feature lets you save your favorite reels in on place with tiny storage. It delivers multiple file formats like Mp4, Mp3 and works on mobile devices or tablets. 

Additionally, there is no premium subscription is required for the reel downloader. 

Final Words

In conclusion, the above-listed Reel downloads are safe, secure, and 100% free to use. These tools work better than Instagram’s built-in download feature. 

They have capable to pull the download links from their cdn source so that they don’t come with a watermark, low quality, and no audio. 

Thankfully, these third-party apps or web tools provide a solution, allowing you to download reels without a username with original music. 

Each of these downloaders possesses its own unique functionality, so feel free to choose the one that best suits your specific requirements.

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