How to Become a good Instagram Influencer in 2024

If you searching for how to become a good Instagram influencer in 2024, we have picked the best points that will help you to grow your Instagram following in 2024.

 Become a good Instagram Influencer

Instagram is one of the best platforms where influencers making Millions of dollars. Instagram not just a Photo uploading platform, its the best online earning source in 2024.

If you have good enough followers on Instagram, you can charge between 30$ to 3000$ and this amount can go much higher. Who doesn’t want to be rich and successful, Instagram pushes you to fulfill your dreams.

There are lots of brands spending tons of money on it.

Being a Good Instagram Influencer, you need to know everything about Instagram.

How to Become a Good Instagram Influencer

In this article, we will share some best tips that are every successful Instagram Influencer follows them.

1. Choose a niche according to your taste

First thing you have to note in your mind, Picked a niche According to your passion. This is the first step to become a Good Instagram Influencer.

Growing your Instagram in 2024, you have to post regularly and constantly because the competition is growing day by day, so it’s most important to pick a passionate Niche.

You cannot go for everything, so it’s best to choose one thing you’re good at and knowledgeable, as well as happy to post in your interest. Do not pick niches that you know.

2. Write an Effective Instagram Bio

This is the 2nd step that helps you to become a Good Instagram Influencer. Effective bio engages people to follow you and any brand will first notice your bio.

Every successful Instagram Influencer makes their bio boom, and it makes people follow immediately, so you need to pay attention to make your bio boom.

3. Share your Stories

Sharing your stories with the audience is the best part of becoming a Good Instagram Influencer.

Every Instagram Influencer has to share their image story for engaging people and it makes people trust you and follow you.

If you think uploading photos on Instagram without any captions, it will not work because the audience will not engage with images, videos and lost tons of followers.

It’s important to write effective Stories.

4. Choose the Right Hashtags

#Hashtag is the most important part to get your post viral. Hashtags index your post quickly to find by millions of Instagram users.

Instagram lets you use 30 Maximum Hashtags in a single post and that’s good enough and every Instagram Influencer prefers to use all of them because it makes your post viral.

Quick Tip: Use those Hashtag that has lower search volume because lots of Instagram Influencers prefer to use higher search volume hashtags and it makes higher completion, we recommend to use lower volume hashtags, it will get a higher ranking.

5. Get a Business Account

Instagram provides your business account for free and every Instagram Influencer uses it for growing their business. There are various benefits of a Business account.

You will be able to see Instagram Analyst.

Instagram Business account provides you follower demographics as well which post getting the best engagement with your audience, check times, days even see which country gets your post most of the traffic.

6. Upload Video to Instagram with Best Format

The best Instagram video format is MP4, but unfortunately, you may still face some uploading problems in Instagram because there are lots of bugs if you just simply convert your video into MP4 format.

How to Upload the video to IG in the right way?

If you are searching for How to Upload the video to IG in the right way? then, follow some below steps.

1. Open Instagram App

Open Instagram from your Phone and click the + Sign middle of the bottom menu.

2. Select your Video

After opening Instagram, it will open your phone media library, choose a video that you want to post on Instagram.

3. Apply Filter

You can use various filters that Instagram offers you to use them for free and get a video editing option, you can apply a filter, trim your video and cover.

If you want to add more videos, just click on the + sign and add it.

4. Write Caption

Write a great caption that engages the audience to watch your video and make many more chances to get your post viral.

You can add your post location as well as tag your friends. It will get you great response.

5. Share your Post

Click on the right side Share option and publish your post with the audience.

How to Upload Different Format Videos to Instagram

Are you searching How to upload different format videos to Instagram? We have found a software that offers you to fastly edit and merge your different codec video clips into the right format to suit Instagram perfectly.


VideoProc is a one-stop video editing software that allows you to convert videos into 4K to 1080p, and the special point is that it have a exclusive export configuration for uploading videos to Instagram

Not only you can edit your (4K)videos before uploading on Instagram, but it also can convert videos in the right format.

This video processing software that lets you process videos in 4k, and its fast and reliable software and fully powered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs. With full GPU acceleration, you can easily cut, merge and even add some basic effect on your (4k)video footages in a minute, which helps you output an interesting with simple steps. 

Learn How to Upload 4K Video to Instagram. Follow below steps

  • Download VideoProc and Install it on your Windows or Mac.
  • You will have to launch the software.
  • Click on the Video icon and import the video you want to convert. As you can see in the image below.
  • If your format is not there in the list, then you can simply click on ‘Target Format’ for accessing more profiles.
  • You can adjust different parameters from the Codec Option of the Format Settings window. It becomes possible to modify the resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio from the ‘Video Codec Options’ section for generating better playback effects.

These steps will help you to convert your video in any format.

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you get the error to convert your videos then feel free to let us know.

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