5 Ways to Run Instagram Ads Campaign Effectively

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been popular amongst people of all age groups. With people trying to monetize their accounts in search of a passive income, this platform is seeing more influencers each day. With more than a billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms online. Since it has so many eyeballs daily, it becomes a great place to market your products and services. With more than 800 million photos being added every day and millions of ad posts, how can you make the user stop at yours and make them click through?

5 Ways to Run Instagram Ads Campaign Effectively

This is what we’re going to tell you in this article. Running Instagram ad campaigns and all there is to it will be revealed shortly, so watch tight and enjoy. But before that let us understand how engagement and traffic work on Instagram.

Instagram is a visual platform, so to gain Instagram followers or widen your reach on Instagram, you should have your content creation A-game on at all times. Now, when it comes to ad campaigns, the dynamics change a bit, but the preferences of Instagram users don’t, so the things we are going to tell you today are going to apply to normal reach and engagement growth as well. So now that you know the basics, let’s start with the 5 ways to run Instagram ad campaigns efficiently.

1. Your ads should revolve around brand identity

Whenever you start an ad campaign, don’t think it’s something different from your account. Don’t create an ad set in a vacuum, rather let the ad support the brand promise. Keep in mind all the campaigns that you have run so far, and then decide the theme for your latest campaign. What this does is, creates brand awareness amongst your user base which is always beneficial for your account. If you try to launch a new product, create a different sub-story for it, keeping the bigger picture intact. If you design your new campaign separately, your audience will not be able to find congruence and hence will not buy much. A great example of this is Mercedes, who recently launched a campaign for their new SUV on both Facebook and Instagram keeping the brand image intact and saw an increase of 580 percent on their website traffic.

2. Tease your products

Whenever you’re starting a new campaign to launch a product, don’t reveal too much excitement. Only give subtle reveals of how the product looks, as this creates an allure around that product. This gives you room to add a CTA that takes your user to a website where they can catch the product in its real form. This is a great trick to use in ad campaigns as this increases the click-through rate and the sales as well. Instagram ads are a great way to tease a product to your audience.

3. Use keywords and hashtags

If you’re using an ad to promote your post, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to add keywords or hashtags to it. Hashtags are a great way to become discoverable to the public and hence get more engagement. Now, since you are going to see a boost in the amount of engagement you receive, adding hashtags makes that post reach even more people. For example, if you’re a clothing brand trying to sell a T-shirt, then adding a relevant hashtag that is used by people often will help people find your product even sooner. This increases the number of eyeballs you receive on your post and hence more visits to your websites. Buying active Instagram followers is just a pro tip to increase engagement. 

4. Checking insights

Checking insights is a great way to run ad campaigns effectively and grow your Instagram in general. Analytics will tell you how your campaign performed in terms of the number of people who liked it, people who visited your account because of it, the number of click-throughs, and much more. Understanding these things is very important because if you don’t understand the analytics then your ads are not going to become better in the future. If you have run ads previously, then take the data from Instagram insights and see what is common between the ads that did well and what is common between the ones that failed. Once you find the differences and similarities of such posts, you will be able to recreate successes and will be able to avoid failures. This is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and keep running effective ad campaigns.

5. Let your ads tell a story

Instagram users love to read stories and if you can tell them one using your ad campaign then your ad is going to be popular. Telling a story through a series of pictures can be difficult but, if you hire someone who can do that for you, then your Instagram ads are going to reach another level. Recently, on Instagram, some brands that create anime merchandise started running campaigns that showed the entire process of them making hoodies and adding graphics to them in under 30 seconds using time-lapse. And people went crazy on them. Because it tells the users that these things are handmade and are put so much effort into, people invested right in and that brand got a lot of sales. This is one way to tell a story and you can have your own.


With so much competition in the space out there it becomes difficult to gain popularity and widen your reach. However, with the tips mentioned above, your Instagram ad campaigns are not going to face that problem. If you want your Instagram ads to leave a mark, then use the tips mentioned above and you will see great results. Till then, happy Instagramming!

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