5 Ways to Grow your Instagram profile through Twitter

 Social media is addictive especially because it offers us something the real-world doesn’t, it makes us feel connected, informed and valued, right at one click. 

Instagram over time has become one of the most sought-after verification sources because of its approachability; which is why well-established businesses too, have developed marketing strategies accordingly. It has become a one stop promotional ground and to lead your audience to that ground, advancing your Instagram page is just as necessary.

Ways to Grow your Instagram profile through Twitter

Twitter acts as an ally to promote your Instagram page. While Instagram has a large day-to-day business, Twitter has a huge informational and verified database. Curating a Twitter account automatically gives you a leverage of a justified, true business. Hence, here are five ways you can gain engagement on your Twitter handle that will translate to an increase in followers on Instagram

1. Boost your Twitter

“Whatever is seen is what is sold.” You cannot expect to advance your page on the off chance that you do not refresh your feed consistently. Snippets and glimpses of your extravagant Instagram page should thoroughly be shown on Twitter which would make people want to follow you. 

More importantly, make sure that your Twitter page is clean and you repost tweets, as well as reply to them soon as you get a notification.

Along with linking Instagram posts on Twitter, link customer reposts and stories that shows the audience that your product is valued and talked about. Update your Bio. Always. List out your achievements, your agenda, your work, your passion. Most importantly, do not forget to put the link to your Instagram page in your Bio. Be authentic and see how people connect to you instantly.

2. Usage of attractive content and hashtags

In the event that your photos, tweets, and posts are dull, you will lose your crowd rapidly. Make sure to post content that engages visual and auditory senses. To gain increased engagement on Twitter, use hashtags. They get you a long, long way. Use trending hashtags and similar to the ones you use on your Instagram page that will help the audience connect. 

Along with the usage of trending hashtags make a quirky, catchy hashtag of your own, limited to your page and your product that will help the audience narrow down to, specifically your content. 

Tag famous and relevant people on Twitter to gain attention because more often than not, big names engage in Twitter conversations. Having the attention of famous pupil will allow you to maximise your brand name and convince people to take a thorough look at your Twitter as well as your Instagram page.

3. Utilize the 280 characters to make a mark

You certainly do not want to waste the gift of 280 characters on Twitter. Use it to your advantage. Fit intriguing, tantalizing content in 280 characters and leave it at a cliffhanger that will induce people to go through your Instagram page.

Do not catfish. On the off chance that a post on Twitter for instance is professing to clarify your amazingly energizing proposal on Instagram, do as such. Try not to say something on Twitter and lead individuals to show them something entirely different which will cause you to lose their confidence. 

Use the character limit wisely to invite audience to look at your page on Instagram. Do give out information but not so much so that the audience does not feel a need to look through your Instagram page at all since everything is given on Twitter. 

4. Keep your feed updated

Talking about your brand and product on Twitter is one thing but talking about everything in relation to your brand or product is another. To elucidate on the point, allow me to elucidate on an example of a page focusing on fashion. 

When you post just about your brand you make your account monotonous, but if you also post about various other things related to fashion, like simple fashion hacks or reviews and judgements on different clothing/accessories outlets or give suggestions of what could be worn with what, you make your page interesting and a one stop account for all the fashionistas. 

By indulging in various other pursuits related to your content, you give an impression of being genuinely focused and interested in your own work which will drive people to look at your more elaborate page on Instagram. 

5. Declare contests and create a trademark 

To keep your audience alive, engage with the audience as much as you can. Invite questions from the audience, which as a benefactor will also give you ideas for your content. Talk to them animatedly and do not forget to be grounded. Make sure you pay heed to your audience’s requests and demands that will make you likeable and in turn trustworthy. 

Invite your audience through links and posts on Twitter to participate in exciting contests, the subtleties of which are enrolled on your Instagram page convincing them to follow the page and look into what you offer. 

Make your own trademark and lead with it. If you do not have a trademark of your own, you are losing out on an exclusive audience and becoming something expendable. Make sure your trademark is everywhere, reminding people of who you are all the time.

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Your content is the human body, and social media, it’s oxygen. If you do not promote your content actively and effectively, you are not only not participating in the race but are actively backtracking on it. Mentioned above are just a few ways to expand your Instagram page through Twitter; along with it you can also go ahead and buy followers on Instagram, which will prove useful in attracting more audience. The key to unleash and expand your hub is to be dedicated, creative, updated and most of all engaging and neat. Nobody likes messy and underdeveloped pages that display a lack of motivation; therefore, lead the way with these tactics and make use of the words you just read, efficiently!

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