How to Solve a Ping Problem in Call Of Duty Warzone? Simple Ways To Solve This Problem

Call of Duty Warzone

When we talk about the most well-known and influential FPS (first-person shooter game) in the gaming world, Call of Duty Warzone certainly tops the list. Within 24 hours of its release in 2020, the game saw 6 million active members. By 13 months, the game witnessed about 100 million downloads. 

Although COD warzone is a hit, players often complain about the ping problem that occurs commonly. Ping means the delay between the gamer’s input and the server’s response to the input. If you’ve been facing the same lately, here are some quick fixes to combat the issue

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Use VPN Service

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most efficient way to stop ping issues in COD Warzone as it can send data packets through a direct route. It can also combat the reasons that cause increased ping time, like poor ISP, location, and game servers. However, to get the best benefits of a VPN, it’s recommended to use the fastest VPNs for Call Of Duty Warzone available. Look for VPN with features like low latency, customizable settings, and, ofcourse, servers. 

Restart Router and Modem 

Sometimes initiating a quick restart to your router/modem can fix the ping issue in a hassle-free manner. To do so, you simply need to unplug both the router and modem. Wait for about 30 seconds so things can settle in. Then, plug in the router first and wait for nearly 30 seconds, and then do the same for the modem. Wait for a minute (or maybe two) and then check whether the ping issue got resolved. 

Update Network Drivers

If your network drivers are outdated, faulty, or malfunctioning, it may be the cause of your ping issue in the COD warzone. So, try updating your network drivers and see if things get resolved. On your system (here, we’re considering Windows), press Win and X to open the power user menu. Now, follow the below steps

  • Go to Device Manager> Network Adapters. Find your Adapter and then click on Properties. 
  • Navigate to Details and select Hardware IDs from the options. Now you’ll be able to see the manufacturer and model details.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and check for any new network driver updates. It should be available either on the Download or Support page.
  • Download and install the network drivers on your system. 

Use Ethernet Cables (Wired Connection)

The ping issue may sometimes be related to your WiFi connection for its interference and bandwidth limitations. That’s why if you’re using WiFi to play COD warzone, switch to a wired connection like Ethernet cables and see if it fixes the problem. Make sure to select the cable as per its category, length, shielding, and connector type. 

Most importantly, look for ethernet cables that can easily cover the distance between your PC and the router. Once you get your cable, simply plug it into the router and then the LAN. Nowadays, ethernet cards are available too. You can try that as well.  

If you’ve no option other than WiFi, continue with the same but connect fewer devices to the network, especially when you’re playing the game. That’s because too much clutter in one connection can cause speed issues and increased ping. 

Check for Unnecessary Background Apps

Your system may have innovative apps to make your life easier. However, If these apps keep running unnecessarily in the background, it may cause ping issues. As background apps can consume system resources (memory, internet, CPU, etc.), it could make your system sluggish. Eventually, you may lose out on your network performance, and this may cause high ping time. So, always check (and close) any unnecessary background apps before playing COD Warzone.  

Additional Solutions

  • Check if your antivirus/firewall is blocking anything in the game
  • Enable Game Mode (in Windows 10)
  • Update to a new internet package
  • Change graphic settings
  • Try a different ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Replace and upgrade your router (if necessary). 

That’s all. You can try any of the above-listed solutions from the list, and it should solve the ping issue easily. However, we recommend using VPN for a quick and easy fix. 


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