Innovative Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

We usually rely on the same established set of programs for working on our computers. However, new apps appear on a daily basis.

Among these new apps, some attempt to optimize common tasks by offering an original, different approach to what we do and how we do it.

Let’s see, then, a few of these apps and what they have to offer for different purposes; concretely, for multitasking, time-management, focusing, and note-taking.


Stack merges all the web apps you may need and fixes them in a single place. With the help of its Spacebar, Workspaces, and dedicated hotkeys, your web browsing experience comes together harmoniously and within the reach of your screen. Hence, Stack is great for multitasking, social media, and chatting.


Taking in mind how we use the internet, Stack includes a pile of features developed for providing new and intuitive solutions missing in conventional browsers or yet to be implemented by them properly.

As an example, one of Stack’s main items is letting you open multiple accounts from the same app. Let’s say you want to use two different Twitter accounts next to each other:

  • Inside Stack, open Twitter and login into your account.
  • Open another Twitter tab and toggle “Private Session” in the three dots menu at the tab’s top-right corner.
  • You can now login to your other Twitter account in this tab. These will remain separated. Stack lets you use simultaneously as many accounts as you need.

You can download Stack from


Reclaim’s purpose is to save you time in figuring out your calendar while also watching over your short- and long-term goals and activities.

Reclaim achieves this by synchronizing with your calendar and booking time for your preset activities. This is helpful for calendars that are open to clients or project team members.


As a rule, timer apps are the way to go for those who have a hard time focusing. However, Focusmate offers a green approach: connecting people to mutually act as accountability partners.

Although Focusmate’s premise can sound dubious, their creators offer scientific proof for backing up the positive effect of being observed by another person while working. Besides, this app can be even more helpful for those who home-office or freelance.


Obsidian is a program for locally storing notes on Markdown files. Compatible with numerous file formats, Obsidian allows you to freely connect notes and present them as a knowledge graph, in an attempt to emulate the thought process of our brains.

Obsidian is so dynamic that it can be used for several tasks, including tracking your objectives and projects or as a journal. In the future, Obsidian is expected to support third-party plugins and mobile versions.

Now that you know what these programs bring to the table, give them a try. Since they complement each other, you don’t have to choose between them. Overall, it can be a good opportunity to discover new technologies, as well as new ways to make your life easier.

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