5 Best Warzone Trackers for Checking Warzone Statistics (2024)

Warzone tracker is a website with a database of player statistics from game types ranging from deathmatch to Team Slayer. If you’re playing Halo and want to see how your stats compare with those of other players, Warzone Tracker is for you. Warzone tracker also has statistics on weapon usage and top-ranking lists that can be sorted by region. It’s not just for Halo; it covers lots of games including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. The following are top 5 Warzone Trackers.

Best Warzone Trackers Websites

1. SBMM Warzone

This is an old warzone tracker that uses a method of breaking down the damage taken and dealing on each weapon. It was created by the man who went on to create Microsoft, Paul Allen. This means SBMM Warzone is a bit dated, it still has statistics for hundreds of thousands of Halo 3 games. It’s easy to use and the layout is clear, making it easy to find useful information.

Warzone Trackers

To get the WarZone stats online via wzstats.gg, follow below instructions

Step 1: Go to the official website wzstats.gg.

Step 2: Enter your information like ID Activision/Call of Duty PlayStation Battle.net Xbox Live. Then press enter.

Step 3: The website will start tracking the stats of the game.


1.The community is nice, friendly and knowledgeable.

2.You can reset your stats on the website and feel as though you are back at the start of your career.


1.If you hide the scoreboard, it won’t show up again until the next game or round is finished, meaning that if it was somewhere in your way, it won’t be gone until then.

2. Cod.Tracker.gg

Warzone Trackers

The CoDTracker.gg site is a bit different from the others as you have to create a free account before you can use it. It doesn’t just have stats for CoD: BO2 and Black Ops 2, but also has player statistics for Call of Duty games from 1st person shooters all the way to original first-person shooters. You can search through the stats using filters such as player name, gametype and weapons used. You can also see their best scores in each game mode. It’s possible to compare your stats with friends, too.

You can also download Apps for Mobile/PC

Step 1: Visit official website co.tracker.gg

Step 2: Click on yellow Get the Apps menu then click on “WarZone Tracker” and it will help you to download for Windows or iOS/Android.

Warzone Trackers

Step 3: Need to click on Download now.

Step 4: Once you installed it on your PC, you can start monitoring stats and it will work automatically and also detect your game account whenever you play the game. You can learn the interface and details.


1. It’s free to use and you can use it on any computer with an internet connection, even your smartphone.

2. You can compare your stats against the players of your friends or other players who have created an account.


1. If you change your settings, they won’t be saved until the page is refreshed.

3. Mystats.gg

Mystats.gg also gives you a lot of stats for a lot of games. It’s not just Halo-related; it covers games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. There are also some other stats, like the usage of certain weapons, which you’ll never get from playing with friends on your Xbox. This can be useful if you want to know the most powerful weapon in each game or which are the best players in each game type during an online session. It includes a number of stats that you won’t get on SBMM Warzone, such as Assists, Deaths, Headshots and Kill/Death Ratio.

Warzone Trackers


1. The layout is clear, and easy to understand and you can see who the top players in each game are.

2. You can search by a large range of options, including player name and game type so that you can check who’s the best at a particular game type or which weapon has been used most in certain games.


1. It’s not free to use and is an online platform only.

4. CoDStats.net

CoDStats.net is another site that has a lot of stats for Call of Duty games. It’s obviously popular with people who want to know the best weapon in each game, as well as which weapons are most used by the top players. The best thing about this site is that it also has stats for COD: BO2 and Black Ops 2 and there are many statistics to look at.

Warzone Trackers


1. You can search and filter using a large range of options.

2. There are lots of stats to look at, especially for BO2 and Black Ops 2.

3. You can compare your stats with those of other players and see who’s the best in each game type or weapon used.


1. The site is restricted to those who have an active subscription.

2. There’s no easy way to show or hide stats, meaning that stats such as kills are displayed in a

5. Checkmategaming.com

Checkmategaming is a good site if you want to see the use of weapons among other players, too. The layout is clear and easy to navigate and there are plenty of stats available. You can check out what weapon is used most or which weapon tops the charts in a particular gametype, too. You can also see the number of kills you get with different weapons and which one has been used most by players.

Warzone Trackers


1. It’s simple to use, well laid-out and easy to understand – it’s not cluttered; it’s clear and detailed like this website is.

2. There are lots of options for stats, including everything from k/d ratio to headshot percentage; there is also a search box that lets you look for specific stats in particular games or game types (such as call-of-duty).


1. It’s not free; you have to pay for a subscription. This is a drawback for many people and it limits the number of people who can use it.

In conclusion,

The best Call of Duty tracker is the one that you can use for as long as you want or for any amount of time. You can also do a lot with statistics on this website. You can see who’s the best and which weapons are used most in various game types and what weapons are used most by top players at the end of each game.

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