How to get millions of Instagram free likes?

You can get millions of likes if…you have a hyped millionaire account already. If you were advertised by a famous blogger for $ 10,000 or you just launched an Insta like bot!

In this article, we will tell you how to promote Instagram without touching your smartphone easily, and also how to get likes on Instagram by giving your own.

Instagram bot automation in 2022-2023

Does it take a lot of time to do the routine?

Do you have lots of ideas, but no time to implement them?

There’s no time to engage on Instagram and make real cool content because you are constantly engaged in manual account promotion, but you want to automate everything?

You need bots for Instagram!

What are Instagram bots?

An Instagram bot is a service in which the user sets a command, and the bot automatically performs some actions.

Bots can solve different tasks:

— Saver bot (like Inflact downloader)

A bot that automatically saves content (all or some specific one from your selected account or several accounts

— Chatbot for Instagram Direct

Answer users’ frequent questions, accept payments and send auto-replies and mailings.

chatbots for automating communication with clients, which are created by the visual designer. Chatbots can send auto-replies and mailings, answer users’ frequent questions, accept payments, and send users auto-replies to a mark in stories.

— Follow bot Instagram

Bots for your account to follow new target accounts thereby expanding your audience on Instagram.

— Instagram bot 

This bot is the easiest and most effective in promoting an Instagram account. It doesn’t require such a serious approach as a follow bot, and it’s not as complicated and expensive as a chatbot. It just goes all over Instagram, selects the accounts of your target potential subscribers, and likes their publications. This is quite enough for the account to grow by itself without your fate and wasting time on promotion.

What is the sense of a like bot for Instagram? 

Using Instagram’s automated likes bot is like paying Instagram to have your account appear in people’s feeds with sponsored ads. 

Effective automation of likes with the help of a bot is an activity that creates hundreds of opportunities for your Instagram account, which, thanks to the likes of the target audience, can be detected by a large number of people.

Insta like the bot is the No. 1 tool for growing Instagram followers through organic growth of the account by liking posts of the target audience.

Easy to use, automatic mass subscription/unsubscribe/like with advanced filters, random interval, and other artificial intelligence-based technologies.

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How to use Instagram like a bot

To set up an auto-like Instagram bot, you will need to specify the goal you are interested in. You can target people, hashtags, and places, and the bot will use its followers to like messages, which, in turn, promotes mutual interaction in the form of likes. 

For example, if you are targeting a person, the auto-like bot will automatically like any amount of posts of the target person. You can even set up some posts the Instagram like bot will like. You can use the apps like Instagram Viewer to serve this purpose well.

1. Collect a list of Instagram users you’ll action around

This list should consist of your closest competitors or any accounts whose audience will be like your target audience.

Then choose will you like posts of followers/followers/commenters on the user’s page.

Or collect a list of hashtags

Use only highly useful hashtags which are followed and searched by your potential customers or clients. 

Same for a list of geolocations on Instagram.

2. Select an action of the Inflact bot to follow/unfollow/like a user, then click the “START” button.

From this moment the bot will perform actions on your account’s behalf. And the Instagram bot will work to promote your Instagram account 24/7.

Note: When you automate likes on Instagram, make sure that you have great and interesting Instagram account content that is likely to be loved by your potential followers/clients. 

However, you should remember that bots for automating Instagram likes will not give you endless likes, but the quality of the content you have will. 

Instagram’s automatic likes will attract you, but the quality of your content depends on you. And the number of likes and followers you’ll get back from the work of the Instagram like bot totally on your content quality.

Also, to make sure that you are fully using this automation tool without putting your Instagram account at risk, you should choose an Inflact automatic module that offers :

  • Reliable customer service
  • Enabling VPN for the safe work of the bot
  • The highest speed of automated Instagram interaction.


In this article, we have reviewed a bot for Instagram likes and found out for what purposes and methods they can be used.

If you use other useful and interesting bots on Instagram — share in the comments!

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