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Many fans of classic games cannot decide whether they should use modern emulators or their older counterparts. You would expect the modern emulators to win out, but in truth, ancient emulators are still quite common. Unfortunately, DreamGBC is not one of those popular emulators

It was prominent in the gaming community when it debuted more than a decade ago. But today, it has been all but forgotten.

What is DreamGBC?

DreamGBC is an emulator people can use to play Game Boy Color games. If you play many GB games on your computer, you have probably heard of and even used DreamGBA. 

The emulator is a fan favorite among people that love games like Castlevania and Tactics Ogre. Some people do not like the program because it uses a command line. Additionally, you can’t run it unless you have the original GBA BIOS. Though, it has plenty of fans.


The same people that worked on DreamGBA developed DreamGBC. The two applications have some similarities. But DreamGBA is better than DreamGBC. DreamGBA came out in 2011, so it has a more extensive offering of functions and features. 

The program is also more reliable. DreamGBC is not quite as attractive because the developers abandoned the emulator more than a decade ago. They discontinued the application in 2005.

Today, you can still download the emulator. It wouldn’t be most people’s first choice. In fact, DreamGBC has almost no visibility on the internet. You can find secure downloads for most of the modern GB and GBC emulators on hundreds of websites. 

But that is not the case with DreamGBC. It is so obscure that most people have no idea it even exists. For that reason, it doesn’t have much in the way of support. 

How To Install DreamGBC?

You are better off using DreamGBA. But if you’re hellbent on using the older emulator, look for a download from a forum. If you have a platform you trust, you can rely on the website to offer a secure download.

These older emulators have an executable file that you run to launch the program. You don’t have to install them. This saves a lot of time. 

  • Size: 117KB
  • Platform: Windows
  • Date: 14/Aug/2003

Download DreamGBC

How To Use DreamGBC?

Like DreamGBA, this one uses a command line. If you’re not familiar with command-line applications, this one may annoy you. But it can’t be helped. The program is old, and it doesn’t receive official updates. 

You may secure a version with a user interface if you’re lucky. But you have to ensure that the emulator can be trusted. Fortunately, along with decent compatibility, DreamGBC is easy to configure. It shouldn’t present any challenges if you know what you’re doing.


The internet has a litany of emulators that are far better than DreamGBC. It isn’t the worst emulator, but it isn’t necessarily attractive either. Try to prioritize modern options in your search for the best Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator.

They stand out because they get regular updates. Leave ancient emulators like this in the hands of experienced gamers and developers who want to experiment. 

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