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Newer gamers dismiss ancient applications like zBoy. But older gamers appreciate them because they came out at a time when these older gamers owned and used the original consoles those programs are designed to emulate. This is why emulators like zBoy have stood the test of time. People flock to them because of nostalgia.

What is zBoy?

zBoy is ancient. The emulator came out a long time ago. Today, most people have no idea that it even exists. Though, avid fans of classic games are aware of the program.

zBoy emulates the Game Boy. The open-source program doesn’t stand out that drastically from its competitors because it is designed to offer all the obvious features such as a load/save function and the ability to take screenshots.

It doesn’t bring any unique attributes to the table. And yet, people use it today even though they have superior options because zBoy does its job very well. People don’t associate the program with glitches and crashes. 

zBoy Emulator

You can play games with keyboards and joypads. The program works on Windows, DOS, and Linux. Many gamers love the 2-GB link emulation. You can use 2-player mode over a Local Area Network. But other programs provide a similar feature, so zBoy is not unique in that sense. 

You will use this tool not because it is better than modern emulators but because it has a special place in your heart. Such reasoning is not bad. At the end of the day, this application performs its functions very well. 


  • Support for Windows, DOS, and Linux
  • Support for Keyboards and Joypads
  • Emulates an internal battery
  • Supports 2-Player Mode (LAN)

How To Install zBoy?

zBoy is not challenging to install because it comes as an executable file, and running that file will activate the emulator. The most difficult aspect is finding a safe download. 

The internet is dangerous, and it is very easy for a naïve gamer to install a virus disguised as a zBoy download. It is also worth noting that the internet has several zBoy versions. Some came out a long time ago. Others are more recent, released in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

The most recent versions are not necessarily the best. Read the reviews in online GB and GBC emulator forums. They can recommend a viable version of zBoy that suits your system.

  • Size: 180KB
  • Platform: Windows, Dos
  • Date: 28.01.2011

Download zBoy

How To Use zBoy?

You can find all the features of the emulator within the ‘File’ and ‘Options’ menus. The UI is intuitive. Start experimenting to gain a better understanding of the workings of the emulator.

Though, it won’t take you long to figure things out. Most of the functions are straightforward. For instance, you can load a game by going to ‘File’ and clicking ‘Open.’ 


zBoy is not a difficult emulator to master. It uses the same menus found in other emulators, which is why anyone that has experience using emulators can run it without relying on instructions. It emulates the Game Boy well enough that you can use it in place of modern emulators. 

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