10 Best Browser for Macbook M1, iMac 2024

Before you ask, internet browsers are not all the same. Some are simply better than others. They have special features and functions that set them apart. If you want a browser that can make effective use of Apple’s M1 chip, these are some of the best options on the internet:

Best Fast and Reliable Browser for iMac M1 Chip

1. Chrome



You knew this was coming. Some people avoid Chrome because they have issues with the way Google operates. Others hate the fact that Chrome is so popular. They are hesitant to embrace mainstream browsers.

However, there’s a reason why so many people use Chrome. It is the best browser in the world, or at the very least, one of the fastest and most reliable. 

It provides a clean and attractive user interface, an impressive library of extensions, and decent security mechanisms. It is not the safest of browsers. But it guarantees a smooth and seamless experience. 

2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge


No, you’re not dreaming. Microsoft Edge is a Microsoft browser, but it can run on a Mac. People dismiss ME because Internet Explorer was such a disappointment. 

However, you shouldn’t confuse the two. Microsoft made significant changes with Edge, turning the program into the sort of browser that can compete with Google Chrome. It has the resources to make effective use of the M1 chip.

3. Safari



This goes without saying. Safari will perform well on the M1 chip. Safari is Apple’s browser. Naturally, the company has refined the program to optimize its performance on the new chip.

The program emphasizes privacy. You can also use it on other Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. Ultimately, if you can only use one browser, Safari is the best option because it was designed to work with the M1 chip.

4. Firefox



Firefox is still around, despite what some people think, and it still has a strong following. The browser fell on hard times years ago following a series of security issues. People abandoned Firefox for Chrome in large numbers, prompting some online communities to conclude that the browser was dead.

But Firefox is still very much alive. These days, it offers a smoother browsing experience. Along with a litany of extensions and themes, the open-source program emphasizes privacy, which is why it has seen a resurgence in popularity. It doesn’t collect as much data as its competitors. 

5. Vivaldi



This is not the composer but rather the cross-platform browser. Vivaldi attracts a lot of attention from people who know it because it has a unique look. Additionally, the program has several interesting functions, including the ability to stack a string of tabs. You can use the thumbnail perspective in clever ways. 

You don’t have to worry about your privacy. Vivaldi won’t let anyone track you. If that isn’t enough to impress you, the browser can use chrome extensions. 

6. Opera



Everyone loves Opera. That includes Microsoft and Mac users. M1 fans will love it because it is elegant. Like many modern browsers, Opera borrowed a lot from Chrome. In fact, you can install Chrome extensions on Opera. 

Opera is not perfect. It may crash under heavy workloads. But it is still better than the majority of browsers on the market, especially when you consider Opera’s inbuilt VPN, which guarantees your privacy. 

7. Brave



Don’t be so quick to dismiss Brave simply because you’ve never heard of it. If you value your privacy, Brave is the perfect browser for you. If you check Brave’s settings, you might be surprised by the number of threats and annoyances it blocks.

You can manage cookies, ads, and scripts. The password manager is very convenient. As far as security is concerned, it will detect and repel malware. Before you ask, it doesn’t ignore phishing attempts. M1 users will appreciate the speed and efficiency of the interface. 

8. Avast Secure browser

Avast Secure browser


This is another browser that uses chromium technology. However, unlike Google Chrome, Avast has excellent security. You can trust the password manager to manage and store all your passwords.

The download manager is equally convenient, designed to extract high-quality videos from platforms like YouTube. Avast has an inbuilt VPN. Therefore, you can maintain your anonymity while browsing. 

If you’re worried that you will forget to activate the security features, the browser enables them automatically. Where security is concerned, Avast does not disappoint.

9. Stainless

Most of you have never heard of Stainless. That isn’t surprising. The internet has too many browsers. Developers release new ones every single day. But if you take a moment to experiment with Stainless, you will understand why it fits the M1 chip.

Despite its limitations, this is one of the fastest browsers you will ever encounter. Known for its reliability and versatility, the browser has a friendly interface that allows users to open several client emails simultaneously. 

It consumes very little RAM regardless of the number of tabs you open. As you can see, even though you’ve never heard of it, the browser is a serious contender. 

10. Torch Browser

Torch Browser


The Torch Browser is not new to Mac users. Outsiders have probably never heard of it, but it is a relatively common sight on Apple computers. It has a user-friendly interface, a torrent client, and a download manager.

It comes with services that organize your YouTube videos for free. You can also access and share content directly to social media platforms. It is not the flashiest browser on the market. 

But it performs its functions efficiently. The feedback from users is mostly positive. You can tell that the developers took inspiration from Chromium. 


This list has a variety of browsers. As you can see, while they are all excellent, their features vary. For instance, some browsers are not that impressive on the surface. They have simplistic interfaces and very few features.

But their security mechanisms are unrivaled. Other browsers have beautiful interfaces and a plethora of convenient features.

But they are not as secure. They have some security. However, security is not their priority. The browser you select for your M1 MacBook should match your needs. Pay attention to the features.


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