6 Best Video Editor for MacBook M1 and iMac 2024

Are you looking for the best video editing software that supports the recently released M1 Silicone processor built into Apple’s MacBook and iMac? Only a few video editors are available for download and installation on your Mac. Developers are working hard to release stable versions. Here we have tested these editions, capable to render footage.

In November 2020, Apple Inc. launched its new MacBook model built to function on its first-ever very own processing chip called M1. Earlier than this, its entire MacBook lineup was powered by Intel processors. Out of the most prominent features that Apple Inc.

Announced and which distinguished its M1 chip giving an edge over its Intel processor-based MacBook models was its high-end ability to handle 4K and 8K video editing like never before. In this article, we look at some of the best video editing software for MacBook M1.”

When it comes to finding the right kind of laptop for the purpose of professional video editing, indeed Apple’s MacBook lineup requires no introduction.

In fact, the use of MacBook models among professional video editors and visual content creators is very common.

Probably this is the main reason why one of the most highlighted features usually announced at the launch of each new MacBook model is mentioning how it supports and enhances the working capability and performance for members of the video editing community.

What does the MacBook M1 boast in terms of video editing?

Again at the launch event of the MacBook M1, Apple Inc. boasted about how remarkable and value-adding their latest innovation, the silicon M1 chip in MacBook, is for the creative people out there.

However, just like any other device, the performance stats given by Apple Inc. at the launch event were based on ideal conditions.

This clearly means that performance indicators based on practical experience by users of the MacBook M1 would definitely be a bit lower.

Eventually, while writing this article, we did conduct a short survey to find out about the expectations vs actual performance results.

Based on what we concluded is that the internet community experts and pro users of MacBook and high-end video editing software, particularly those involved in the making of daily vlogs or other visual content for their social media audience, had a mixed opinion on the actual performance scope and potential of the latest model of the MacBook Air, Pro running on the M1 chipset built by Apple Inc. itself.

A few users did found the MacBook M1 to be an excellent bargain for their money invested and had high hopes about its better performance from the previous models that used the Intel processor chipsets.

On the other hand, a few MacBook M1 users were skeptical about its performance in relation to the complex software.

This is because most of the third-party software at the time of launch was built with regards to the Intel processor chipsets which means until these software developers upgrade their products for the Apple M1 chip framework, some performance fluctuations or lackings are obvious to come into observation.

List of Best Video Editor for MacBook M1 and iMac

While the software developers are busy developing and upgrading their software to smoothly integrate and optimize with the new Apple Inc. M1 silicon chipset, in the meantime we thought of curating a list of some of the best video editing software for our readers, especially those who are video editing enthusiasts.

So let’s begin.

S.NoVideo EditorsPlatformFree
1.Adobe After EffectsWindows/macOS❌ Trial
3.Movavi Video Editor Windows/macOS✅ Trial
4.Adobe Premiere Pro CCWindows/macOS❌ Trial
5.Final Cut PromacOS only✅ 90 Days
6.iMoviemacOS only✅ Lifetime

1. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

When it comes to professional video editing tools, software from the Adobe Creative Cloud series such as Adobe After Effects, are among the best and most advanced available at the moment.

Adobe After Effects is packed with VFX and motion graphic features and is the most preferred choice among industry experts to create some of the most iconic video content.

Overall, the Adobe After Effects software includes much more than you could simply think about, which means there is a lot to explore than what can be mentioned in this article.

Pros of the Adobe After Effects

  • Use and integrate easily your content with other software from the Adobe Creative Cloud pack.
  • Offers the chance to collaborate your projects with over 300 Adobe audio and video partners.
  • Select and add glitter to your videos with hundreds of different settings and effects.

Cons of the Adobe After Effects

  • Although it has an overall advantage over other video editing software, it still has a few features which need improvement.
  • Requires a high amount of system resources to work properly and create renderings and previews.

2. Camtasia

If your video content is more of a tutorial-type thing, then all you need is the latest version of the Camtasia software.

Camtasia is an excellent choice for screen recording and editing amazing tutorial videos.


In fact, much of the tutorials that you see on the internet are made using the Camtasia software.

If you are a beginner, search for some nice video tutorials about how to record screens and add effects to create professional-quality content.

And we are sure that whatever videos you come across, would definitely have been an outcome of the Camtasia video recording and editing software itself.

Pros of the Camtasia

  • Packed with numerous tools to add fun and creativity to your screen recordings.
  • Capture full or part of your screen, according to your needs.

Cons of the Camtasia

  • Video transition and fonts library isn’t that vast as offered by its counterparts.

3. Movavi Video Editor 

If you want to get some fresh ideas and don’t spend a lot of time learning the software, this video editor for Mac is the right choice.

Movavi Video Editor offers an easy drag-and-drop interface, plenty of video and audio editing tools, and an array of creative features. You can start from looking through the library of attractive transitions, outstanding effects and filters, animated titles, and music for all occasions.

From basic editing like trimming, merging, or adjusting speed to more pro-like video production like picture-in-picture, background removal, and motion tracking, the video editor has it all.

Pros of Movavi Video Editor

  • Smooth video production
  • Has a wide range of tools for video and audio editing
  • Supports all popular formats and 4K editing
  • Quick export to YouTube and other popular platforms

Cons of Movavi Video Editor

  • The free version has limited functionality

4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Creative Cloud software including the Adobe Premiere Pro CC is considered expert software in the video editing niche.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Only a very few video editing software offer such great ease of integration, features, and tools like the ones included in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Although the current version of the Adobe Premiere CC is not fully optimized to run over the latest MacBook M1 chipset, it still has a lot to offer and is still far ahead of other video editing software.

Pros of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Easily integrates with other software from the Adobe Creative Cloud series.
  • Packed with all the necessary options for any professional video editor.

Cons of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Lacks compatibility in the currently available beta version.
  • Due to the beta version, it would definitely require extensive system resources for smooth functionality.

5. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

While you might face a few compatibility issues with other video editing software on your MacBook M1, this won’t be the case with the non-linear video editing software Final Cut Pro.

This is because Final Cut Pro is developed by Apple Inc. itself, which clearly gives it the advantage of being a native software.

Therefore, probably the best and the most compatible video editing software for the time being that we could recommend for your latest MacBook M1 is Final Cut Pro.

Pros of the Final Cut Pro

  • Works smoothly due to being native.
  • Its interface is easy to understand and use.
  • Offers the advantage to add third-party plugins for enhancing your overall experience.
  • Easily work with high-resolution 4K and 8K videos.

Cons of the Final Cut Pro 

  • Although available as a trial version, its full paid version is quite expensive and has to be purchased separately.

6. iMovie

While Apple Inc. rarely gives any good thing for free, the iMovie video editing software is definitely free of cost and could be a perfect way to start your video editing passion.


Being free, iMovie does not offer many high-end features but who cares if you are a beginner and want to explore the basics of video editing with a professional scope and approach.

Pros of the iMovie

  • Free to download and use from Apple Inc. for your MacBook M1.
  • Explore the limits and test your passion to great lengths with this free video editing software.

Cons of the iMovie

  • Comes with very basic features.
  • Does not include any expert-level options like those in the Final Cut Pro.

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We highly believe that true creativity is only reflected when high-end software and hardware combine together with full integration.

Therefore, if you have already bought the latest MacBook or iMac using the M1 processor, why not also select the right video editing software from the list above and begin venturing into your skills by exploring the maximum potential of the M1 chip in your MacBook.

These are the best video editors that will run on Apple’s M1 chip in 2024. The app is capable of handling all of your editing tasks on your Mac. I hope you find it informative. Leave a comment below if you come across a successful editor.

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