How to remove not secure warnings from Google Chrome browser?


Have you tried accessing a website with a Not secure indicator attached to the URL field? It discourages you from accessing the website further right? If you are a website owner, this might discourage your traffic visitors from accessing your website further. This might make your website lose reliability relevance and credibility.  When websites that contain sensitive information where you will need to type in your credit card details, password fields, and so on, will be flagged as a Not Secure website. Most users are faced with the dilemma of accessing a site when there is a constant display of the Not secure indicator as they try to access pages that are not being shielded by HTTPS.

How do I make a website secure in chrome?

This problem can be solved by deactivating with a couple of steps to follow below:

Step 1. Simply open your chrome browser, and then click on the address bar field and type chrome://flags You should then click “enter” to proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Locate the search box at the top of the page and input word “secure”. This will make it less difficult to figure out the location of the settings needed for this process.

Step 3. The next step to take is to “mark the non-secure origins as non-secure” by scrolling down the settings. You can further switch it to Disabled from the settings. Doing this will turn off the “Not secure” sign automatically. If you want to enable the Not secure sign, you can follow the same process (i.e Enabled or Default settings).

Step 4. Finally, click on the “Relaunch” chrome button. You can now go about your business as you will no longer be warned by the chrome of pages that are not secure.

For website owners, some reasonable questions pop up regarding their site showing the Not secure signal to visitors, questions like, why is my website being flagged as Not secure?

What is Not Secure Error on Chrome Browser? Remove Warning

When users make use of the chrome browser to search for your website and the result gotten indicates that it is not secure, this means Google is telling your visitors that your website is being distributed by Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which lacks the encrypted protective benefits like HTTPS (the S signifies secure). Aside from encrypted benefits HTTPS enables your site to be displayed as more secure to users, it offers a level of SEO benefits and protection from unwanted and bad ads, it also protects visitor data.

How To Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS?

Step 1. Install an SSL certificate: This type of certificate can be gotten from a lot of places at a very cheap fee.

Step 2. Secure all pages with HTTPS: some platform either uses this language or another (i.e. Force all pages to SSL) it differs from one platform to another. Having gotten your SSL certificate, it can be applied across all the pages you own.

Step 3. Set your pages to HTTPS:// After securing your pages with HTTPS, you can set your site to always show the SSL version of your site to the users, no matter what kind of URL they use in the search box or reference link.

These measures would help you to protect your entire website without affecting any visitors to your site. HTTPS allows SEO to attract more users to your site and to boost your market. If the user feels unsafe on the pages, they can immediately close the tab and go back, making a bad effect on the websites.

How to Get Free SSL Video Tutorial

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Hope you find it useful today, If you have any concerns about How to remove not secure warnings from the Google Chrome browser feel free to comment below, we’re sure to help you patch your bug.

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