Best Network File Transfer Software Free (2024)


What software is used to share files in a network?

Various software options are utilized for file sharing in a network, catering to diverse needs and preferences. In today’s information-centric era, the significance of information sharing has reached new heights. Whether you’re engaged in remote work, collaborating within a team, or swiftly exchanging data with a colleague seated nearby, the use of file transfer software has become indispensable in our professional lives.

Thankfully, the availability of advanced file-sharing software enables swift and efficient data transfer between systems, enhancing the seamless flow of information in various work scenarios.

Ensuring workplaces are well-equipped with effective file transfer tools is imperative. These tools should prioritize maximum file security while providing optimal storage space, enabling the seamless sharing of large files without system crashes. This not only enhances overall workflow but also fosters collaborative efforts between teams, contributing to a more efficient and productive work environment.

So, what is the best network file transfer software free? Don’t worry, we’re bringing you the best free remote desktop software of the year (so far).

AnyViewer: The best network file transfer software free

If you want to find software that doesn’t have too many restrictions on file transfer, AnyViewer will be highly recommended. AnyViewer stands out as a professional and free file transfer tool, offering swift transfer speeds and convenient features. Widely favored by users, it excels in fast and efficient file transfers, whether done externally or during remote sessions. Leveraging file management and drag-and-drop functionalities, AnyViewer proves to be a worthwhile choice for users seeking an effective file transfer solution. 

Why AnyViewer deserves to be chosen?

AnyViewer has garnered popularity as a remote file transfer tool for several compelling reasons:

  • Free. AnyViewer’s file transfer service is completely free, enabling users to upload up to 100 files simultaneously, each with a maximum size of 100MB per transfer.
  • 2 threads. AnyViewer free plan employs two file transfer threads, ensuring rapid and smooth transfers, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Fast speed. AnyViewer boasts impressive speed, facilitating swift file transfers even when dealing with large files over the Internet. Notably, when the two devices are connected via LAN or WiFi, the transfer speed is further accelerated.
  • Higher security. Ensuring heightened security, AnyViewer adopts Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption technology, supplemented by two-factor authentication. This robust security framework is implemented to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of your connection.
  • High compatibility. AnyViewer exhibits versatile compatibility by seamlessly integrating with a range of Windows versions, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 8, along with various Windows server operating systems. Additionally, it extends its compatibility to iOS and Android platforms, broadening its reach across diverse operating systems.
  • User-Friendly Interface. AnyViewer takes pride in its user-friendly interface, marked by an intuitive and uncluttered design. The core focus on user-friendliness is evident, making the process of establishing remote connections a straightforward experience, characterized by simplicity and the absence of unnecessary complexities.
  • More great features. Beyond file transfer capabilities, AnyViewer presents a host of impressive features. This includes remote PC control, real-time synchronization of remote sounds, multi-monitor support, and a range of other functionalities, contributing to a comprehensive and versatile user experience.

These benefits merely scratch the surface of what AnyViewer has to offer. The application is packed with numerous surprising features that are bound to leave you impressed. Rather than solely relying on our word, we encourage you to download AnyViewer today and start exploring the unexpected perks it brings to the table.

How to use AnyViewer to file transfer

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits of AnyViewer, allow us to guide you through the steps to initiate seamless file transfers:

Step 1. Begin by downloading, installing, and launching AnyViewer on your respective devices.

Step 2. To create an AnyViewer account, click on “Log in” and select “Sign up” for registration.


Step 3. After a successful registration, log in to the same account on both devices.


Step 4. On your local device, navigate to the “Device” option, choose the target device, and click on “File transfer.”


Tips: For unattended remote access to your target device, simply click on “One-click control.” This allows you to gain complete control as if you were physically present. Once the connection is established successfully, you can also use the “Files” button in the menu bar to initiate file transfers seamlessly.


Step 5. In the File Manager display pane, the left side indicates the path to files on the local computer, while the right side shows the path to files on the remote computer. To transfer a file, select the desired file and use the arrow buttons for the transfer process.


Tips: To enjoy unrestricted file transfers, it is highly recommended to upgrade your account to a professional or enterprise plan. Here’s what these upgraded plans offer:

  • Faster Transfer Speed. The transfer speed for a free AnyViewer account is set at 500 KB/s, while for a paid account, it can reach speeds of up to 10 MB/s.
  • Increased Number of Simultaneous File Transfers. A free AnyViewer account allows the simultaneous transfer of up to 100 files, while a paid account offers the advantage of unlimited simultaneous file transfers.
  • Larger Size for Single File Transfers. With a free AnyViewer account, the maximum file size for a single transfer is 100 MB, while a paid account allows for transfers of up to 1 TB per file.


What is the best network file transfer software free? This article has provided you with the most optimal solutions. As the premier network file transfer software, AnyViewer ensures a swift and convenient file transfer experience. Beyond this, as an all-in-one solution, AnyViewer supports a range of functions, including remote control. Download and utilize AnyViewer for faster and easier file transfers between computers. Revel in a more convenient, faster, and secure file transfer experience and service!

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