15 Best Call Recording Apps Download for Android Phone 2024

Are you looking best call recording apps for your Android phone? then, you can come to the right place, we have got amazing apps which will help you to record calls, there are several call recorders on Google PlayStore but we want to install the best.

There are many causes for call recording, every call we should record so that whenever need we will be if you get lot’s of fake calls and terrible spam then this option will be perfect for you. In today’s time if you buy a new mobile phone so, it comes with preinstalled call recording app but there are no good features, but these app has amazing features and come with privacy protection.

best call recording apps download

Best Call Recording apps for Android phone

Here is the list of the best call recording apps. which we have selected for as many features, these apps come with the amazing feature so check out the list.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is the most famous application on Google PlayStore, I can bet, you will be installed this once time. Truecaller has good features, this app spam caller id, who does call you, whether it’s for caller ID or for blocking spam calls and SMS, you can block unwanted call and SMS as well as you will get to see call recording option which is great, record phone calls and listen to them later. True caller application comes for free but it has the premium feature too if you want to go for premium then you will have to pay some amount.

truecaller call recorder

How to enable the recording feature?

You have to open the Trucaller app and go to the settings option and select Truecaller call recording and enable it when someone calls you it will record them.

Features of Truecaller

  • Powerful Dialer
  • Smart Messaging
  • You can pay through UPI Payment
  • Get Truecaller premium
  • High Priority support
  • Easy to use
  • Comes for Android and ios both platform
  • It has a call recording feature

Download Truecaller

2. Automatic Call Recorder

This is the 2nd best application for call recording, ACR is one of the best apps, it is a too popular application you can see downloads of this app on Google PlayStore, whenever you need to record your can with an Automatic Call Recorder. You will get to see both plans are there, Free and Paid, even though you can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored.

best call recorder
best call recorder

Features of Automatic Call Recorder

  • You can set which calls are recorded and ignored
  • Free and Pain both plans out there.
  • You can save call recording which one you want
  • You can also save call recordings directly on Google Drive and Dropbox

Download Automatic call recorder

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3. Auto Call recorder

We have got 3rd best call recording app, which is the Auto Call Recorder, this is the free call recorder application and it comes with a simple interface as well as user-friendly, you can record on SD card and external card to get extra memory if your internal memory is low, this app tells you when you call someone and get call from someone, record your calls automatically while calling.

automatic call recorder apps

Features of Auto Call Recorder

  • Simple and easy interface
  • You can set automatically delete your recorder after 1 week, 2 week
  • Send calls to listed to email
  • Record telephone conversations
  • Record outgoing calls
  • Record incoming calls

4. Call Recorder Automatic

This is one of the best apps for recording your calls, which is called Call Recorder Automatic, there are also similar features as those apps, the Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while on phone, this is the best application for recording the telephone conversation.

best apps for automatic call recordings

Features of Call Recorder Automatic

  • Play Back or share your phone recordings
  • Sort recordings by names or group by dates
  • You can see the ID of Unkown callers automatically
  • High sound quality

Download Call Recorder Automatic

5. Call Recorder ACR

This is the ACR app and it’s for free. whenever you will download it, get to see the easy interface and it is one of the best and most advanced call recorders, it comes with amazing features like password protection call recording, different recording modes, sharing part of recording and etc.

download best call recording apps

Best features of the app

  • Auto delete old recordings
  • Password call recordings
  • Free transcription service
  • Recording transfer between devices
  • Making recordings as important so they don’t get auto deleted
  • Ability start delayed recordings
  • You can upload recordings into Google Cloud storage

Download ACR

6. Cube Call Recorder ACR

One of the best app, the Cube call recorder has many features, you can record  WhatsApp voice calls and Facebook and IMO, We chat, Facebook, Skype, and many more, Cube call recorder lets you easily record your incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIP conversation. it has one problem this app does not support JIO4GVoice, it can handle all types of accepted JIO4GVoice.

best call recording apps

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Automatically record every call
  • Automatically record selected contacts
  • You can record, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Line, IMO, and Viber calls easily.
  • Smart speaker switching

Download Cube Call Recorder ACR

7. RMC Android Call Recorder

This application comes for simple call recording purposes, you will be able to record the outgoing call and incoming calls,  this application only can record from the microphone if you want a clean voice then make sure to use a loudspeaker.

best free call recorders

Key Features

  • You will get to see auto delete recording if not reach a certain time
  •  Advance rename recoding files
  • Get back up and restore option
  • You can set the password
  • Support mp3, mp4, and 3gp audio format
  • You can hide notification

Download RMC Android Call Recorder

8. Call Recorder s9

This is one of my favorite applications to use Call Recording, you get to see an automatic call recorder option you don’t need to on the app, whenever someone calls, it will record them, you can always adjust your caller ID with the help of Call Recorder s9, this application comes with lots of features.

top best call recorders

Key Feature

  • Easy to use interface user-friendly
  • Record Outgoing calls
  • Record incoming calls
  • Get auto call recording feature
  • Advanced file manager
  • You can record calls per phone number or contact name
  • You get to see the Caller ID of Unknown numbers
  • Send Call recording on email ID
  • Set Password Protection
  • Record calls WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype
  • You can upload call recordings on Google Drive

Download Call Recorder S9

9. All Call Recorder Lite

If you want to download the lite call recording application then don’t miss out,  this is one of the best apps for recording outgoing and incoming calls after recordings you will be able to upload those files on Google Drive feel free.

best call recorders

Key Features

  • Lite Application
  • Easy to use it
  • You can upload calls recordings on Google Drive
  • Get notification ON/OFF
  • You can set Password protection
  • Choose Audio format
  • Get auto call recording feature

Download All Call Recorder Lite

10. Call Recorder

This application comes with an amazing feature, call recorder is a free recording application, you will not have to pay for this app, simply download it from Google PlayStore and use it, you can record calls automatically, easy to use interface, you can blacklist numbers or White list.

call recorder apps
call recorder apps

Key Features

  • Get Password Protection
  • The auto call recording feature
  • See caller  history
  • Share recording to Bluetooth, messages and etc.
  • It is a freeware application
  • User-friendly interface

Download Call Recorder

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11. Call Recorder

If you want a simple interface recorder then it will be perfect for you because it comes with easy to use menu, this app provides you with high-quality audio, you can record outgoing and incoming calls even you can set date and time or duration, it will automatically start at that time.

best call recording apps download

Key Features

  • Simple Interface
  • Get Recording with the on-screen widget
  • You can backup your recordings
  • You can lock this app

This application does not support voice calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, and etc

Download Call Recorder

12. Call Recorder 2019

We have the best call recorder for 2019, you will be able to auto-call record with this application, you don’t need to open it again and again, simply set it and let it be when you get to call it will record them.

call recorders download free

Features of Call Recorder 2019

  • Supports Automatic calls record
  • Play Recorded calls anytime
  • You can see Caller ID
    Identify numbers in real time
  • You can add the number to the special list, set the default record to the special list
  • Add important phone call recording to favorite

Download Call Recorder 2019

13. Call Recorder CallX

call recorders

Key Features

  • – Record calls per phone number or contact name
  • – Exclude recording per phone number or contact name
  • – caller id identifies unknown phone numbers
  • – Records all Incoming and Outgoing voice calls during call
  • – Manual and auto call recording both side voice
  • – Choose between high-quality HD MP3 and WAV audio formats
  • – Upload the call conversations to Dropbox or Google drive
  • – Play audio-recorded conversations
  • – Recording filter option enables you to record all calls, contacts or only unknown numbers
  • – Auto call recorder for all your calls
  • – Playback through speaker or earpiece on your device
  • – Record incoming calls
  • – Record Outgoing calls

Download Call Recorder CallX

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Ending Words

These were the list of best call recording app, I hope you liked this application if you are looking amazing apps for your mobile phone call recording then I recommend those apps, you don’t need to worry about those apps because, they come with privacy protections, go and download your favorite app and comment below.

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