10 Best Hide Apps that hide your photos and videos for free (2020)

Do you have any secret photos, including videos? Want to hide them inside your Android mobile phone, then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got the best top 10 best Hide Apps, which will completely hide your photos and videos, and more files, so that no one can see your data, you’ll be more protected.

We rarely ask to protect our personal image so that someone can’t understand them. If your friend or family member asks for your mobile phone, and there’s your personal stuff, then you’ll be able to hide it, no matter what your phone has the Hide app, they’ll disappear, so don’t worry about checking out these great apps.

best apps for hiding photo and videos

Which hiding apps we’ve listed below are completely safe to use, no privacy issues or data leak issues have been verified by Google Playstore, so feel free to use them to check out the list below.

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Top 10 Best Hide Apps for your Android Phone

Here is the list of best hide apps, that you can download directly from Google PlayStore.

S.NBest Hide Apps in 2020SourceFree
1.Hide Photos and VideosPlaystore
2.KeepSafe VaultPlaystore
3.Hide Pictures & Videos – VaultPlaystore
4.Private ZonePlaystore
5.Lock MyPix Secret PhotoPlaystore
6.F Stop GalleryPlaystore
7.App HiderPlaystore
8.Gallery VaultPlaystore
9.Calculator VaultPlaystore
10Piktures GalleryPlaystore

1. Hide Photos and Videos

hide apps download

We’ve got the first most useful app, i.e. Hide Photo and Video, this app comes with great features, Hide images and videos from your photo gallery and get to them easily using a hidden PIN CODE. Hide app comes with free and paid for both versions if you want to go on premium then you can select that one.

  • You can set your fingerprint unlock
  • User-friendly interface
  • Get Free cloud backup of your files
  • You can also set Pin password
  • Hide app icon from the app drawer of the phone so that anyone cannot see
  • You can also private chat, private messaging and browsing

It has many features that can let you secure more data.

Download Hide Video and Photo

2.  KeepSafe Vault

hide apps

Here is the extra best app for hiding photos and videos, this application is too popular on Google PlayStore because of features, it has best privacy protection the don’t upload our personal files on their server, never lose your photos and videos you can create the backup on the cloud storage, you get to see PIN password and fingerprint locks.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Get extra Security
  • Set your fingerprint password
  • You can also set Pin password
  • Create backup files
  • Conserve phone storage with space saver

Download KeepSafe

3. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vault

best calculator hide apps download

Get a different application concerning hiding your personal stuff, whenever you download it, you get to see the natural and user-friendly interface. If someone attempts to unlock your application then, this app will notify you and this is the wondrous feature and comes for free.

You can create more than one folder and save your stuff separately, there is no need to worry.

  • Get Upgrade feature
  • Set Password
  • You will be able to make a backup
  •  It comes with free automatic online backup
  • Keep different vaults to show different people

Download Hide Vaulty

4.  Private Zone

Get better from another, this is another amazing application comes with great feature, get to see easy to use the option, download it and get free private VPN service, there are many more features, use smart app lock function to lock apps to prevent intrusion.

best hide apps download
  • Get free VPN
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lock screen with this
  • Get Cloud Backup
  • You can also get quick cleaner
  • Phone boost option
  • You can private browsing
  • Get into Private zone

Download Private Zone

5. Lock MyPix Secret Photo

download best hide application

Get another vault application, You will be able to click pictures and videos and save directly onto Vault storage, You can unlock this application using your fingerprint, simply you have to set your fingerprint. LockMyPix is the easiest way to gain full control of who sees what.

  • Get fingerprint lock option
  • Take full control of your privacy
  • Support GIF as well as
  • Create unlimited albums and sub-albums
  • Create a separate pin password
  • Backup your files
  • Get free and paid both versions

Download LockMY Pix

6. F Stop Gallery

best hide calculator apps

This app has too many features and it comes with paid and free bother version, which version you want to use, you can download it from Google PlayStore, replace your clunky stock gallery with the lightweight app, it’s fast and easy to use, it has a clean interface which makes plus point for it.

  • Comes with paid and free both version
  • Easily plays animated GIFS
  • You can set themes
  • Get gallery type function
  • Hide images and videos from other apps with password protection
  • Access your favorite folder directly
  • Image Editor
  • Get more privacy

How to Hide? Open app click 3 dot icon and you will get to see the 7th option which is Protect media

Download F Stop Gallery

7.  App Hider

best hide apps

This is the best app which is you can download directly from Google PlayStore, this application especially comes for WhatsApp, Instagram and facebook messenger, it also an excellent app that accesses multiple accounts from one drive. Hide your photos videos with this app.

  • Get Dual App features
  • Get calculator interface which makes amazing look
  • Set password
  • Supported Android Oreo version
  • Hide your WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook apps

Download App Hider

8. Gallery Vault

hiding application

This is the most popular application on Google Playstore because of features, it has fantastic privacy protection which makes it popular, hide your photos videos with this and get encrypt protection. You will get to see the beautiful clean interface and you can set your finger password. There is the feature of this application, when someone tries to open this app and they enter the g password then it shows fake content.

  • There is no storage limitation
  • Supports hiding files in SD card and moving your encrypted files to SD card to save your device
  • Supports fingerprint
  • Fake content shows
  • Supports GIF hiding
  • Get more privacy protection

Download Gallery Vault 

9. Calculator Vault

hide calculator apps
hide calculator apps

Calculator Vault, uses a calculator as a cover of your secret desktop and which makes it more protective, This application comes with calculation function and whoever does not get, what is this? they understand it is the simple calculator application, Calculator Vault can help you to hide any app.

  • Don’t need the device
  • Support password protection
  • Open the application just stander calculator
  • Inbuilt video player
  • Hide apps from recent
  • Add shortcut to hide the camera

Download Calculator Vault

10. Piktures Gallery

hide apps download
hide apps download

This is the last and one of the best application for hiding photo and videos, it is the secure and protective app and you will get to see like the Gallery function, just you need to swipe from the left and go menu section and you get to see 2nd option which is Secret Drive, you can hide your stuff out there and it looks like a simple gallery app

  • Look like Gallery
  • Get more secure protection
  • Photo editor
  • Secure drive
  • Get Cloud supports

Download Piktures Gallery

If you’re looking to hide apps and you want to download them, we’ve provided a direct Google PlayStore links that will help you download Hide Apps for your Android mobile phone.

These were the hide apps for hiding photos and videos, I hope you liked it if you have any suggestion then comment down below.

Thanks for reading.

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