11 Better than WhatsApp Messenger in 2024

How many times do you use your WhatsApp in a day? Are you looking for WhatsApp Alternative which can work better than WhatsApp messenger? We have covered some 11 applications that provide you more security with extra features. In this article, you need to know everything.

If you are feeling sick with communicating by WhatsApp for too long and you want a different kind of messaging system for your devices, then there are a number of messing apps available better than WhatsApp, which offers exactly the same features. All the messenger is available for both platforms Android and iOS.

With the mobile craze, everybody needs to use WhatsApp more and more. As the user’s privacy is integral to WhatsApp. We want to inform you about other messaging apps, so you can pick according to your context.

Better than WhatsApp

Better than WhatsApp Messenger List

1.Single Private Messenger
6.Facebook Messenger
7.Kakao Talk
10.Facebook Lite

1. Signal Private Messenger


The signal is an open-source messenger application that is developed for cross-platform. You can use it on your desktop and laptop as well. The messenger brings you some of the best features like Dark Mode, Blur Photos, and End to end encryption. Messenger is better than WhatsApp in several ways, provide more security than WhatsApp.

It is completely free of charge with no ads. Interface clean and user-friendly.

Features of Signal

  • Freeware
  • Available for Android and iOS device
  • Blur face, night mode
  • Link multiple device

2. Line

This is the first WhatsApp alternative which is Line messenger, You can free voice and video calls anywhere, anytime, call friends and family members as often as you want for as long as you want. Free international voice and video calls make it easy to stay connected with them, this app comes for both platform ios and Android, wherever you want you can download it.

Line app comes with a great sticker, share exactly how you are feeling by choosing from 10000 stickers and emotions. if you like this messenger then it will be best for your smartphone. It’s also better than WhatsApp Messenger.

Best features of Line

  • Free Voice and video call anywhere.
  • Supported International calls
  • 10000+ Best stickers
  • Auto-sync your device and PC
  • Your own personal storage space
  • Stay informed with line official accounts
Line messanger download

3. Viber

This is the 2nd best option for WhatsApp alternative, which is called Viber, there are several messages in the market but this one provides you free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere, keep your conversation going no matter where you are.

Viber app also comes for both platform ios and Android, wherever you want to download you can, make high quality calls for q quick, you can also do group chats, share well expressive stickers.

Best features of Viber

  • Group chat
  • Make audio-video high-quality calls
  • Gets expressive sticker
  • Instant voice and video messages
  • Freeware application
  • Secure app, protect your privacy
whatsapp alternatives

4. WeChat

We brought Wechat, this is the 3rd best Messanger application which called WeChat, It is a lifestyle for one billion users across the world. Chat and make calls with your family and friends, read the news, and use local services in official accounts and mini-programs.

If you are looking to use a different kind of Messanger then it will be fit for you, go for it and use it. Don’t forget to share your opinion.

Best Features of WeChat

  • Share real-time locations
  • Play games
  • Make high-quality voice and video calls
  • Make group video call
  • Custom Sticker
  • Use WeChat pay

5. Hike

This is the Hike and it comes for both platforms Android and ios. wherever you want to use it you can, Hike sticker chat is way more than just simple free messaging, voice and video calling, there are several Messanger in the market but Hike comes with over 30,000+ free sticker when the world is not enough to express your feeling, so say with these stickers.

It comes with well privacy protection- take charge of your privacy to get complete control on who can see your last seen, profile picture, timeline, and stories. avoid the sneaky stalker and nosy acquaintances, it has also hidden mode.

Best Features of Hike

  • Over 30,000+ stickers
  • It has come with hidden mode
  • Easy sticker suggestions
  • Encryption community
  • Get super fast chatting experience
  • Quick replay

6. Facebook Messanger

We brought 5th best messenger, how does not know about Facebook Messanger, I think we do not need to describe too much because of everyone knows about it, if you don’t know about this messenger then let’s talk about a little bit.

Best features of Facebook Messenger

  • Get dark mode for eyes
  • Send money securely
  • Chat with business
  • Send voice message
Better than WhatsApp

7. Kakao Talk

Kakao talks support Android ios Windows os and also Mac OS, this is a fast and multifaceted messaging app, you can send messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and your location for free.it has come with group chat and free high-quality video calls.

This application offered by Kakao corporation.

Best features of KakaoTalk

  • Share your location
  • Get group video call option
  • She who read your messages
  • Multitasking during free calls
  • Get voice filters
  • Play Kakao games
WhatsApp alternative apps

8. Skype

Get connect with Skype, this the 7th best Messaging application which called Skype, uses Skype to send messages to mobile worldwide and with SMS connect you can now also read and reply to your phone’s SMS Messages right from your computer.

Make high-quality video calls, Skype comes for Android, ios, Windows, MacOS and it has great features as you can call worldwide without having an issue, do smart messaging.

Skype Features

  • High-quality video calls
  • Make voice calls
  • Smart messaging option
  • Supports Android and ios
  • Connect with SMS
Whatsapp alternative

9. Kik

Chat on Kik, connect and make new friends with this messenger app, for having KIK make your email ID and choose unique name during installation.

Kik has a brand new look, it’s more fun and easy to use.

Features of KIK

  • Get Sticker
  • Make Video and audio calls
  • Easy to access
alternative of whatsapp

10. Facebook Lite Messanger

Facebook lite messenger, it comes for both platform Android and ios, this application less than 10MB easy to download and easy to use for lower mobile phone, if you don’t have high-end profile mobile phone then, Messanger lite will help you to get all messaging features.

This Messanger offered by Facebook, A fast and data efficient messaging app to reach the people in your life, easy to make your world.

Features of Lite Messenger

  • It comes less than 10 MB
  • Very fast messenger better than all
  • Lite uses data lite
  • Get much more features
  • Make voice calls
  • Supports Android and ios
  • Do group chat
Alternatice whatsapp

11. Hangouts

We brought 10th best messaging app, It also comes for both platform Android And Ios, having Hangout you will be able to make a high-quality video call, There are several choices in the market but if you use Hangout then your privacy will be more protected because of this application developed by Google.

Hangouts offered by Google LLC, Say more with status messages, photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.

Features of Hangout

  • Make a high-quality video call
  • Get the best privacy protection
  • You can make video and audio call worldwide
  • Make group chat
Alternative whatsapp

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WhatsApp taking more private data from users, so it’s the best time to use messenger better than WhatsApp. Hope you find the list help full. If we missed any best Messaging applications then feel free to comment below.

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