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The world of mobile apps has seen a massive boom in the past decade, and things are growing exponentially in 2024. Nowadays, there is an app for nearly everything, whether you need to attend a conference call or create a new logo. The possibilities are endless when you have a smartphone or tablet in your hands. Your imagination only limits you.

With that said, 2024 has come with a flurry of new apps on Android and iOS. We have handpicked some of the best new app releases of 2024 for you to check out in this article.

 Best App Releases of 2022

Which New Apps are Making Rounds?

App developers are always competing against each other to get ahead, and they leverage new technologies and trends to bring users as much convenience and utility as possible. There are so many new apps every day that it can be hard for you to check out all of them. We have rounded up the five best apps that you should check out.

1. DeepL Translate

DeepL Translate is the first app that we want you to check out. It is a free app available on the Android OS only, and it provides you with a simple and easy-to-use interface for real-time translation. The app is designed to translate text and voice input between 26 different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and several others.

DeepL Translate has a fluid and fast operation. You have to write or paste the text into the app, and it will quickly detect the input language. Then, it will instantly output the translated text according to the language you have chosen. Moreover, the app allows you to listen to how to pronounce the text in each language, and you get the option to share or copy it.

DeepL Translate has a simple interface that even beginners can understand easily. Moreover, it also comes in dark mode for people used to a higher contrast. The app doesn’t have the stellar interface or various features that you can find on other translation apps like Google Translate and Microsoft Translate, but it does the job.

2. EasyCanvas

There are various apps on the Play Store that you can use for doodling, but the EasyCanvas app is the newest and most popular app on the block. It instantly turns any device you have into a graphic or drawing tablet. You can also connect it with your PC and use it on different apps for sketching and designing. EasyCanvas has several advanced features that help you draw as you do on a piece of paper or canvas.

If you are worried about dragging your palm on the screen and ruining your drawing, you don’t have to worry about it. EasyCanvas has a palm rejection feature, which means that your drawing won’t be smudged or ruined even if your palm rests on the device screen. The app also features wired and wireless support, and you can grab a stylus to draw perfectly.

EasyCanvas is better suited for the Samsung Galaxy Tab series and the Note series because their specialized S-Pen makes it easier for you to draw and sketch expertly. This pen also has varying pressure levels, which facilitate you when creating digital art. So far, EasyCanvas is one of the best new releases of 2024.

3. Cecilia: Perfect Pitch Trainer

If you are enthusiastic about learning music, particularly singing, you can fine-tune your vocals with Cecilia: Perfect Pitch Trainer. The app is integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which gauges your vocal skills and pitch, and provides personalized lessons and training from beginner to advanced levels. The app determines your current level through AI and provides you with training exercises accordingly.

As you complete the exercises and start improving your pitch, you can level up on the app, and it starts providing you with more advanced training material. It enhances your brain’s ability to identify pitch changes, and it also trains your ears, which makes it easier for you to recognize individual notes, produce them, and identify any off notes.

Apart from this, Cecilia also helps you recognize and understand different scales and keys and harmonic and melodic transcriptions with the help of absolute pitch. This app is available on the Apple App Store and is completely free.

4. Skoove

One of the best app releases of 2024 is Skoove, which has recently released its M1 Desktop App. The app contains AI capabilities and helps you learn how to play the piano from the comfort of your home. It enables you to use any keyboard or piano, and it listens to every note that you play. Moreover, it provides you with personalized feedback and suggestions on improving your technique and correcting any mistakes you might be making.

Skoove has a wide range of interactive lessons and exercises that help you understand different concepts of music theory, including notes, piano scales, chords, patterns, intervals, and other basic concepts. Moreover, you can also pick up more advanced aspects of music theory, such as the circle of fifths, harmonies, time signatures, etc.

The app is now available on both the Play Store and App Store, and you can start with its free version. Once you have completed all the lessons, you can upgrade to the pro version.

5. FRY

Last but not least, one of the best app releases of 2024 is FRY, which is specially designed for emergency first responders. It helps first responders know about various care methods and meditation exercises to cope with various traumatic events. It guides them through different exercises and methods to help them deal with the stress of their job.

The app features various categories, and it also allows you to check out exercises targeted for various body parts. Plus, you can also search for exercises by the challenges or problems you face. FRY is a highly useful app.

This is the end of our guide on the five best app releases of 2024. You can head over to your native app store and check out these apps and several others. As time passes, we will experience the emergence of several new and popular apps that will make waves out there.

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