AutoCAD 2024 for Mac M1/M2 Download Free (Installation Guide)

Are you looking to download AutoCAD 2024 for MacBook or iMac M1 or M2,? You can install and use it on your Mac machine without error. here is how you can.

Autocad for mac m1 is designed to provide the user with the learning experience that was once only possible with expensive software. Unlike its top competitor, AutoCAD for Mac, AutoCAD for mac m1 is priced lower and makes it easier for anyone to learn at their own pace. It’s a great alternative for beginners who want to learn about architecture without going through years of traditional schooling or investing a large sum towards getting started.

Does AutoCAD work with Mac M1

Does AutoCAD work with Mac M1?

Autocad for Mac is a versatile application that can be installed on all Mac OS X (version 10.6 and higher). The minimum system requirement for running Autocad on Mac OS X is a 2.0 GHz Intel processor and 4 GB RAM. To make the best use of Autocad, it’s recommended to have at least 512 MB of graphics memory and 1 GB graphics memory if you are going to work with large files.

How to Install AutoCAD Latest on M1 Mac Apple Silicon

Step 1: Download AutoCAD for Mac M1

Download AutoCAD for Mac M1

To begin, download the installer file from the official website. Click on Download Trial, then enter your information in the question box, and then click Next. Describe your company’s name and country. Select the download option.

Download AutoCAD for Mac M1

Step 2: Install the AutoCAD Setup file

Install the AutoCAD Setup file

Once you’ve downloaded it, navigate to the download folder and open it. You will see an Installer wizard, then click on “Install Autodesk AutoCAD 2024 for Mac.” Your Mac will then ask you to open it, then click on open, and it will begin extracting files on your Mac.

Install the AutoCAD Setup file

Step 3: Accept terms of use

Accept terms of use

In order to proceed, you must enter your Mac password. Accept the terms of service, then proceed. Make sure you have enough free space on your Mac before you begin installing this program.

Accept terms of use

Step 4: Log in with your ID

After installation, it will ask you to Sign in with your Autodesk ID or Enter a serial number.

Log in with your ID

Step 5: Get ready to start

After logging in, you have the choice of using the trial version or purchasing the full version, which includes premium features. You may now use AutoCAD and complete your projects without mistakes on your Apple MacBook M1 or M2.

Get ready to start

Download Now

Overview of AutoCAD 2024 (MAC)

1. Architecture

Autocad for Mac is designed for the architecture industry and its features are specifically created to meet the needs of architect students, architects, and design professionals. It supports all of the most essential tools that you need to perform in the field. Autocad supports 3D modeling, texturing, drawing and rendering, materials and lighting studies, creating construction drawings, and all forms of structural analysis such as steel or concrete design.

2. Symbolic

Symbolic can be used in any part of a project starting from drafting an orthographic view or drawing an isometric view from left or right to measuring distances between objects using Autocad’s site survey tool. it’s also helpful for creating ortho views of large models, creating and editing slopes, setting up snap lines and grids, defining symbols for naming areas, using the breadcrumb tool to mark your destination points with arrowheads, and measuring lengths or distances between points on a model.

3. Sheet structure

Autocad is designed with sheet structure in mind. In sheet structure mode you can transform individual sheets quickly into larger sheets by simply dragging the sheet tab to another sheet tab. You can also create new dimensions manually by selecting and dragging a dimension from one section of your drawing to another; this feature is available in both bottom-left corner views as well as in freeform mode.

4. Engineering

When you need to perform engineering tasks in Autocad, there are three tools that are especially useful: the Data Inputting Tool, the Clearance Information Tool, and the Engineering and Manufacturing Drawing (EMD) tool. The Data Inputting Tool is available in both bottom-left corner views as well as in freeform mode.

5. Drawing and snapping

Drawing and snapping is an important part of Autocad. It helps you to accurately snap the boundaries of objects such as cylinders, cones, archways, beams etc. It also allows you to snap accurately distance lines between points on your model such as vehicle doors or braces on your building structure.

6. Cursor tool

The Cursor tool allows you to pick points on your model and create additional dimensioning information such as distances between points. You can also cycle through and select all selected objects by holding the option key while using the cursor tool.

7. UCS

The workbench in Autocad contains a feature called UCS called Universal Coordinate System (UCS). It aims to reduce the confusion among users when they encounter project files which are created using CAD software other than AutoCAD. This feature helps you see the same information in both AutoCAD as well as any other CAD software without having to adjust settings or change coordinate systems. Using this function is easy provided that your project file is saved in DWG format.

8. Measurement

The measurement tool allows you to measure distances between points on your model. There are two ways of doing this: by x,y coordinates or by angles and distances. the measurement tool is useful for drawing the elevation outlines of a building, drawing floor plans and creating sections.

9. Layers

Autocad for Mac uses layers in a unique way to control the visibility of objects on your model. Users can create as many layers as they like and essentially establish different levels of security or make objects visible or invisible based on their layer assignments. This feature is especially useful when working with large groups of people who need to collaborate on a project without having access to each other’s files.


Autocad for Mac teaches all the basic concepts of using Autocad and is suitable for all levels of technical drawing. It’s a great way to start learning without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive AutoCAD software, and it can also be used as an additional training program alongside with other, more comprehensive applications.

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