How to Scan QR Code for WhatsApp Web Scan (2024)

Do you want to run WhatsApp on your computer PC without any software?

Whatsapp Web Scan: You can use Whatsapp on your desktop PC No matter what it is. Mac or Windows, It works with both OS. Whatsapp Web Scan is the best way to use Whatsapp on PC, we no need any kind of application to run Whatsapp on desktop and you will get to see almost all features which provide you on the Mobile phone version.

Whenever it comes to social media platforms, WhatsApp comes out first, because WhatsApp has become a huge social media platform and everyone uses WhatsApp in such a world for their personal and business use.

WhatsApp is a freeware application and everyone can download and use it on their phones. That is why it has become very popular as well as WhatsApp provides us a lot of amazing features such as sending documents, sending images, videos, audio, GIFs, even you can make high-quality video calls and audio calls with your family and friend.

WhatsApp Web Scan
WhatsApp Web Scan

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How to Use Whatsapp Web Scan

If you want to use Whatsapp on your Computer then follow some steps.

Step 1. You need to open, click here, and redirect to the Whatsapp Web page.

Step 2. You have to Scan QR Code using your Android or ios Mobile phone, Just open WhatsApp App and go to the 3 dot icon and open the WhatsApp Web section and click on the plus icon

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Whatsapp Web Scan QR Code

Step 3. Scan QR Code, Now you have to scan QR code like images through your mobile phone.

Whatsapp QR Code
Whatsapp QR Code

After scanning QR Code you will be redirected on your WhatsApp account and It will sync all data to the web and you can use your phone WhatsApp on your Desktop.

You can send messages and receive them using your desktop pc even you can do all things which you do on your Mobile Phone Whatsapp check statues, send videos, images, audio, and document files.

How to Log out from WhatsApp Web Or PC Computer

It’s easy to log out from WhatsApp Web, open WhatsApp on your Mobile phone and go to the menu section and open Whatsapp web after that you get to see how many times you have logged WhatsApp Web. Here is the option to log out, press log out from all computers and it will be log out from all computers and laptops.

If you want to log out of only one computer then press on that Window from which you want to log out.

You can check currently active your account Windows or Mac.

You’re all set to use WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp QR Code can be valuable in many ways. Using WhatsApp web is cool. It, as the name suggests, leaves on the Web and runs on your desktop as a Web app. In a short period, it will show all your current conversations in the desktop application and, further, you can use almost all the functions of the mobile app. Before you commence enjoying WhatsApp Web, there are some conditions that you need to meet.

Whenever you try to connect with your WhatsApp, the QR code shifts displayed, and you necessity scan that QR code to connect to your Whatsapp through your PC.

Easy Steps To USE:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp Web Scan Website.

Step 2. Open WhatsApp on your Mobile Phone.

Step 3. Go to the menu section and open WhatsApp Web and scan the code from the website.

It’s easy to use, you can within a couple of seconds.

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How To Install WhatsApp for PC Watch Video

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