8 Best Video Compressor for Android and iOS

Many people use their Android devices to record and store videos. But they are hesitant to share those videos with their friends and family over the internet because the file sizes are too large. This is why video compressors are so popular.

As the name suggests, you can use the best video compressor for Android to compress large videos, make them easier to share. You can also use a video compressor to free up space on your Android device. But which compressor is the best? If you have ever searched for video compressors on the internet, you know that you have hundreds of options to choose from.

And if you don’t know anything about video compressors, you probably have no idea how to start selecting the best option for your situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone. The list below explores some of the best video compressors for Android on the market. They include:

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List of Best Video Compressor for Android and iOS

1. Video Compressor

This application stands out because it is completely free. You can use it to compress your video so that it is easier to share on platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. Not only will the app reduce the video’s size without affecting the quality but you can preview the final size beforehand to determine whether or not it suits your needs. 

Video Compressor
Video Compressor

If the final video file is still too large, you have the option of making it even smaller by eliminating the audio. Even if the app fails to meet your expectations, it is free, so you don’t lose anything. 

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2. Resize Video

This app gets a lot of attention because it is so easy to use. It doesn’t stop at compressing videos. First of all, it allows you to select the video size you want. Secondly, if the video is still too large, you can reduce its length to make it even smaller.

Resize Video

Third, you can apply additional changes, including cropping and resizing. Like other apps, you can remove the audio. Though, in this case, you can also add music to the video. The app allows users to share the final product to platforms like Gmail and Facebook. Once you are done, you can either save the video or delete it. 

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  • Before: 132.1MB — After: 18.4MB (86% smaller)
  • Before: 415.1MB — After: 45.6MB (89% smaller)
  • Before: 127.3MB — After: 24.1MB (81% smaller)

3. Video and Movies Compressor

Many people have called this the best video compressor for Android because it supports every popular format you can imagine. You don’t have to switch to a different app simply because your video is in a different format. 

Video and Movies Compressor

It is quite easy to use. The app comes with a gallery that allows you to select the videos you want to compress. Once you are done, you don’t have to export the video to a new app for the purposes of sharing it. This compressor has mechanisms that you can use to share the video directly. The compression doesn’t drastically affect the quality of the video. 

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4. Video Dieter 2

This is another app that is very easy to use. You can either trim your video or change the file size completely. The app reduces the file size without drastically altering the resolution of the video. It comes with various filters and effects that you can use to edit the video before you share it.

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5. Video Compressor (Sunshine)

This is an incredible compressor that allows you to convert several large files into a single small file. It is perfect for people that want to free up space on their devices. You can use it to optimize the space on your phone. The compression is quick. 

If the app has one weakness, it is the fact that you cannot use it to compress files that you downloaded from other places. It only works on files that you created and recorded using your phone. This limitation might repel some people. 

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6. Vid Compact

This is another free application that can be used to trim, convert, and compress a video. It supports a variety of video formats. It is also quite fast. Regardless of whether you are rotating, editing, or compressing, it won’t keep you waiting for long. It is worth noting that the application comes with several ads that some might find annoying. This is probably the reason why it is free.

Vid Compact

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7. Video Compress

When this app compresses your video, the quality will change. This sounds like a bad thing but it isn’t because the app allows you to determine the quality you want in the final product. You can choose between normal, high, and low. 

The application has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. The compression process is not only simple but quick. The app supports numerous formats. If the final video is still too large, you can remove the audio. The reverse is also possible. Rather than removing the audio, you can turn the video into an MP3 audio file.

The compressor has so much to offer. Some people have criticized the app because it has made the process of deleting new video files unnecessarily difficult. Others have noticed that sending videos via SMS doesn’t work. Or at the very least, it doesn’t always work. But those weaknesses pale in comparison to the many benefits the app offers. 

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8. Video Transcoder

Video transcoder is a great app that can convert videos into new formats on Android. It has mechanisms that can do everything from trimming videos to removing the audio. It also offers support for AVI, GIF, OGG, and WebM, to mention but a few. This is top of providing support for various formats, including VP7 and MPEG-1. 

It takes just a few taps to compress your video. It also doesn’t ask for as many permissions as some of its competitors. The application is free, so using it isn’t a financial risk. 

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As you can see, you have several top-notch applications to choose from. The fact that so many of these compressors are free means that you can experiment with one or more applications without losing anything. This is the best way to find a compressor that fits your situation. Try as many compressors as you can until you identify an option whose features work for you. 

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