Best Solution for online and offline Large 4K Video editing

Large 4K Video editing

Are you looking for large 4K video editing software? Here we have found a software that is effortless to use and reliable editor used for edit cameras like DJI and GoPro 4K.

Most people give preference to online video editors because no installation required, immediately users can visit an online video editor site, and edit videos but it can be used only to edit and marge short videos. In the case of 4K editing, an online tool is not a good choice of 4K and large-sized videos because the size of 4K videos can slow down the online tool processes and waste your precious time. The high-resolution videos require a powerful video editor like VideoProc that handles a large 4K video editing process.

Advantages to using the online video editor

Here are some of the advantages to edit 4K videos using online tools.

  • Faster Access no installation required.
  • No need a powerful PC if your computer doesn’t have enough RAM memory or processing power. The online tool will work fine.
  • It can be cheaper than other PC software.

Disadvantages to using the online video editor

  • You cannot edit 4K videos or large projects.
  • Features are limited.
  • It doesn’t support the heavily editing process.
  • You need a stable internet connection.
  • Limitation of video file size.
  • Data can be lost.
  • Not secure as an offline editor.

Here is Best Solution for Large 4K Video Editing

Large 4K Video editing

VideoProc is the ultimate choice to merge and edit 4K large videos, and one of the best solutions for online tool even no need to pay for it, the software offers free trial versions that you can download for Windows or Mac and edit the first video.


It has wondrous useful features that can improve your video editing ability and you can merge videos together whether they are in different formats (MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV) without losing video quality. Its fast and stable software, fully powered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs. With complete GPU acceleration, you can easily cut, crop, and even add some basic effect to your (4K) video footage in a minute.

You may use VideoProc to capture the screen or webcam of your computer. There are a lot of people who make computer tutorial videos that will make it useful for them to have a draw, highlight, chroma key, and a voiceover while recording, and you can easily add audio to a video online no matter how you edit or make a clip.

When you film outdoor videos, you’ll certainly get the background noise that VideoProc will remove or that unnecessary sound/wind noise quickly.

Why choose VideoProc to merge and edit 4K videos?

Here is the reason why you should choose VideoProc.

  • Professional technologies: Full GPU acceleration and quality-oriented engine.
  • Easy navigation, simple steps, fast to import and export (without freezing or crash).
  • Easy but powerful functions to meet user’s video editing demands.
  • You can stabilize videos without losing quality.
  • Easily download online videos, songs, playlists, from 1000 + websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, and SoundCloud.
  • Support iPhone, GoPro, DJI, cameras footage.

Desktop VideoProc VS Online Video Tool

FeaturesVideoProcOnline Video Processing Software
File size limitationUnlimitedIf you have larger file then you have to pay
Input & output video format4K/8K/AV1/h.264/HEVC and moreOnly allow low video quality format for free
Internet connection requiredNoMust
Loading speedFast with GPU accelerationTakes a long time to process videos and if you have slow Internet connection, it takes hour
Functions video processing

Cut, merge, trim, split and etc. also provide complete toolbox for video convert, download and record.
limited editing features and easy to crash
Security concernsSafeFiles will be saved in the server, you don’t know who can reuse it.
Batch processYesNo
Need extra plug-in

NoNeed third party plug-in to launch more features sometimes.

Core features of VideoProc

VideoProc is skilled at editing and processing any 4K/8K/large videos effectively.

(1) Unique full GPU acceleration –  Fast to load and process any videos

(2) Expert in processing Large / 4K /8K / 2.7K/ HD / 3D /  360° VR videos

(3) Powerful video editing features. Can not only Cut, Trim, Split, Merge, but also provide the fastest performance while heavily editing.

(4) Lightweight, Reliable and supported both macOS and Windows.


It’s an easy solution for editing large 4K videos online and offline. If you don’t want to use a hard video editor, go to VideoProc, which is easy to use with powerful features and most value for money. We hope that you found it helpful today. However, you can also check the list of top online video editing platform if you still prefer online video editing.

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