TGB Dual 8.3.1 Emulator Download

How do you trade Pokémon? This question is quite easy to answer for people with handheld consoles like the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. But what if you don’t have a handheld console? Your only option is to download and install an emulator like TGB Dual. 

Everyone knows that emulators can play games from outdated consoles like the Game Boy. But they don’t realize that you can recreate some of the unique features associated with those consoles.

What is TGB Dual?

This is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator that Gigo and Hii developed. You can access the open-source windows application via RetroArch. When it first came out, Western gamers had to gamble with a Japanese version of the emulator. Later on, a developer introduced an English translation that made the program accessible to English speakers. 

TGB Dual stood out during its heyday because it supported link cable emulation, the first emulator to do so. You could connect two ROMs and trade Pokémon. 

You could also share a keyboard between two people. This set TGB Dual apart. Some people argue that the emulator was ahead of its time when it came out. Sadly, the emulator did not last. 

Today, TGB Dual is one of the oldest Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators on the market. It is obsolete because development on the program stopped a long time ago.

A fork called TGB Dual Kai made some headway years ago. The developer added a debugger and a few settings. But the fork also died. TGB Dual L was longer-lasting.

The developer was working on a continuation of the program when he heard about Kai. He turned his attention to the fork and attempted to enhance it. But his efforts could not rejuvenate interest in the emulator.


  • Supports Joysticks and Pads.
  • Supports netplay. But you need a VPN.
  • Support for Plugins
  • Save States
  • Rewind

How To Install TGB Dual?

TGB Dual is not the sort of emulator you install. You can run it by simply double-clicking the executable file. The hardest part is finding a secure download. 

Because many online resources hide malware behind programs like this one, make sure you trust the source before you download this emulator. If you can find a secure download, you can launch the emulator immediately. 

Download TGB Emulator

How To Use TGB Dual? 

This application runs just like every other notable Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. You have the same ‘File’ and ‘Option’ menus at the top. With these menus, you can change the controls, save a game, load a save state, take screenshots, rewind, and more. To connect Pokémon games, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to ‘File’ and then GB1 load

Step 2. Go to ‘File’ and then GB2 Load. 

Step 3. Once both games are open, you can change the controls using ‘Options.’

Step 4. Go to ‘Poke Center’ followed by ‘Trade.’


TGB Dual could have been a fantastic emulator. But it died before it achieved its potential. Nonetheless, you can use it today to link two games. 

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