Tekken 3 PC Download For Windows 7/8/10/11 (32/64Bit)

Tekken 3 is one of the most successful games in PlayStation’s history. It had a slow start when it first came out. The game received a limited release in Japan back in 1996 before hitting the shelves in international markets in 1997.

Selling over 8 million PlayStation copies and a whopping 35,000 arcade units, some people have called Tekken 3 one of the greatest games the industry has ever produced. 

Tekken 3

The title retained the core concepts of previous Tekken games, including the fighting system. But it also emphasized the three-dimensional movement. Players could step in and out of the background. This element revolutionized fighting games.

Tekken 3 took things a step further by making the jumping more reasonable. Gamers also appreciated the quick recoveries and the ability to escape tackles.

Most of the fighters in the cast were new, except for the six characters that had returned from the original game. The developers blamed the changes in the cast on the fact that the new game was set two decades after its predecessor. 

The story followed Jin Kazam, who lost his mother to a devastating attack from a paranormal entity. Forced to seek shelter in the arms of Heihachi, Jin entered the King of the Iron Fist Tournament at 19, giving players the opportunity to fight against a variety of warriors.

How To download and Play Tekken 3 On PC?

If you have a lot of experience with video games, this question won’t make sense to you. After all, most games are the same. You can download and install them with relative ease by pressing a few buttons. What makes Tekken 3 so unique?

It’s simple: you can play Tekken 3 today, but only if you have a PlayStation. Tekken 3 is only available on the console. Some arcades have Tekken 3 units lying around. 

But if you don’t own a PlayStation and can’t find any arcades in your area, you still have options. Even though Tekken 3 is not compatible with a PC, you can use these steps to play Tekken 3 on a computer:

1. System Requirements

If you want to play Tekken 3, you need a PC. These are the minimum requirements.

  • Ram: 512MB
  • Processor: Pentium 4, or higher
  • Free Space : 100MB of storage
  • Video Card: DirectX 9.0 32MB
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

You can use a computer whose specs exceed this threshold. The more powerful the machine, the better. 

2. Download

Find the emulated Tekken 3 files. Make sure the source is trustworthy. Because the publisher never released a PC version of Tekken 3, you have to look for the game on third-party websites.

But many third-party websites are either scams or sources of viruses and malware. Check Tekken forums before you act. Tekken fans will recommend some trustworthy sources of emulated Tekken 3 files. 

3. Installation

Disable Windows Defender. If you don’t, the antivirus will disrupt the installation. Go to ‘Settings,’ ‘Update and Security,’ ‘Windows Security,’ ‘Open Windows Security,’ ‘Virus and Threat Protection,’ and ‘Manage Settings.’ 

Move the toggle on ‘Real-Time Protection to the off position. You can switch real-time protection back on once you install the game.

Go to the RAR file you downloaded. Extract it using any tool that suits you. Find ‘Tekken.reg’ and run it to make the necessary modifications to the Registry Editor. Select ‘Tekken.bat’ to launch the game.

Tekken 3

This process is relatively straightforward. However, if you have an emulator, you can also use it to run the game.

Don’t forget that Tekken 3 runs on PlayStation. There are plenty of emulators on the internet that can run PlayStation games. If you’ve never used one, the emulator will recreate the PlayStation environment on your PC.

You can play PlayStation games within the emulator on the computer. Some popular PlayStation emulators include RetroArch, EmuBox, and PPSSPP. The best option is probably Pcsx2.

But you don’t have to use any of these options. Emulators are constantly changing. Some of them will get discontinued because the developers lose interest. Others will improve unexpectedly.

Again, check Tekken forums to identify the best PlayStation emulators. Once you have a suitable emulator, download the ROM. Install the emulator on your PC and load Tekken 3 within the emulator.

The advantage of an emulator is that you can play other PlayStation games once you’re done with Tekken 3.

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