5 Steps for massive Instagram growth

Instagram is constantly growing and brands have finally realized the need to be on this social media platform which gives them access to the target audience they aim for and another way to showcase their products and services in a much more cost-effective method as compared to the traditional forms of marketing.

Instagram has always been a part of every brand’s marketing strategy and is one of the best ways to direct lucrative and organic traffic to their official pages, increase the rate of conversions and gain an interactive audience base.

If you find that your presence on the social media platform is not as powerful and strong as you would like it to be, then it is time that you learn a few tricks that will help you grow your presence organically and will also help you connect with your target audience as well.

Instagram Growth

Let us face it. Growing on Instagram is not that hard, but it requires consistency and quality content from your end, without which the whole process of organic growth is rendered ineffective. So, which are the five steps for Instagram growth?

1. Have your own aesthetic for your Instagram account

The creation of content, good quality content is extremely important on Instagram because it is a visual social media platform that functions on how aesthetic your content can get and this is one of the main factors that attracts users on Instagram. This also helps in gaining Instagram followers in one of the best organic ways possible which will help you to further your reach.

You can even create your own aesthetic theme for your account wherein the posts that you post will be following the similar or same color scheme or even just the similar color palette. This will not only give your whole feed a uniformity but it will also help in maintaining the aesthetics of your Instagram profile that will give it a more professional look which will help in attracting more followers. 

2. Use hashtags that are related to the content you post and to the post you are about to post

Hashtags play an important role when it comes to Instagram because they not only help in categorizing your content but they also alert the algorithm of the social media platform that your content belongs to this particular niche and this allows the social media platform to recommend your content to users who follow the content produced by your niche.

You will have to research the hashtags that are relevant in your niche and the ones that are currently trending. Moreover, you also have to make sure that these hashtags you plan on using are catchy and understandable by your audience.

Keep in mind that while you use hashtags, trends last only for a short period of time which is why you will have to make sure that you are using the trending and relevant hashtag at the right time. You can use about thirty hashtags for a post and it would be advised to use the right hashtags in order to gain engagement and exposure.

3. Always make sure that you are consistent with your content and the quality does not dip low

In order to run an interactive and engaging profile on Instagram, you need to make sure that you have optimized your account well, and that your bio is short and to the point. It needs to be precise and catchy, while it should also be explaining the information that would attract the user towards your account. While generally, posting about thrice a week is just enough to maintain your engagement rate, content creators and accounts of brands should post at least once a day in order to keep their audience engaged and interactive.

This is exactly why you need to be consistent and regular, which takes effort especially if you are going to be posting quality content. Curate a posting plan, and make sure that you have a marketing strategy to back it up. You can also find out the times your audience is the most active and post then. 

4. Do not forget stories and the highlight feature on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially after it launched the story feature which allows you to share a video or a photo for twenty-four hours. Until then, users on Instagram were not regular with their posting or even felt the need to post often until the story feature was released. Now, they have the option to share whatever they would like to share because they know that the story will only be available for a day.

You can also save these stories in your highlight on your social media profile which would allow the users who visit your Instagram profile to go through your highlights. Always use a hashtag that is relevant to the story and you can use interactive stickers like the question and answer sticker, the poll sticker and so much more to increase the engagement rate.

5. Be interactive with your audience

Being interactive with your audience makes sure that not only are you building your credibility but you are also making sure that the interactions on your post do not go down which will further allow Instagram to recommend your post to similar users. 

These were a few steps for growing on Instagram that would help you gain followers organically and will not slow down your growth if you follow these steps consistently and regularly. 

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