How to Download Microsoft Solitaire

Card games have been used by people of all ages as an entertainment pack for a long time. But as the digital world is growing, all these card games have also become digital. As far as solitaire is concerned, it has been one of the most played games till date on different mediums from desktop computers to mobile phones. It is yet one of the best games one can play to kill time and thankfully, it is now available easily on all platforms.

The Drag and Drop game has left its mark all over the world and surely, it’s not yet old for the future generations to come. Solitaire was originally taken from the Latin word Solitarius meaning lonely. This is where Solitaire came from as it’s a game you can play alone and do not need the company of someone else. It has been a game of the table since the 90s and is here to stay.

The good thing is you can download Microsoft solitaire for your systems simply by following the steps below:

1.       Go to Microsoft Store

2.       Open the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Page

3.       Select Install

It will start downloading and installing automatically. Now Press play, grab a coffee and enjoy the game instantly. To make it more convenient, pin it to your taskbar for easy access.

Download Microsoft Solitaire here

If you don’t want to have the Microsoft collection and want to taste a different experience, there’s nothing to worry about. We have the best alternates for you just a click away.

1.       Solitaire Bliss

2.       Triple Dot Solitaire

3.       Flick Solitaire

Let’s dive into the details of these games.

1.      Solitaire Bliss


Solitaire bliss is one of the most popular online card games in the United States of America. It has seen a great hike when entertainment was only limited to our homes during the pandemic phase. Many people had turned to online games in order to have the virtual experience of playing with friends and this rising trend made Solitaire Bliss one of the most played games in America.

 Solitaire Bliss has a collection of solitaire games offering different variants but not everyone wants to pay for 100 different versions of the same game so you can always enjoy the free version with Solitaire Bliss . You can download the app to enjoy the game nonstop anywhere, any time. It is without any doubt the best alternative to Microsoft Solitaire. It has special features to customize the game as per the player’s preferences, letting you choose your favorite from multiple backgrounds and card set options.

2.      Triple Dot Solitaire


It is another free online app that is a great alternative to Microsoft Solitaire. It offers offline and online game sessions to play the all time classics. It is a good way to sharpen your mind while playing such classic challenging games and this version of the most played game in the world would refresh your mind like nothing else. Solitaire is a classic that also helps in sharpening your mind while having a quick game of cards. Make strategies, earn points, unleash the levels and as it’s always said Sit back and Relax!

Moreover, the design is simple yet elegant to replicate the originality of the physical cards and the environment. You’ll get a very refreshing experience as you move forward in the game, time ticks and stages get harder. Mess around with the level of difficulty in order to challenge yourself and excel in the mind boggling card games.

3.      Flick Solitaire


If you have a strong aesthetic sense, this might be your favorite option. With all the fancy backgrounds, artistic card sets and improved user experience, you have quite a lot on your plate to choose from. It distinguishes itself from the other versions of solitaire by providing hypnotic sound effects and the sensory experience they themselves promise. As the names suggest, Flick, it has been created in an action which allows you to actually flick the cards across the table giving you a complete casino like experience in your hand.

To make the user experience top notch, they have paid vital attention to creating the beautiful designs of the cards inspired by artists, characters and in collaboration with other character games. In addition, they have created a complete engagement system with detected sensor motions and vibrations to give your hands the taste of the real table. Its dynamic features and sharp collections are a treat for the eyes. It’s not something like your regular Solitaire, it’s Flick Solitaire!


Microsoft Solitaire is the classic version of the most played yet old game in history, but that shouldn’t get you bored. And even if it does, we have quite a few options for your tongue to taste. Many variations have been launched into the market and we have selected the best for you, with keeping the user experience in mind, we suggest you the above mentioned alternate games for Microsoft Solitaire. These variants have the artistic and futuristic touch today’s generations need. But if you love old school game, Microsoft Solitaire is all set to entertain you.

Try out the solitaire games we have suggested and you won’t be able to resist them any time soon.

Try them in their app versions to get a more convenient setup and thank us later. Best of all, they are all free. You don’t have to pick your pockets to have fun, you just need to have the internet to play online or download Solitaire. Fun would be all set to relish you.

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