7 Best Free Antivirus for Macbook M1 & iMac (2024)

Don’t let anyone lie to you. Apple computers are not immune to viruses. Admittedly, they are not as susceptible to attack as Windows. But every MacBook user is still expected to invest in an antivirus. But this may present a challenge to people that can’t afford to pay for these programs.

Fortunately, some antiviruses are free. You’re not alone if you usually avoid free software because it rarely meets your expectations. But you can trust these free antiviruses. Even though you don’t have to spend any money to use them, they won’t disappoint you. They include:

Best Free to Download Antivirus for Macbook M1

1. Avast


Avast has a strong reputation among Mac users. First of all, it has a decent malware detection rate. Secondly, the program’s operations do not affect your computer’s performance. Or at the least, Avast has a less significant impact on your system.

Additionally, the latest version won’t annoy you with ads. The ads are still present. But that is not a surprise. Free applications rely on ad revenue to finance their operations.

You can trust Avast to scan your network, keeping you safe from malware and phishing scams. It uses an attractive user-friendly interface.

Free Download

2. Malwarebytes For Mac

Malwarebytes For Mac

Malwarebytes will cost you $39.99 for one year and $69.98 for two years. However, if you can’t afford those prices, you can use the free version, which offers a post-infection cleanup tool. It will make short work of all the annoying programs most antiviruses ignore or miss. 

The premium version is impressive because it promises high-speed scans, low system impact, and an attractive interface. It is not as remarkable as mainstream antiviruses because it lacks features like email scanning. 

Therefore, many people will discourage you from paying for the premium version. If you want a premium antivirus, you might as well pay for an application that can block malicious websites. If you must use Malwarebytes, stick with the free version for Mac. 

Free Download

3. Avira Prime

Avira Prime

Avira does a little bit of everything. That includes scanning browser searches for malware and protecting your Mac from dangerous scripts. It has a large and attractive Window that is surprisingly easy to navigate.

Some people may take offense to Avira’s inability to identify threats within zip archives. But it will locate and eliminate those threats the moment you extract them.

Avira’s scans are not as fast as those of its rivals. But it won’t affect your system’s performance. Don’t hesitate to pay for Avira’s premium version if you have the means. 

But if you don’t have the money, you can use the free Avira antivirus. It has all the essential security features. 

Free Download

4. Bitdefender Virus Scanner

Bitdefender Virus Scanner

This is a small, lightweight program with a simple interface that keeps you abreast of your system’s security status. You can run quick or in-depth scans with a few clicks. 

Don’t let this application’s straightforward appearance scare you. It is far more sophisticated than it looks. For instance, it performs updates every hour. Also, you can choose to exclude certain sections of your computer from the scan, reducing the amount of work the virus scanner has to do.

Admittedly, you won’t get every feature you want. For instance, the virus scanner doesn’t offer real-time protection of any kind. But that isn’t surprising. Bitdefender virus scanner is free.

There is a limit to the functions it can offer. That being said, the simplicity keeps the antivirus from conflicting with your computer’s apps. It can scan your system without slowing its operations down.

Free Download

5. Sophos 


The Sophos Home for Mac program is far more comprehensive than people realize. You can pay for the premium version if you have $45 to spare each year.

But the free version has plenty of attractive features, including on-demand scanning, real-time protection, and browser filtering. Sophos will prevent careless people from accessing dangerous websites. 

You can program parental controls to keep children away from inappropriate sections of the internet. If you have a Sophos account, you can protect three Macs.

The developer gives users a web console that allows them to manage the status of each computer remotely. In other words, you can use Sophos to protect every machine your family owns from malware. 

People have compared Sophos’ protective mechanisms to rivals like Kaspersky and Bitdefender, showing that Sophos is one of the best antiviruses on the market.

The premium version is superior because it has advanced mechanisms like ransomware protection and the ability to monitor your webcam and microphone. But the free version is more than adequate for people that can’t afford to pay $45 a year. 

Free Download

6. Comodo 


Comodo is not as well known as the other names on this list. But it has a loyal following among Mac users that appreciate the user-friendly interface. 

You can scan files and applications by dragging and dropping them onto this program. The scans are quick. Comodo completes them in minutes. Though, a full system scan can take an hour or more.

If you usually forget to perform scans, you can schedule them ahead of time. This allows you to perform scans during periods when your Mac is not busy. 

Don’t be fooled by people who think that Comodo is lacking simply because it cannot protect you from online threats. Those people do not realize that Comodo has a browser extension that users can download and install. Comodo Online Security will keep you safe from dangerous websites. 

Free Download

7. Norton


Norton antivirus is one of the most famous names in the cyber security arena. At one point, it was the biggest antivirus in the world. Even though Norton has so many rivals, it is still a dominant application that Mac users trust with their security.

Norton has a friendly price tag of $39 per year. But if you don’t know whether or not Norton is worth the money, you can use the antivirus for free for 30 days. If you like what you see, you can make the annual payment. 

If you change your mind about the application within the first 60 days, Norton will give you your money back.

Free Download

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