How to Download Fortnite iOS without App Store: iPhone 14

Are you seeking a way to play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad without having to use the App Store? One of the most well-known games on the market is Fortnite, but iOS devices are unable to access it.

Fortnite is currently only available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac OS. However, many people prefer to play games on their iPhones because they are very powerful and can handle any game. Sadly, Fortnite is not yet available for iOS, but don’t worry, we’ve tested a number of methods and discovered how to run Fortnite on your most recent iPhone without using the app store.


You won’t have to spend any more money for any of the methods because these will all be available for free.

If you are unable to play Fortnite on your iPhone, we have included a video below.

Why isn’t Fortnite available on the iPhone?

Fortnite rejected Apple’s proposal to use their native payment methods for the purchase of battle passes and other gaming items. Fortnite was later pulled from the App Store by Apple. Players cannot access Fortnite directly from the App Store as a result of this problem, and iPhone devices are not officially supported.

It’s likely that Epic and Apple could reunite, and the game will once again be available on the App Store. But what if you want to play Fortnite instantly on your iOS device?

If you want to play Fortnite on your iOS device without lag, this article will be highly beneficial to you.

One of the easiest ways to play Fortnite on your iPhone is via the cloud. You don’t need to buy a cloud gaming subscription because Fortnite is a free game, so follow these instructions to play on your iPhone without any cloud passes.

Method 1: Play Fortnite on iOS using Xbox Cloud

Step 1: Open Browser

You need to open your browser to visit

Step 2: Create a shortcut icon

Create a shortcut icon

You can create a shortcut app on your iPhone home screen so that don’t need to visit the website again. Tap on share then “Add to home screen”

Step 3: Create a New account

To play Xbox cloud games, you must first create an account with Microsoft, or log in if you already have one.

Xbox cloud gaming

Step 4: Search Fortnite 

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the search option; search for Fortnite and then tap “Play with Cloud Gaming.”.

Xbox cloud gaming

Step 5: Play Fortnite

Now, it’s possible to play Fortnite on your iPhone without downloading any apps. Running the game is absolutely free. One thing to keep in mind is that for better graphics, you need a really high-speed internet connection.

Play Fortnite

Method 2: Play Fortnite on GeForce Now Cloud 

GeForce is one of the best cloud gaming services, allowing you to play Fortnite on your iPhone without the need to install any apps.

Step 1: Open Safari 

You need to first visit

Step 2: Create a shortcut app

Xbox cloud gaming

GeForce Now will not work directly in the Safari browser, you need to create a shortcut app on your Homescreen, Tap on the share icon then  “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 3: Run GeForce Now.

Xbox cloud gaming

Create an account if you don’t have one or already have then log in. And then search for Fortnite Then click on the green “Play” button to run it/

Step 4: Log in with Epic iD or PlayStation.

Xbox cloud gaming

Enter your Epic game ID here, and you can then launch the game. You can play games without a gamepad by using a touch screen. 

These are the best methods to try Fortnite on an iOS device but if you want to play Fortnite offline installing then the next method is for you, in that method you have to download IPA file and install that on your iPhone to run Fortnite. Here is what you can do:

Method 3: Install Fortnite using Altstore

Step 1: First, download AltStore on your iPhone and install it.

Step 2: Download the Fortnite IPA file. You may get it by searching Google; there are several websites that offer the IPA file for free.
Step 3: Open Altstore from your iPhone after downloading the IPA file.

Step 4: Click the (+) symbol in the top left corner of the My applications screen.

Step 5: Click the downloaded IPA file to export it to your iPhone after searching for the Fortnite IPA.

Step 6: The game will begin installing; wait until it is finished installing before closing the application.

Step 7: Open it and start playing when the installation is finished.

TIP: Altstore is a third-party app store for the iPhone that demands you renew your certificate every 6-7 days; otherwise, your gameplay will not operate. This is the one negative of this store; otherwise, it may be the ideal method to play Fortnite.

Fortnite Installation Video on iPhone


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