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Mobile games are all the rage these days, especially battle royales that pit multiple enemies against one another. Just when you think that one game has conquered the market, another one appears and dominates the competition.

Free Fire is the latest title to excite users. But can you play it today? It depends on where you live. Some countries have banned the game. That won’t stop you from playing it. But you have to jump through several hoops to download and install Free Fire.

Free fire banned

What Is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a battle royale game. A maximum of 50 players will board a plane headed towards an island. Once they deploy, the players must collect weapons and suppliers before facing off against one another until one man is left standing.  

The game raises the stakes by continuously reducing the safe play area. Players can traverse the landscape by either running or using one of the many abandoned vehicles on the island. 

You can secure significant loot from supply crates. But these crates are dangerous because some players use them to ambush amateurs. You can run it on your desktop without a mobile phone.

Why Is Free Fire So Controversial?

Most gamers love Free Fire. They have nothing against the title. However, some developers have taken offense with the game, specifically Krafton, the company behind PUBG. They believe that Free Fire plagiarized PUBG, introducing concepts like the airdrop element, color schemes, and textures that people associate with PUBG.

Previously, Krafton brought similar allegations against Epic Game because Fortnite copied their format and mechanics. They eventually dropped the case. Though, no one knows if the parties reached a financial settlement. 

Krafton has shown no signs of abandoning its legal battle against Free Fire. They have taken legal action against platforms like YouTube and Google’s Play Store that host Free Fire content. Krafton is probably celebrating India’s decision to ban Free Fire.

Why Free Fire Gets Banned?

India and Bangladesh have banned Garena’s Free Fire. But they did not single out the application. The government banned 54 applications from China, of which Free Fire is just one. 

PUBG was also banned a while ago. But the game’s developer created Battlegrounds Mobile India, a version of PUBG specialized for Indian audiences. Whether or not Free Fire can successfully execute the same strategy remains to be seen.

Free Fire Gets Banned

The information coming out of the Indian government suggests that the ban is temporary. Free Fire was massive before its ban, boasting over 200 million downloads in India alone. 

The ban had nothing to do with Krafton’s copyright lawsuit. The application is a security threat because the developers are connected to Chinese apps that India’s government banned. 

PUBG came under scrutiny for similar reasons. The South Korean company behind the game had links to China. But Free Fire’s issues are not limited to security concerns.

The Indian government is fighting to counter the growing obsession with video games in the country. Government officials believe that children are spending too much time playing mobile games. Some experts have suggested that the ban was bolstered by voices that want to loosen the hold mobile games have over children.

Regardless of the reason, you cannot download the application from Google’s Store. If you want to run the application from India, you must apply some creativity. 

[FIXED] How To Play Free Fire Game In Ban Countries?

You cannot download and install Free Fire from the Google Play Store if you live in countries like India that have banned this mobile game, not unless you take the following steps:

Step 1. VPN

This is the most popular method of bypassing India’s ban. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, preventing ISPs in India from determining your identity. You can surf the internet without revealing vital information like your location and IP address. 

Free fire vpn

Once you find a VPN you like, you can download and install Free Fire from India because your ISP doesn’t know your location. However, VPNs can be costly. The best VPNs require a subscription. If you’ve ever used one, you also know that VPNs will increase your data usage.

Step 2. Network Settings

If you don’t have the money to pay for a VPN, you can crack your ISP’s network settings. The key is to change the Access Point Name. The ISP uses the Access Point Name to connect your device to the internet. You can use the APN to alter the country code, sidestepping your ISP’s restrictions. 

These methods cannot guarantee positive results. Some people have tried and failed to access Free Fire using a VPN. TikTok has the same problem. From what tech-savvy Indians could see, the government blocked their access to Free Fire using the device ID and IP address. 

You can still download the application from Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Additionally, you can find Free Fire Max on the Google Play store. The full extent of the ban in India is still unclear.

Some gamers who downloaded Free Fire before it was banned have suggested that they can still play it. Though, their access is limited. Others have observed technical issues that have made logging in very difficult. 

For the moment, Free Fire Max seems like the best alternative because it hasn’t appeared on the list of banned games. But Free Fire Max consumes more resources. Free Fire requires a minimum of 1GB of RAM, which is why it isn’t as visually impressive.

Most mobile devices can run it. But if you want to play Free Fire Max, you need at least 4GB of RAM. It comes with better graphical details and weapon animations. 

The gameplay is the same. If you have a decent phone, you can make do with Free Fire Max. But it is not available on Apple’s app store. 


As you can see, the future of Free Fire in India and Bangladesh is not clear. The government called it a temporary ban, but they did not mention how long it would last. 

You can play the game if you have a VPN, but some gamers have failed to access Free Fire even with a VPN. You can download Free Fire Max from some stores but not others. For the moment, you might as well play PUBG until the Free Fire situation is sorted. 

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