Can you develop iOS apps on Windows in 2024

Do you want to develop iOS apps? The process isn’t that complicated if you have an Apple device. But what if you don’t have one? What if you own a Windows PC and you cannot afford to buy a Mac?

Can you develop iOS apps on Windows

Can you develop iOS apps on windows? Apple personnel will tell you that this can’t be done. Mac enthusiasts will say the same thing. But people with windows develop iOS apps all the time, and they do this without buying Apple devices. You just have to apply some creativity. 

Is Xcode the Only Way to Make iOS Apps?

If you don’t understand why it is so difficult to develop iOS apps on Windows, Xcode is the primary obstacle. If you have never heard of the term, it refers to an integrated development environment that people can use to develop applications for Apple’s operating system. 

You have to use Xcode to develop iOS apps. It is the only official tool that Apple provides for this task. It has every component you need for development and publishing.

That includes text editors and compilers. Both amateurs and experts can use it to make, compile and debug programs. Once your app is ready, you can submit it to Apple’s online store. 

If you still don’t understand the problem, it is two-fold. First of all, you need Xcode to make iOS apps. You cannot change this. Secondly, you can only use Xcode on Apple hardware. Therefore, officially speaking, without Xcode and an Apple device, you cannot make iOS apps. You cannot use Xcode on Windows.

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XCode Alternatives For Windows

If you are determined to develop apps without using Xcode, you can try the following alternatives:

1. Eclipse

People that make extensive use of Java and C love Eclipse. The IDE also offers support for C+, Python, and Perl, not to mention PHP. You can use the platform to develop, deploy, and manage your programs. 


System Requirements

Operating SystemLinux, macOS, Windows
Processor800 Mhz, 1.5 GHz, or faster

2. Xamarin

The only other Xcode alternative that can compete with Eclipse is Xamarin. In fact, many people believe that Xamarin is the best Xcode alternative on the market. 


You can use it to develop apps, not just for iOS but Windows and Android. The user interface is quick, easy, and fun to use. You can use it to make iOS interfaces from inside Windows. Such functionality is rare.

System Requirements

OSWindows and macOS
ProcessorDual-core, i3 or newer

3. Sublime Text

This is a fast and comfortable editor with various plugins. And yet, it doesn’t use a lot of resources. It is suitable for all significant forms of text. That includes HTML and code.

Sublime Text

If these options don’t appeal to you, React Native has a decent following. It allows people to create native mobile apps with JavaScript. Appcelerator offers the same benefits. PhoneGap, on the other hand, permits the use of HTML and CSS on top of JavaScript. It attracts crowds that want to develop cross-platform apps for mobile devices. 

System Requirements

OSWindows, macOS, and Linux
ProcessorIntel Pentium 3Ghz

How Can I develop iOS Apps Without Mac?

If you can’t use Xcode because you don’t have a Mac and you don’t want to experiment with Xcode alternatives, you still have several options at your disposal, techniques that you can use to build iOS apps without a Mac, including:

1. Renting

If you need a Mac to use Xcode, just get one. No, you don’t have to buy the Mac. You can just rent one. These services are far more common than you think.

macOS Renting

Companies like MacStadium and MacinCloud have Macs in the cloud that you can access using an RDP (Remote Desktop Connection). This allows you to utilize the resources of a real Mac. Once you create a secure connection to the Mac, you can use Xcode the same way you would if you had a real Mac in front of you. 

Some companies don’t provide dedicated Macs. Rather, they allow their clients to use a virtual Mac. This service doesn’t provide access to actual Mac Hardware. However, this won’t stop you from running Mac Os.

2. Virtual Box

Virtual boxes are a straightforward solution. This is because you can use them to install Mac OS on your PC. Once the system is in place, you can use Xcode.

Virtual Box

To install Mac OS, you have to create a virtual machine. This is a space on your PC that can mimic the environment in which Mac OS runs. All you need to create this environment is a tool like VMWare. Once you acquire OS X from Apple’s store, you can install it. 

3. Hackintosh

Most people know that you can run Mac OS on a Windows PC using a virtual machine. But it may come as quite a surprise for them to learn that you can achieve the same result without a virtual machine.

You can run Mac OS on a PC without relying on virtualization. But you can’t do this with every PC you encounter. In fact, you have to build a custom PC.


People call it a ‘Hackintosh‘. Such computers are altered in ways that enable them to run Mac OS. This gives you the benefits of both worlds. However, this approach isn’t that popular because it requires a lot of technical knowledge. 

People that build such PCs have an intimate understanding of PC hardware and software. They can identify the components that can work with Mac OS and those that won’t. Unless you are willing to spend the time and the money to get a Hackintosh built for you, it is so much easier to use a virtual machine.

How to test iOS apps on Windows?

Testing iPhone applications on Windows PC is simple, you will need an iOS emulator to run apps on your computer. Also, you can use websites to test your development work. iPadian lets you test iOS apps on your PC, it has functionality. And Appetize allows you to test apps online.

List of best iOS emulator

  1. iPadian
  3. AIR iPhone
  4. XamarinTestFlight
  5. Smartface


Can you develop iOS apps on Windows? Yes, you can. You have various solutions to choose from. Some people gravitate towards Xcode alternatives like Eclipse.

Others prefer to rent Apple hardware in the cloud. By using a remote desktop connection, they can use their Windows PC to build iOS apps using Xcode on a Mac. 

You also have those people that build PCs that have been customized to run Mac OS. This is the most difficult option because many app developers lack the knowledge they need to build these machines. But if you have the money to hire an expert to customize your PC, you can use Xcode to build iOS apps on your Windows PC. 

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