10 Best Auto Answer Call App For Android And iOS (2024)

Best Auto Answer Call App For Android And iOS

Are you tired of picking up phone calls while you are driving and fear accidents? Do you want an optimal solution for this problem? If yes, cheer up! You are at the right spot! We are here to solve this issue of many by sharing the best auto call answering app for Android and iOS that will help you get rid of the frustration.

Gone are the days when you had to attend calls while driving and putting everyone’s life at risk. Without any further delay, let’s get into it and iron out the best call answering app for Android and iOS. 

Why do you need a call answering/reply app for Android?

Before leading in the list of the best call answering app for Android, you need to know why you should get an auto call answering application. That’s why we brought here a list of valid reasons that will help you understand the need for these call answering applications for you. So, with no further delay, let’s have a look!

If you are on the road and not in the position to attend the call, you will need an automatic call answering application to help you stay safe on the road. We have seen so many accidents due to people attending calls while driving, and the car gets out of control in just a fraction of seconds.

That’s why traffic police have refrained from the use of mobile phones while driving. The people who use the phone while driving are fined immediately. If you want to be safe from penalties, you must have an automatic call answering app for Android or iOS. 

When you are working out in the gym and not in the position to pick up the phone and attend the call, in that case, your auto call answering application will help you attend important calls without touching your phone. 

List of the best call answering/reply app for Android and iOS

No.Auto Answer Call App For Android And iOS
1.Do It Later
2.Auto Message 
3.Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer
5.Wasavi: Auto Reply, Schedule message, Tasks, Notes
6.Auto Reply for whats – AutoRespond Bot
7.Auto Answer Call Back
8.SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls
9.Auto Answer Call by ForU Naveen
10.AutoResponder for WhatsApp – Auto Reply Bot

1. Do It Later

The first one in the list we have is Do It Later, which is known for its incredible immediate response on your behalf when you are not in the position to answer the calls or reply to the messages on time. This application allows you to get rid of unanswered calls and non-responded messages. Using this application to you can also set messages to send at the moment when you are busy enough to reply to the messages or attend the calls.

It has a scheduler that will help you set the time in which every call or message will be responded with a custom message to circulate the information. You can set the time and custom message by yourself.

For example, if you are driving, you can set the message “I’m driving right now, and will contact you when I’m free.” When somebody will call or message you at the selected time, he will be responded with this text message to inform them to wait a little bit until you reach your destination.


2. MotoAnswer

Another option that you can choose for auto call answering is MotoAnswer which is known for its quick reply and easy-to-use interface. This call answering app for Android or iOS is the best one for people who use headsets. It helps you continue driving while continuing the dialogue.

The best thing about this application is that it keeps on running in the background and consumes no extra battery. That’s why it is considered the best one among so many options. All you have to do is check that your device is compatible with this application and download the app and get ahead.

Another best thing about this application is that it is the best to use with headphones and even works perfectly with speakers. So, if you don’t like using headsets, it will work the best for you too! Don’t worry about the sound quality because it is perfect. 


3. Auto answer & callback by magdelphi

Auto answer & callback launches a new option of callback when you are unable to attend the call on time. The best thing about this application is its simplicity. This application is not a jack of all trades, and it is not stuffed with so many options. It works incredibly with almost all the phones.

Whenever you receive an incoming call, this application will take the call, and you will be able to start communication over the phone.  We suggest you connect your device with the application prior to any calls because you may find some Bluetooth connection issues while pairing.

This application helps you make a “trusted” list of contacts that you want to answer immediately when they call. When these contacts call you, the application will attend the call without you picking up the phone. All you have to do is manually add the contacts that you want to add to the “trusted” list. And you are all good to go!



All these applications are readily available on Play Store, and you can also download them from their official websites. These applications are easy to use and simple. That’s why we added them to the list so that you don’t have to search for the best one. The market has so many options for auto call answering app for Android that one can get confused about choosing one from the list. We extracted the ones with more positive reviews by the users. Another best thing about these applications is that they are free of cost.

It means that you don’t have to spend a single penny on buying expensive auto-call answering software applications. You can download these lightweight software applications from Play Store and enjoy. You can trust these applications and get them now to be safe from missing important calls when you are busy!

There is no need to navigate the internet market to find the best auto call answering app for iOS or Android. Choose the one from the list mentioned above, and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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