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You can buy a Game Boy today, but it may cost you far more than you expect. This assumes that you can find one. You can’t find these older consoles in your local store because most people don’t care about them. They only attract a small collection of gamers that have an obsession with classic games. You are better off getting a GB and GBC emulator like KiGB.

What is KiGB?

This is a GB and GBC emulator that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Richard Bannister created the program. You may know the developer for the work he did on Nestopia.

In fact, KiGB bears a resemblance to Nestopia. Nestopia runs NES games instead of GB and GBC ROMs. But if you like Nestopia, you will love this application.

KiGB doesn’t come with games. If you cannot download ROMs, the emulator won’t do you any good. The program is designed to provide an accurate simulation of the original console, which is why the gaming window is so tiny. But you can make it bigger by either activating full-screen mode or dragging the edges of the window outward. 

KiGB Emulator

If you want, you can alter the emulation process. The program has functions that enable gamers to change the speed, frame rate, and size of the effects. You can also adjust the controls.

If you have a joystick, KiGB will support the controller. You don’t have to worry about the application refusing to run your ROMs. It runs every GB and GBC ROM. More importantly, it runs them well, recreating the music, sound, and visual assets perfectly. 


  • Supports Joysticks and Gamepads
  • Supports fullscreen
  • Supports Motion Sensor
  • Supports Game Genie and Game Shark
  • Emulates the Super Game Boy
  • Save States

How To Install KiGB?

When you download the emulator, it comes in a ZIP file format. To use KiBG, start by extracting it. Once you locate the executable file, you can run it to launch the emulator.

You don’t have to install it. Additionally, the application is free. However, the developer encourages consumers to donate to his PayPal account. This allows the programmer to continue enhancing the functions and capabilities of KiGB. 

Download KiGB Emulator

How To Use KiGB?

This emulator doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It uses the same menus (File and Option) found in the interface of its rivals. You can use these menus to load a game, change the controls, save, load a save state, add cheat codes, etc.

The interface is intuitive. You don’t need instructions to understand the features and functions. You can even connect two games using the Game Link Cable feature. Though, you need a fast computer. If you have ever used any other emulator, you can use this one with ease.


KiGB is not the most popular Game Boy emulator on the market, but it deserves more praise because it can run most GB and GBC games perfectly. Some people dismiss the application because it doesn’t have any special features. But you should consider downloading and installing KiGB because the gameplay is so smooth. 

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