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Are you thinking about playing some old N64 games? Do you hate the idea of digging through your garage to find a Nintendo 64 that might not even work? Why don’t you download an N64 emulator? They are cheaper and easier to use. In fact, most of them are free. Though, if Daedalus has piqued your interest, you should investigate it beforehand to determine whether or not it is right for you.

What is DaedalusX64?

DaedalusX64 has humble beginnings. It had a graphics code that became a plugin. Released in 2002, Daedalus eventually became a full-blown multi-platform emulator. If you liked the plugin, you will appreciate the emulator.


It was initially made with Linux and the PSP in mind. Though, over the years, ports for Windows, Mac, and the PS Vita have appeared on the market. The PSP version is popular because it is incredibly fast, promising native rendering speeds at 480p.

DaedalusX64, which also works on the PS Vita, PSP, and PlayStation 2, was written in C++. It supports a much longer list of games.

DaedalusX64 Features

  • The X64 promises fast emulation
  • It works on various mobile platforms, including the PSP and PS Vita
  • It works with the PSP’s TV Mode (480p)

Daedalus has one major advantage over older emulators. The program receives regular updates. The developers are continually refining it, which means that it is going to get better with each passing year.

Even though it doesn’t support as many games as its biggest rivals, you can also expect that limitation to fade in the near future. 

How To Install DaedalusX64?

It depends on where you want to use the emulator. If you want to run it on a PSP, this is what you have to do:

Step 1. Download the emulator from a secure source. Get the latest release

Step 2. Connect the PSP to a computer

Step 3. Find /PSP/Game/

Step 4. Create a ‘Daedalus’ Folder

Step 5. Move EBOOT.PBP to the ‘Daedalus’ folder

Step 6. Move the ROMs to Daedalus/Rom/

If you want to install the Daedalus emulator on a PC but cannot find the Windows version, just use the mobile release. All you need is another emulator such as BlueStacks:

1). Install your emulator of choice. BlueStacks is one of the best, if not the best

2). Open the Google Play Store in BlueStacks and find Daedalus

3). Download and install Daedalus

4). You can start using Daedalus from inside BlueStacks

Where to download DaedalusX64?




Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

  • Size: 34.2MB
  • License: Freeware

How To Use Daedalus?

Once you move the ROMs to Daedalus/Roms/ on the PSP, they will appear in the emulator. You can just select the ROMs to run them. 


Daedalus is impressive because it doesn’t just work on Windows and Linux. You can run it on the PSP and PS Vita, which is amazing. But the emulator’s list of games is small. Keep this in mind before you download it. 

It is one of the fastest N64 emulators on a PSP. It also boasts native rendering speeds at 480p. The fact that it is in active development means that Daedalus keeps getting better. Each update refines the program. 

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