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Do you want to run Game Boy Roms? How about the Game Boy Color? It sounds easier to buy a console, but your best option is downloading an emulator like BGB. You don’t have to spend any money on the emulator, and you can start playing games immediately. It is the most convenient option available. 

What is BGB Emulator?

As the name already told you, BGB Emulator is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. People recommend it because the program emulates those handheld consoles perfectly. 

It boasts a debugger, low latency, and smooth Vsync animation. The developer gave players all the tools they need to create and modify their Roms, which sets the application apart from conventional emulators. 

The accuracy of the emulator is such that it can play most, if not all, Roms of the games that the original handheld consoles could run. If that isn’t enough to win you over, you will appreciate the emulator’s ability to link two consoles over the internet, regardless of the users’ location. 

The program works on Windows. For the moment, it doesn’t have versions that work on macOS or Linux. 


  • Powerful Debugger
  • SGB Multiplayer
  • Avi recording
  • Runs every Game Boy ROM that exists
  • Accurate Video Emulation
  • Support for Joysticks and Gamepad
  • Support for Cheat Codes

How To Install BGB Emulator?

Step 1. Find a secure source and download the emulator. Some websites have insisted that they cannot offer any guarantees where this emulator is concerned. If the application harms your computer, they don’t accept any responsibility. This shows you the importance of making sure that you select a secure source. The wrong download could crash your computer.

Step 2. Find the executable file in your download folder and select it.

Step 3. You don’t have to install the emulator. Running the executable file is enough to launch it.

Download BGB Emulator

How To use BGB Emulator?

Step 1. You can manipulate the sound by going to ‘Options’ and then ‘Sound.’ You can enable sound output, disable high-quality sound rendering, set the latency, enable 8 bits output, and more.

Step 2. To adjust the controls, go to ‘Configure keyboard.’ ‘Configure game controller’ will open the relevant window as well. You can change the keys to suit your preference. 

Step 3. To use the cheat function, go to the menu, select ‘Cheat’ and then ‘Add.’ You can use the cheat searcher and debugger to make new cheats. 

Step 4. If you have an older machine, you can make it run faster by disabling high-quality sound rendering, deactivating debug mode, disabling ‘Mix Current and last Frame,’ and limiting the resolution to 16bpp. Keep the emulation at 16bpp. 


BGB emulator is one of the best Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators around because it has very high compatibility. You can play every Game Boy and Game Boy color ROM you can find. Additionally, the emulation is highly accurate. 

The gameplay is smooth, and the controls are easy to configure. The emulator’s most attractive weapon is the debugger. You can create and modify ROMs. You can also create and modify cheats. 

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